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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Muslim Peer Fiddles Expenses

It seems that those people who were appointed to their positions simply because of their name or the colour of their skin just won't stop embarrassing New Labour.

A couple of months ago 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed was jailed for killing a man in a car accident, around two weeks after he threatened to lead 10,000 Muslims on Parliament if Geert Wilders was permitted to screen Fitna in the House of Lords.

Well, he now has some competition from 'Baroness' Manzila Pola Uddin, Britain's first female Muslim peer.

Bangladeshi born, Uddin has lived in Britain since she was 13. She was the youngest woman ever to be appointed to the House of Lords, sworn in in 1998. As she took the oath, she swore in by saying "Almighty Allah" - and she took her seat in the Lords.[4]

Here she is comparing Geert Wilders to Hitler on BBC news:

Yes, I know what you're thinking - with that level of rationality and eloquence, it's a surprise they waited so long to make her a peer.

She actually is quite sharp, however. It turns out that she is living in subsidised housing association accommodation in Wapping, East London. Despite the fact she is well above the income bracket of those who normally get subsidised housing - she holds two jobs, one with the Home Office and the other with insurance company Zurich.

She has also held several company directorships. So she lives just four miles from Parliament and pays £104 rent per week. Incidentally, she is even registered to vote in Wapping.

Despite this, she bought a flat in central Maidstone and claimed it was her main home. This enables her to claim accommodation and other expenses designed for MPs and peers who live outside London on the flat.

She has been doing this since 2005, and is roughly entitled to £30,000 a year - so she has claimed in excess of £100,000 for staying away from her 'main home'.

Her neighbours claim the flat has been unoccupied since she bought it, however. In fact, they claim that when the story broke, Uddin popped round in her BMW to put up some curtains and place a doormat outside.

A plumber confirmed that he recently went round to fix the boiler - only to find it needed topping up with water, very common if the central heating has not been used for some time - so he says.

So in other words, she has been involved in fraud on a grand scale. She now faces a police investigation, but she won't be the first Muslim peer to try prison food.

There was an excellent piece in the Telegraph yesterday by James Delingpole, who described listening to a radio debate between Uddin and a Muslim doctor. The latter was saying how multiculturalism had failed Muslims and Asians in the UK, and integration was the way forward.

Uddin vehemently disagreed, insisting that 'discrimination' and 'poverty' were the causes of the incidents the doctor was describing - such as brides who spoke no English being imported from rural Pakistan and Bangladesh and then treated as virtual prisoners and slaves, locked away from the Kuffars and their intoxicating freedoms.

Well, she is depriving one of these poor victims of a subsidised house - but I suppose any values she may have disappear when she looks at her bank statement and sees yet another way to undermine the infidels who took her in and raised her up.

It seems that when people such as this succeed we pay more, not less to keep them. Valuable lessons must be learnt here before it is too late.

It's not even as if she tried to hide it - people just weren't interested enough to look. This is from her Wikipedia page:

Alleged expenses fraud
May 2009, a Sunday Times investigation revealed that Uddin claims on her House of Lords Expenses that a flat in Maidstone, Kent is her main residence on which she has claimed £30,000 per annum in tax-free expenses since 2005. This therefore allowed her to also claim the controversial second home allowance on her London property, a scheme supposed to only compensate politicians living outside London for the cost of accommodation close to Parliament. However, residents living near the flat in Maidstone stated they have not seen any occupiers in the flat since Uddin purchased it and that it has remained completely unfurnished.[1][10] Uddin's husband even denied having a property in Kent when questioned on the issue by the Times, and she appeared on the electoral roll at her London address from 1996 to date. Additionally her Facebook page lists states how she has lived in the East End of London for over 30 years.[1]

Baroness Uddin claimed a total of £29,675 for accommodation in 2007/8, a time when the maximum daily accommodation claim was £165 a day. Her bill represents a claim at the maximum possible rate for 179 days, more days than the Lords actually sat that year.[11]
MP Angus Robertson, called for an investigation on the report to the House of Lords authorities and the police,[12] Based on Land Registry records, it shows Uddin bought the two-bedroom flat on the first floor in central Maidstone in September 2005 for £155,000.

Neighbours living near Uddin's other property in Wapping have insisted they have seen her daily coming and going, she is known as 'auntie' by the Bangladeshi community.[13] Uddin said, "I do not believe that I have done anything wrong or breached any House of Lords rules." She stated "I strongly deny that I have never lived there. Indeed I have stayed there regularly since buying it".[14][12]

Uddin has claimed her main home has been outside of London since 2001, earning an extra £83,000 as a result. Despite repeated questioning she has refused to states the location and details of her main home between 2001-2005 for which expenses were also claimed. She also has one of the highest claims for overnight subsistence of any member of the Lords.[15]


BlaiSuppoter said...

Interesting. VERY. Thought her religion was AGAINST this sort of thing?!

Will use this at the site, if you don't mind.

Dr.D said...

I have not checked the dictionary recently, but I was under the impression that a "peer" was one who had no superior, who was the finest that exists, when used in this sense. It seems that understanding has slipped rather grossly. Now the peers or the realm are composed of a group of scum bags, largely to satisfy the demands of PC multicult exclusivity. What has happened?

Uddin said, "I do not believe that I have done anything wrong or breached any House of Lords rules."

Why does she believe she has done nothing wrong? Is it because she sees others cheating also and getting away with it? Or is it just that she is a thief at heart? Or is it that she simply has no sense of morality to start with?

As I think I might have mentioned once before, there is one, and only one solution to all of these problems. All muzlims, every last one, must leave the UK, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. muzlims are totally incompatible with Western culture, and there is no accommodation to be made. They are implacably opposed to our way of life and bent on dominance. We tolerate them among us to our peril. It is insane to accept them, and simply absurd to honor and promote them to positions of authority among us. All muzlims must leave the West NOW!

Derius said...

At last, Baroness Udin has actually done this country a service (albeit unwittingly) by showing everybody what a farce New Labour's Peer selection has been.

Of our two Muslims peers, one is a killer and the other is a thief. Both have also shown a completere lack of remorse for their crimes.

Just when you think New Labour can't look any more inept, they pull the cat out of the bag and manage it!

Anonymous said...


WAKE UP said...

Every Muslim I've met has been both stupid and rat cunning at the same time - and it's a lethal combination.