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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Dutch in Overijssel Object to 'Islamic' Ad Campaign

The Dutch province of Overijssel launched the following advertising campaign in order to attract the attention of tourists to its beautiful scenery and landscape.

The front page of the website and some of the posters feature a variety of people standing in front of scenic spots. One of these images is of a young Muslim woman wearing a headscarf standing in front of a panoramic view of fields.

You can see it below on the far left of the image.

Some of the residents of Kampen, a town described as 'strongly Protestant', objected to this representation of their province, however - whenever the posters were put up on bus stops, a number of mysterious Dutchmen and women would go around plastering them with stickers which stated:

'Overijssel is niet islamitisch' (Overijssel is not Islamic).

A spokeswoman for the province said that the vast majority of residents had no problem at all with the adverts, which feature many other people. She said that provincial employees had been instructed to remove the stickers on sight.

Critics who wrote to newspapers about the ad campaign called it disrespectful. One wrote:
'What does Overijssel have to do with Islam? Particularly when it comes to the landscape and culture of Overijssel?"

In response to this, some wags have launched a 'Overijssel is niet Friesland' campaign, which aims to highlight the fact that the advert features Friesian cows which are clearly foreign to Overijssel.

I say they are missing the point, however. The Muslim woman was featured in the tourist poster for the purposes of political correctness and social engineering. The brutal facts are that any place in the Netherlands where Muslims live in high concentrations, one would not wish to go.

Good on the Dutch patriots who are not afraid to point this out, no matter how eccentric their behaviour might seem to some. It is about time more people in Europe stood up to the elites and said enough is enough - we will be represented how we choose, from tourist posters to the European Parliament and beyond.


WAKE UP said...

Muslims, like rust, never sleep, and their presence is always corrosive.

MK said...

Good on them i say, there is a reason why people like Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer etc have to live in hiding and under protection from the religion of peace. The elitists and leftists might be too stupid to see this, but the rest of us are not.