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Friday, 15 May 2009

The World Vs. the British National Party

After the conservative columnist Peter Hitchens spoke out vehemently against the British National Party at the end of March, criticising the BNP has become a national sport for commentators and politicians on all sides.

It is clear that many are genuinely concerned about potential BNP gains and what they might mean. What they all fail to address, however, is how this situation came to be in the first place.

For people paid to represent the public, form sensible policies and opinions and govern, I find that lack of insight genuinely disturbing.

Hitchens argues that the BNP is a fascist organisation with a 'whites only' membership policy, and therefore no decent person should ever cast a vote for it.

He acknowledges the anger of ordinary people that organisations such as the 'Black Police Association' are permitted to exist whilst an organisation purely for white people is called racist - and he says that all race-based groups should be got rid of as unnecessary.

I feel that is a fair view point - double standards are always unpleasant. However, the talk about fascism has become somewhat disingenuous. There are many groups out there trying to deny the BNP and the ordinary people who have been driven to support them a voice - and they come from some rather unexpected places.

In March, PC Steve Bettley was dismissed from Merseyside Police after it was revealed he had been a BNP member. This is totally unacceptable - either the police should be banned from joining any political party, or none.

Earlier in March, BNP activist Tony Ward was attacked with a hammer by a group of up to 30 antifa thugs in Manchester. They then proceeded to smash a campaign trailer to pieces.

Many seem unable to accept that like it or not, agree with them or not, the BNP are a legitimate political party.

Today it has emerged that postmen in the West Country have refused to deliver BNP election leaflets . Up to 100 have complained to their union after Royal Mail threatened them with the sack for, er, failing to do their jobs.

The Communication Workers' Union has accused bosses of 'bullying' people.

Let's pick out a few choice paragraphs:

Around 100 workers in the West Country have told union leaders they will not carry the anti-immigration leaflets because they do not want to promote the BNP's extremist 'rubbish'.
Postmen, who were asked to start delivering the BNP's 29million leaflets this week ahead of the European elections next month, are also said to be afraid for their safety if they are seen delivering the anti-immigration message in racially mixed areas.

'In Bristol we have the St Paul's area which has a very high density of those from ethnic backgrounds. Anyone being expected to post BNP stuff through there is going to feel at risk.'

Ah. So some of them don't think the BNP's arguments are 'rubbish' - they feel threatened having to deliver them out in areas which have a high number of foreign residents. Does this not, er, actually back up some of the BNP's claims about how out of control immigration is?

Today one postal worker said it was 'concerning' to be made to post inflammatory material on his route, in Bristol's Fishponds area, bordered by two ethnic-minority areas.

No, the only 'concerning' thing to me is that such ghettoes exist in this country and we've got to this point.

Again - does this not make us think? There are parts of Britain where postmen risk a beating if they hand out election leaflets for certain political parties which immigrants or ethnic minority residents may not like. Is that the BNP's fault for existing, or the fault of the mainstream politicians for allowing this situation to get so bad?

'We are being made to dish out this rubbish. I've read the BNP literature and although there isn't anything racist or fascist on it, it does say "No to immigration".'

Laughable. So now being against mass immigration is extremist and racist? Perhaps the postman concerned would like to have a debate about the benefits that Third World immigration has brought to Britain?

Benefits such as him being afraid to do his job in certain areas if he happens to carry material which doesn't fall in line with multicultural orthodoxy?

Yesterday the ever entertaining Brian Reade stepped in to the row with his Mirror column.

Apparently if enough ordinary people vote for the BNP, this country will turn into Spain. As you may recall, on Monday one fan out of a total of 92,000 'blacked up' whilst watching Lewis Hamilton, the greatest living British tax exile, in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Brian sighs:

We saw once again at the weekend how in Spain they still think it’s fine to put shoe polish on their faces and demean black sportsmen.

Why is this so Brian? Do enlighten us:

It’s now 70 years since idealistic young Brits like Jack fought in the Spanish Civil War to defeat Francisco Franco’s fascists, who were backed by Mussolini. They lost. And how it shows.

Racism is still accepted, even encouraged to an alarming degree in both countries. It’s not in Britain. Because past generations fought and died to defeat fascism in all its forms. And that’s something of which we should be immensely proud and protective.

Ah yes. The fact that Trade Unionist Jack Jones and his Communist cohorts lost the Spanish Civil War to Franco.

I'm no psychologist, but I must agree with Brian that such an analysis adequately and realistically explains the behaviour of that one Spaniard.

If only the side which liked to make priests dig their own graves before burying them alive had won, eh? If the Soviet Union taught us anything, it is surely that Communism always made the world a better place.

I would never defend Franco or the fascists, but here is the stated aim of the Left in said war:

Their goal was to use a veil of legitimate democratic institutions to outlaw the right and to convert the state into the Soviet vision of a "people's republic" with total leftist domination, a goal which was repeatedly voiced not only in Comintern instructions but also in the public statements of the PCE (Communist Party of Spain).[19]

People like Brian may actually do a lot for the BNP. He brings our ancestors into it - they may have fought fascism, but did they fight to become a despised minority in their own country? For Sharia and Islam awareness days? For unlimited Third World immigration? Soaring violent crime?

Of course not. Brian just shows that the Left is incapable of introspection and in need of a dictionary - I think attacking political opponents with hammers and banning their free speech puts one quite firmly in the 'fascist' camp.

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Dr.D said...

It seems that the fascists are truly worried about the rise of the BNP in Britain. We can't have that!

All of their arguments turn out to be strongly in support of the BNP for any rational person. It an Association of Black xxxx is acceptable but an Association of White xxxx is banned, this is a clear sign that the BNP is way over due. Nobody is looking out for the rights of the white population in Britain! It matters not whether xxxx is Police, School Teachers, Football Players, or Gardeners, if blacks (or other racial groups) can organize but whites cannot, something is very wrong. The exact same problem exists in the USA.

The argument from the postmen is even more compelling. If they cannot do their work in safety, then perhaps they need to be accompanied by an officer and a dog to make arrests in those neighborhoods where there is a problem. Once again, however, this is a strong argument for the BNP and a program of deportation. Britain has ceased to be Britain.

Perhaps I am dense, but I simply cannot comprehend the furor over putting on black face over a race car driver. It seems stupid, but so what of it? It is a simple, pointless, exercise in freedom of expression. Has that disappeared from Europe entirely? Why get bent out of shape over this? It just means that someone has a very dirty face that will take some time to clean and has made a bit of an ass of himself. Big deal! Is it the first time you have ever seen someone make an ass of himself?

It is definitely time for folks to vote BNP!!