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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Germany Urged to Accept Guantanamo Inmates

The Obama administration, desperate to shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention centre, has sent a request to Germany asking that they accept ten inmates who cannot be sent back to their country of origin due to fears of 'repercussions'.

Ludwig Greven, writing in Zeit Online, insists that Germany has a moral obligation to accept these men and help close the camp which has 'shamed the entire West'.

Many German politicians are being sensible and cautious; they insist that any moral obligations lay on the US or the respective countries of origin of the men. They also rightly point out that taking the inmates could be a very dangerous move.

However the Social Democratic candidate for Chancellor, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, insists that all the men should be accepted for 'humanitarian reasons'.

Greven goes one further; not only does Germany have more of a humanitarian obligation to these men than its own citizens, but in his view anything which can be done to 'help Obama' must be done.

He goes on to suggest that because the men in question are the victims of such 'grave human rights abuses' that their situation is far too important to become such a triviality as a campaign matter in a general election.

Yes, those pesky Germans, demanding that they be allowed to vote on the matter of whether or not potentially dangerous men can settle amongst them. What an affront to decency that is!

Especially seeing as Muslim immigration to Germany has worked out so well. Currently two ethnic Turks and two German converts to Islam are on trial for planning terrorist outrages against American citizens and interests on German soil.

Meanwhile, a recent study suggests that 30% of Muslim men in Germany are 'very violent or have the potential to be reckless and aggressive'.

Immigrants cause severe problems; no-go zones for the police and German citizens, female teachers verbally abused and undermined in largely immigrant schools, honour killings, gang rapes, forced marriage, terrorist cells - I feel the question must be asked:

Does Germany really need more Muslim immigrants? Particularly ones taken under highly dubious circumstances as a result of pure, unashamed emotional blackmail?

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Dr.D said...

I agree, the Germans should most definite accept most, if not all, of the inmates from Gitmo, provided the gas chambers are still in good working order. The US could pay for the necessary Ziklon-B, and Germany could carry out the disposal operations. Zero could then say that he had fulfilled his campaign promises, and Germany could say it had helped Zero in its own, unique way. What a win-win! National Socialism helping modern American Socialism - brothers under the skin!