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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Amir Khan, Ambassador for Muslim Youth

Amir Khan, a British Muslim born in Manchester, is often presented as one of the poster boys for multiculturalism. His success as a boxer, bringing home Olympic medals for Britain, proves not only that immigration is desirable, but that it can work.

Well, sort of.

Khan has just been dumped by his girlfriend of three years, herself a devout Muslim, over claims that he and three friends may have indecently assaulted a waitress at a nightclub. Police are looking to interview the boxer and three of his friends after a 20 year old woman made a complaint, alleging the boxer and his friends not only assaulted her but trashed her shared house and left drugs behind.

This isn't the beginning of Khan's career as a role model, however:

On 23 October 2007, Khan was convicted of careless driving at Bolton Crown Court and given a six month driving ban and a £1000 fine. The conviction related to an incident that occurred on 2 March 2006 in the centre of Bolton, when Khan's car hit and broke the leg of a pedestrian who was running on a pelican crossing trying to avoid cars. Immediately prior to the accident Khan had swerved around a line of stopped cars and went through a traffic light that had just turned red.

He was cleared of dangerous driving[32] and the pedestrian received an interim payment of £40,000.[33] Khan was also summoned to appear in court in Rochdale on 26 October 2007, accused of travelling in excess of 140 mph on the M62 motorway on 31 December 2006. He failed to appear and the case was adjourned to 2 November 2007, with the District Judge warning that he would issue an arrest warrant if the accused did not appear by then. He was also charged with not producing his driving licence and insurance certificate.[34] On 7 January 2008 Khan was fined £1000 and banned for 42 days for the speeding offence.[35]

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Dr.D said...

Sounds like he is following in the footsteps of the perfect man, big Mo himself. What a model of perfection! Assault, drugs, etc. just the things we want in a role model for youth.