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Friday, 15 May 2009

Shahid Malik MP is the Biggest Fiddler of All

It has just been announced that Shahid Malik MP, he who so desires an Islamified Britain, has resigned as Justice Minister.

This despite the fact that hours earlier he was claiming that he had done absolutely nothing wrong.

It has been revealed that Malik is the MP who made the highest expenses claims.

Here he is on Sky News trying to pretend that the Telegraph has some sort of racist agenda because it investigated him:

Here are the full details of his theft:

Mr Malik told the parliamentary authorities that the Dewsbury house was his main home, enabling him to claim generous taxpayer-funded allowances on his “second” home in London, which he had bought in 2001 for £85,000.

In the first year after he was elected, Mr Malik set about furnishing and refurbishing his London flat, claiming £21,634 in allowances while having modest mortgage interest repayments of £347.50 per month. Some of his expenses claims brought him into conflict with the fees office.

He submitted a bill for £2,100 for a Sony 40in flatscreen TV, only to be told that the maximum allowable claim for televisions was £750. He told the fees office that he was “very upset” at their stance, saying that no one had told him there was a limit on what he could spend.

Internal emails between officials in the fees office show that civil servants were taken aback.
“I do not remember him asking if there were limits on a television, just if he could purchase one,” wrote one. “He did not say he was purchasing a £2,100 TV, let alone a 40in plasma one.” A more senior official agreed that “£2,100 for a television is luxurious by anyone’s standards”.

Mr Malik pursued the matter and wrote a letter in March 2006 in which he stated that because no one had told him there was a limit on what he could spend, “from a natural justice perspective I feel a justifiable exception would be the fairest manner to deal with the current situation”.

The fees office refused to reimburse him in full but eventually agreed to give him £1,050: half the cost of the plasma TV, together with £250 for a home cinema system which had cost him £500. His total spending on furnishings in 2005-6 was £6,147, including £240 for wardrobes, £240 for hi-fi speakers and £239 for a dishwasher. In 2006-7 another £1,521 was claimed for furnishings and fittings, including a £671 fireplace, then in 2007-8 Mr Malik spent another £6,274 on household items, including £1,420 for a bathroom, £730 for a massage chair and £510 for a fitted wardrobe.

In total, Mr Malik has spent £66,827 on his second home in London, while paying less than £100 a week for his main home in Dewsbury.

Mr Zaman’s wife Noreen raised questions over the validity of Mr Malik’s claim that Dewsbury was his main home when she told the Telegraph that the house was normally occupied during the week by a constituency worker called Paul. When the Telegraph called at Mr Malik’s constituency office, a Labour party volunteer called Paul Moore would only say: “I don’t live there. It’s as simple as that.”

It's all someone else's fault, naturally. He claimed £1,050 for a 40 inch plasma TV. Yet he insists that the Tory MPs who claimed for things like controlling moles or dredging moats are more in the wrong than him - despite the fact that he spent nearly as much, in many cases more, and actually tried to wrangle the full amount.



Dr.D said...

Thievery is alive and well in the UK!

WAKE UP said...

Oh what a surprise. This kind of chicanery is absolutely standard practice in the corrupt sinkholes (called "countries") inhabited by Malik's Islamic brethren.

Anonymous said...

a b''' thief and I do not want to be represented by him anymore.