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Monday, 4 May 2009

The Joys of Diversity & Cultural Enrichment (VII)

A special British edition.

We are often told that when an area of a British city becomes majority 'non-Western', 'non-white' or any of the other coy euphemisms used to sugar coat the immigration situation in Britain, we should not worry - this will increase the 'diversity' of our country, which is always a good thing.

Another word (ab)used is 'vibrancy'. This term is applied to explain what happens when native British start fleeing heavily immigrant areas in droves, because they are racist little Englanders who dislike their wonderful new condition of diversity, which often includes a soaring crime rate and such pleasantries as gang-rapes, open warfare on the streets over drug markets and plummeting standards in schools.

Well, several incidents in quick succession towards the end of last week showed us the true face of diversity and vibrancy - and it's not pretty.

First of all, a man was shot dead as he left Wandsworth Prison after apparently visiting an inmate on Friday. Darcy Austin-Bruce, 20, was gunned down by men wearing crash helmets as he left the prison.

Three men were arrested on Friday night but released on bail pending further enquiries, and a fourth man was arrested in connection with the incident today and is currently in custody in south London.

The backgrounds of the men concerned were not released, but Trident, the police unit which deals with 'black-on-black' gun crime is investigating. Of the oft-talked about spate of gun and knife murders of young men in London, young black males make up around 90% of the perpetrators and 70% of the casualties.

Not satisfied with the problems which have been created in many areas by mass immigration, the government continues to allow more people from violent countries and cultures to settle here, insists any mention of ethnicity or race in the context of investigating these violent crimes is racist, and then wonders why the violent crime rate is soaring alarmingly.

Also on Friday, six teenagers were arrested after a riot outside Ashburton Community School in Croydon, south London. As the Wikipedia entry states proudly - it was once known as one of London's 'rougher schools'. Croydon is a place being heavily 'diversified' as the problems found in London start to spread to the surrounding areas.

During a row over a mobile telephone, 200 pupils from the school armed with chair legs, bottles and knives began a mass brawl.

Residents described the scenes of carnage as pupils streamed across the road to steal glass bottles from their recycling boxes in order to arm themselves. At least two were hurt and police had to block a road with riot shields.

A local said:

Peter Merkell, owner of Shirley Road garage, said: “The kids were throwing punches and police blocked Shirley Road off by the school. The children have got no respect for anyone. You say something to them and they spit at you.”

It seems that there are many forces behind these incidents - Britain's rapidly changing demographics, a collapse of respect for authority and the fact that authority and rules are only really enforced as a last resort paramount among them.

It was in Croydon in July 2008 that a notorious black gang set upon two patrolling police officers who asked a girl to pick up some litter. She did so, then threw it down in front of them again. When they attempted to arrest her, several men set upon them, and they had to be taken to hospital with injuries including bite wounds. Just a day later, their senior officer insisted that Croydon was 'getting safer'. That didn't stop him from warning:

At the weekend, officers were warned for their safety as intelligence sources claimed Don't Say Nothing (DSN) gang members were upset at recent police activity and were planning to retaliate.

Finally on Friday, a gang fight broke out in the Accident & Emergency department of Ealing Hospital after a man, Sanjay Alexander, was stabbed more than eight times after a row in Hayes.
His suspected attacker turned up at the hospital with knife wounds later in the day, and he was set upon by members of Alexander's family.

A policewoman suffered broken ribs in the altercation as she and a colleague attempted to restore order.

Patients had to be diverted to other hospitals as police battled to control the situation. Eventually the suspect, one of five people arrested in connection with the murder, was removed and treated elsewhere before being discharged into police custody.

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