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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bad News from Norway

Yesterday Queen Sonja became the first member of the Norwegian Royal Family to tour a mosque in Norway.

She covered her head and toured the mosque attached to the Islamic Cultural Centre Norway (ICCN) in Grønland, Oslo. The stated goal of this organisation is to increase understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The Queen examined old handwritten Korans as well as Islamic calligraphy and art before opening the 'Islam Exhibition 2009', which aims to 'introduce people to Islamic life and teachings':

"We wish to give people an introduction to Islam. We we live in a multicultural society, it's important to know about everybody who lives in it," says Ikklaq Ahmad of the ICCN.

Aaminah Woqas (8) and Shahzaib Amad Khan (10) welcomed the Queen to the mosque and gave her flowers. They thought it was fun to shake the Queen's hand.

Everything isn't quite as hunky dory as it might seem, however. I wrote previously about Ghufoor Butt, the Pakistani living in Norway who set up his own political party in order to bring Norwegians round to accepting Islam and their new multicultural society.

Not everyone is quite so hopeful for the future, however.

The PST (Norwegian Security Services) believe that Norway's future is one of increasing ethnic and religious conflict:

Conflicts based on religion, ethnicity and nationality will increase in the next decade, the police believes. This appears in the police annual report for 2008, which was recently published by the Police Directorate.

"Those who come to Norway, try to integrate here, but they also have their own culture. They can bring with them conflicts from the homeland to Norway. This is something we must be attentive to," says the the head for the project in the Police Directorate, Knut Kværner, to Vårt Land.

Integration researcher Inger Lise Lien believes some criminals justify crime with religion, and that enmity can be brought to Norway.

"If, for example, we both take in people who agree with the Taliban and people who've escaped from the Taliban, this can cause conflicts between the groups," says Lien, who is a researcher for NKVTS (Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies)

"If Muslim boys will explain crime with Islam or Neo-Nazi boys justify themselves with Christianity, we will get conflicts of a completely different type than we have now," she says.

Well, there is a fairly obvious solution. Seeing as Norway used to be one of the most peaceful and civilised places on earth, a logical person might conclude that perhaps mass immigration just wasn't that good for Norway or Norwegians.

Quite why on earth anyone would wish to take in people who 'agree with the Taliban' is beyond me, but it seems the Norwegian government, like many of their Western counterparts, view themselves as neutral puppet masters playing with the lives of their subjects.

Mass immigration is just a way of letting the unscrupulous take advantage of societies they see as soft touches. It rarely if ever solves any of the problems it is aimed at; instead it simply creates a whole lot of new ones, for the immigrants and for the societies which host them.

Take, for example, this recent report about membership fraud in an organisation aimed at Pakistanis in Norway. The government found out that it was paying funds to a group which was misrepresenting its true membership figures by up to 80%:

Norway's largest immigrant organization received large grants. When TV 2 called a number of members, 80% said they weren't members. The association, which has been in existence since 1974, is very powerful in the Norwegian-Pakistani community, and over the past ten years received more than a million kroner in support from the Oslo municipality. In February they sent a new application with 506 names of members.

But though the Pakistan Workers Welfare Union received a lot of money from the Oslo municipality, the members lists were never checked.

Rowena Teodocio, the head of the department for integration and multiculturalism (EMI) says that they didn't inspect this organization this year or before that.

Well-known Labor Party politician, Khalid Mahmood, was a central activist in the Pakistan Workers Welfare Union since the 70s. All these years he had central administrative positions. In the last application to the municipality in February, Khalid Mahmood is listed as secretary.

when TV 2 wanted to check the member lists they were refused by the Oslo municipality and only got a censored version. With help of the national population register, tax lists and other databases, they managed to reconstruct many of the names.

And when they rang those listed as members, one after another answered that they weren't members and didn't pay union dues in 2008.

Of the 34 randomly selected people, 28 answered they weren't members. TV2 also found a member who died two years ago. Several said they didn't know or remembers, but they are not counted in the sample

For several days Khalid Mahmood refused to explain why 80% of a sample in the organization say they aren't members. He was presented with TV 2's findings both in writing and orally, but did not wish to explain. Khalid Mahmood wrote in an email to TV 2 that he thinks it's much better if they take it up with the head of the organizatoin, since he's the spokesperson and they'll get everythign from him.

The famous immigration spokesperson, who's also a parliament candidate for the Labor Party from Oslo, says he resigned as secretary in March. It's was just one month after the last application to the Oslo municipality for financial support.

Mahmood directed TV2 to Fazal Hussain, who's the head of the organization. And his explanation for having 80% of the sample deny membership is that people lie.

Q: So the members lie?

A: Yes! You know how many crazies there are in the association. One day they're against you and the next they're against me. It isn't easy to head the association," Hussain told TV 2 Nyhetene (News)

Q: Do you have confirmation today from all 506 of your members?

A: No, but I say that we have different people who recruit members. Some recruit everybody in their family, for example, 50 people. And they collect the names, birth dates, addresses and money and come to the administration," says Husaain.

The members of the Pakistan Workers Welfare Union join the same day and the membership dues are paid immediately to the organization's account. According to the guidelines, funds can't be paid out unless every single member paid membership dues.

Hussain, who denies that they inflate the numbers, says that they're not the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions and they're just a simple and little welfare union. They're not professional.

Certainly, the more members the Pakistan Workers Welfare Union has on their list, the more money they get from the authorities. the union also uses its size to seek other support. In February they received 265,000 kroner from the foreign ministry for a seminar on Islam and democracy in Oslo.

Rowena Teodocio is head of the department at Oslo municipality which hands out millions of kroner every year to immigrant groups. Despite TV 2's survey she doesn't suspect the Norwegian-Pakistani organization. Teodocio says that their starting point is not to start a dialog with organizations by saying that they cheat. It would be wrong.

After more than an hour of interviewing the head of the organization admits that what is supposed to be Norway's biggest immigrant association maybe doesn't have the most membership activity.

Q: How many come to your membership meetings?

A: Sometimes one or two. but there aren't many who come, says Hussain.

Abid Q. Raja (Liberal Party) is Khalid Mhamood's political opponent. he says that it's completely unacceptable that an elected politician as Khalid Mahmood doesn't answer a critical question.

Raja says there have been membership frauds in many other organization. It's an un-culture which must be fought. If they don't answer the questions, Oslo municipality should be brought into it, then the politicians in the municipal council, and maybe even the police, to investigate what's happening in these organizations.

Raja believes other organizations might have cheated to get money from the municipality. He thinks it might be just the tip of the iceberg, and therefore he thinks it's important that the Oslo municipality gets involved and not just accept the membership lists which are sent in. There must be a full open review of this. This is cheating with the community's means.

He says that according to the rumours in the community, this is the top of the iceberg and if one goes deeper into it, he will find big financial misconduct, including embezzlement, lack of loyalty and fraud.

There you have it. The immigration-based groups lie, the government gives them lots of money in the name of tolerance and integration (not to mention being accused of racism should any less than exemplary behaviour be highlighted) and doesn't have the will or the competence to notice any wrong doing.

If they are prepared to lie about this - then what is else is being fiddled, stolen or otherwise covered up?

Hat tip: Islam in Europe, with thanks to Esther for translating all Norwegian-language sources.


Derius said...

Earl Cromer,

I would be interested for Lide Lien to give an example of when Neo-Nazis have justified crimes they have commited by refering to Christian teachings. That has got to be the most ridiculous religious equivalence argument I've ever heard!

Yet another thoroughly researched article. Keep up the good work!

WAKE UP said...

What's the point of trying to "understand" Muslims when they resolutely refuse to understand anything?

MK said...

Multiculturalism again, the easiest way to defeat and get rid of the west.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Thank you.

As for Lide Lien, I would have thought that actually being a neo-Nazi is enough to justify certain actions in the minds of those who subscribe to such notions.