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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Terrorists Plotted an Attack on Britain

A Syrian Imam with French citizenship and a French convert to Islam have been charged with plotting a terrorist strike on France or Britain - from their Italian prison cell.

Bassam Ayachi, 62, and Raphael Frederic Gendron, 33, were arrested in November after smuggling five illegal immigrants into Italy. They have been held in prison in the town of Bari ever since.

Officers suspected they were more than just small-time traffickers, and their cell was bugged.

The two were heard having conversations about bombing Charles De Gaulle Airport and 'striking at the British' - preferably with a '9/11 style attack'.

It is now believed that the men are key figures in al-Qaeda's European operation - both lived for a time in Belgium, where it is thought they may have attempted to recruit suicide bombers to be deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan - including Western converts.

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Dr.D said...

Now watch some idiot claim that they had a right to privacy while plotting in their cell, and that whatever evidence was gathered must deemed inadmissible! After all, by their own words, they were only planning another 9/11 style attack, and the right to privacy in prison must trump the security of a few thousand that may die suddenly. /sarc off

Why do they hold these people? What are they waiting for? Why are they not up against the wall, waiting for a dozen bullets?