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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

British Troops Abused by Militant Arab Demonstrators

The homecoming parade of 3 Commando Royal Marines was almost ruined by militant protesters today, at least one of whom had to be dragged back and restrained by police after running at the marching troops.

There are some discrepancies in the newspaper article on this. Firstly, although two of the protesters are those who permanently camp in Parliament Square to protest about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, others seemed to be anti-Israel/pro-Palestine.

Despite this, the article simply mentions 'anti-war' demonstrators.

Some of the protesters were waving "Palestinian" flags, 'free Palestine' banners, and appeared to be Arab Muslims. Interestingly the article says that the protesters were waving Iraqi flags, but the pictures quite clearly show "Palestinian" ones - the Iraqi flag does not contain a red triangle.

From the Daily Mail:

A homecoming march by Royal Marines returning after a bloody tour of Afghanistan was hijacked yesterday by anti-war protesters.

Five militants waving Iraqi flags screamed 'genocide' and 'not in my name' at soldiers from 3 Commando as they marched from Buckingham Palace to Parliament.

Some of the protesters also tried to use a megaphone to drown out the Royal Marines band but were beaten when onlookers began to clap and cheer to overcome them.

One of the militants had to be restrained by police until the 120 servicemen and women had gone into the House of Commons, where they were met by Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell and other dignitaries.

However, it proved the only slight on what was a special day for 3 Commando, which has suffered more fatalities than any other brigade on their last tour.

Some 33 of the 3,500 elite unit died, and hundreds more were injured on the gruelling six-month winter tour in southern Helmand province.

Despite the demonstrations, the soldiers were cheered on by dozens of well-wishers and tourists who gathered outside Wellington barracks in London.

Lance Corporal Frank Wyatt, 25, from Oxford, said: 'People are increasingly appreciating what we do and it's a real boost to know the country is behind you.'

Police said the five protesters maintain a constant presence in Parliament Square.

3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines is the elite fighting force of the Royal Navy.

The 3,500-strong brigade is an amphibious rapid reaction force, highly trained for combat in extreme weather conditions and on difficult terrain.

On the last tour they were involved in operation Sond Chara, or Red Dagger, the biggest offensive since the Iraq invasion of 2003 which involved attacking insurgent strongholds near Nad-e-Ali in Helmand.

The troops also took part in operation Diesel, a raid on a Taliban drug factory in Upper Sangin Valley.

The number of UK troops killed on operations in Afghanistan since 2001 stands at 169, after a soldier from the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards was killed in an explosion in Helmand province on 19 June.

A small crowd gathered outside Wellington barracks to cheer on the troops as they marched down Birdcage Walk, through Parliament Square and through the Carriage Gate to the Royal Marines Band.

One young boy waved a union jack while others including tourists from Germany, the U.S. and Japan clapped and cheered.

Lance Corporal Frank Wyatt, 25, from Oxford, said the support made a difference.

He said: 'People need to appreciate what we're doing and the more they know about it the better.'

Medical Assistant Roxanne Starsmeare, 23, from Taunton in Somerset, had just completed her first six-month tour of Afghanistan.

She said: 'For the last three months I was one of the front-line medics and treated everything from cut knees to troops who had been seriously injured, of which there were unfortunately a lot.

'It was hard work but I learned a lot and made some good friends. I think people are increasingly appreciating what we do an it's a real boost to know the country is behind you.'

Onlooker Sterling Lacey, 73, a retired teacher, said: 'It's the last we can do to show our gratitude for all they've been through.'

Last weekend some 30,000 people turned out to show support for the troops on Armed Forces Day. 3 Commando will be holding a day of remembrance for fallen colleagues in Exeter on Saturday, where they are based, and some 1,000 personnel from the Brigade are expected to attend.

The five who shouted abuse are protestors who maintain a constant presence in Parliament Square to demonstrate against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Scotland Yard said there were no arrests.

Once again, the troops are abused on their own soil, once again the police stand by and do nothing, whilst the media barely deems the event worthy of coverage, whilst attempting to mislead us with what is reported.

The anti-war movement is steadily being hijacked by anti-Western and more importantly Islam-orientated forces.

This is more than just a political protest - it is an act of defiance, of dominance.

All involved should be arrested and stripped of their British citizenship - they do not deserve to be served by or associated with these brave soldiers.

Polish Engineer Chose Death over Islam

A Polish engineer who was captured and murdered by the Taliban in Pakistan refused to convert to Islam to save his own life, it has been reported.

From the Hindustan Times:

Piotr Stanczak did not exhibit the slightest hint of hesitation when the Pakistani Taliban asked him to choose between execution and conversion to Islam.

Whether the Polish geologist acted out of pride or religious conviction, he decided to pay through his blood to save his faith, a choice that bewildered his killers and keep them talking about him with respect after his murder.

Stanczak, 42, was kidnapped Sep 28 on his way to survey for oil exploration in Attock district, of Pakistan's eastern province of Punjab. The kidnappers also killed his driver and two guards. Militants released a gruesome seven-minute video in early February showing his beheading. One of the murderers blamed the Pakistani government which failed to accept their demands for the release of detained militants.

Warsaw reacted angrily, slammed Islamabad's "apathy" in tackling terrorism and offering a 1 million zloty ($300,000) reward for information leading to the capture of the Taliban militants who beheaded Stanczak.

Among the militants whose release was sought by the Taliban was Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a British-Pakistani who was sentenced to death for the 2002 abduction and murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl.

When negotiations between the representatives of the Pakistani government and the hostage-takers failed, the Taliban leadership gave the Polish man a last chance to save himself, Stanczak's captors revealed to another hostage, a Pakistani man Mohammad Amir.

Amir - a pseudonym as he asked for anonymity to avoid possible repercussions - was released recently after his family paid 1 million rupees ($25,000) to agents of Taliban commander Tariq Afridi.

Afridi heads a small group of Taliban in the Orakzai tribal district and is loyal to Baitullah Mehsud, the chief of local Taliban who has a $5 million bounty on his head for being an Al Qaeda facilitator. Pakistani troops have recently been ordered to take decisive action against Mehsud.

In an interview with DPA in Attock, Amir said he was kept in the same cell where Stanczak was held for a month before the Polish man was decapitated. Amir said Taliban soldiers guarding the two-storey prison building in South Waziristan, a lawless tribal district bordering Afghanistan, frequently chatted with him and one day they mentioned the abduction and killing of Stanczak.

"Our people were keeping an eye on his (Stanczak) movements for several months. We were expecting that we could exchange some of our mujahideen in the government's custody for him," Amir quoted a guard as saying.

Because Stanczak was a high-profile target, the Taliban made extensive preparations to kidnap and shift him to a safe place from Attock, some 100 km from Islamabad.

"You know the Indus river lies between Attock and North Western Frontier Province (NWFP) and our people could not use the bridge to cross it because it is heavily guarded. So we bought a boat to transport Piotr across the border," the guard, who identified himself as Abdullah, told Amir.

From NWFP, Stanczak was moved to the Tirah Valley of the adjoining Khyber tribal district, and a month later to the Taliban's stronghold of South Waziristan, a 14-hour drive through muddy mountain tracks.

"Piotr never showed any sign of nervousness or fear. He would finish the food we gave him and sleep well. We all admired his courage. It was not an easy decision even for our commander to kill Piotr," Abdullah said. "That's why he gave him a last chance."

"But he was very stubborn and refused our goodwill gesture to save his life," Abdullah was cited as saying by Amir. Piotr said first we should release him. He will go back to his country, consult his family and read about Islam and only then decide about converting to Islam.

"This surprised everyone but we had to kill him because principles are principles - we gave him a chance and he lost it," the guard told Amir. "But undoubtedly he was a brave man."

A brave man indeed. Piotr put every dhimmi politician in the West to shame. If there is any justice in the world, one day every Western school pupil will know his name.

Business as Usual in South Africa

Many realists are predicting that the wave of violent crime plaguing South Africa, much of it racist in nature, will marr and possibly ruin the 2010 World Cup tournament.

There are two recent stories of British fans being violently attacked and robbed in the country whilst following the Lions rugby tour. FIFA has sat up and taken notice, but the ANC have 'guaranteed' they can provide the security necessary to make the World Cup safe for anyone other than themselves.

The first story concerns a British man who lost two pints of blood and the hearing in his left ear when he was hit over the head with a 'rock or a hammer':

Rugby fan Midge Ferguson is warning other supporters to take care after he was mugged following the Lions in South Africa and left with a fractured skull.

Mr Ferguson, 43, from Cardiff, was hit over the head and robbed while walking a short distance between his friend's hotel and his own in Bloemfontein.

He said he lost two pints of blood and has lost hearing in his left ear.

South Africa is hosting the 2010 football World Cup and he warned all sport fans to "be sensible" there.

Yes, be sensible - take a taxi the 200 yards between your hotel and a friend's. At least he is realistic about the outcome:

"The police said if they caught somebody, they would charge them with attempted murder," he said, although he thought it was unlikely that anyone would be caught.

Mr Ferguson was not just a random victim, however; earlier in the week four British fans were carjacked by armed men:

Johannesburg - Four British rugby fans on Saturday told how they were beaten up and robbed by armed thugs in South Africa shortly after their arrival on the same night that the Egyptian side in a key football tournament became the victims of thieves.

Brothers Michael, 57, and Peter Harriott, 58, and Simon 57, and John Murphy, 52, flew into Johannesburg on Thursday night for the British and Irish Lions tour.

In an interview published by the Saturday Star, the men said the robbers had followed them as they drove to a guesthouse in the plush northern Johannesburg suburb of Sandton where they were due to check in.

"A black Mercedes-Benz boxed us in and four men appeared with guns. They surrounded our car. They ordered us out of the car and told us to lie on the floor and remove our wallets and watches," Michael Harriott said.

He was punched in the nose when he tried to grab one of the robbers' guns, according to the report.

"They threw me to the ground and, the next thing, one of the robbers got into our hired car, while the other three jumped in theirs. They sped off with our luggage."

Last week, one of the new stadiums built for the World Cup was attacked by armed robbers after an international rugby game.

The robbery at the sports bar of the new Nelson Mandela Bay stadium in the southern city of Port Elizabeth took place on Tuesday afternoon, after a game between the British and Irish Lions and the provincial Southern Kings side.

For the ordinary people of South Africa, such things are normal - the only difference being, much worse crimes rarely make the BBC news.

Earlier this month, a Johannesburg doctor was stabbed to death and his practice burned to the ground in a completely brutal and senseless crime:
A Rosettenville doctor was stabbed to death at his practice before the establishment was set alight, Johannesburg police said on Friday.

Inspector Lorraine van Emmerick said Doctor Michael Sprenger, 55, was working late at his practice on Thursday night, when the incident happened.

"It is believed that he was stabbed by an unknown suspect or suspects, and then his practice was set alight with his body in it," she said.

"When the fire was noticed by nearby residents in the area, police and the fire brigade were called in.

"After extinguishing the fire, the doctor's badly burnt body was found inside."

The practice was owned by three other doctors, but they were not there at the time of the incident.

Investigations into his murder were continuing, Van Emmerick said.
As with the first case, the police do nothing but make excuses. He was working late, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time - as if this in some small way justifies what happened. The problem is that South Africa now has a soaring violent crime rate and an increasingly incompetent police force, not to mention racial tensions which too frequently spill over into violence.

At the beginning of June, a judge jailed two carjackers who murdered Jennifer-Rae Hall, branding them 'merciless':
Monstrous and merciless.

That is how a Durban High Court judge described the murder and hijacking of beauty therapist Jennifer-Rae Hall before he sentenced one of the hijackers to life imprisonment on Monday.

Hall, 22, of Winston Park, Gillitts, was killed and her friend, Kate Flemming, was wounded when they were shot in a hijacking at Amanzimtoti on June 14 last year. Amy Lansdell, who was also in the car, was not injured. The car they were travelling in was stolen.

The three had been on their to a Scottburgh caravan park to watch the sardine run and had stopped to change drivers.

Sifundo Mkhize, 23, of Illovo township, near Amanzimtoti, was convicted of Hall's murder, and further charges of attempted murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Mkhize had denied his involvement, saying he had been at home at the time.

In addition to the life sentence, Mkhize was also sentenced to 15 years for robbery with aggravating circumstances and 10 years for attempted murder. These sentences would run concurrently with the life sentence. He would not be eligible for parole until he had served at least 25 years.

Judge Ronald McLaren said Sduduzo Madida, who was an accomplice after the crime, had been a good witness. Madida testified that he had seen Mkhize and another man in a white VW Polo on June 14. He, Mkhize and others had used the vehicle to go to a wedding at Gingindlovu later that day.

Madida had been granted indemnity against prosecution in return for his testimony.

While the State did not prove that Mkhize had shot Hall, the judge found that he had acted in common purpose with his accomplice, who fired the shots and who has not been arrested.

"The State proved the falsity of the alibi of (Mkhize). The accused and his co-assailant acted in common purpose to rob the victims," the judge said.

Judge McLaren said: "In a business area in Amanzimtoti, they literally pounced on their victims. The victims were not given the opportunity to surrender their property in exchange for their lives. The deceased (Hall) was shot in cold blood at close range before she was given an opportunity to hand over the keys to the car. This all happened in broad daylight. Society is disgusted by the wanton lawlessness and brutality of the assailants."

Surrounded by friends and supporters outside court, a tearful Lansdell said she was pleased with the sentence.

"I am glad that justice has been done and that it is over. We are happy with the sentence but it will never bring Jennifer back. It is also very sad that Jennifer's parents could not be here because her father is very ill."

Lansdell thanked the supporters who had attended the case, including a wheelchair-bound woman who had flown from Johannesburg to attend the trial because her husband had also been killed in a hijacking.

Speaking from London, Hall's brother, Justin, echoed Lansdell's sentiments. "It doesn't bring Jen back but he got what he deserved. I wish that I was there or that I could fly to be with my family. My mom just called me and told me he got a life sentence and started crying."

He said his family was considering hiring a private investigator to find Mkhize's accomplice.
That is what it has come to. A young woman, brutally murdered for nothing, some of her family not being able to attend the trial because they live in self-imposed exile because of violence, and to add insult to injury, they have to hire a private investigator to find one of the violent criminals who did this.

Will that be making the BBC any time soon?

I doubt it. But those who wish to travel to South Africa for the World Cup deserve to know the truth, just as the innocent people of South Africa deserve to live in civilised peace.

A Snapshot from Britain's Courts (III)

Two more stories of diversity and cultural enrichment which have slipped past the MSM from Court News UK.


WHITECHAPEL, MILE END, E LONDON. Two sex beasts who abducted a 4ft tall teenager at knifepoint before taking it in turns to rape her are facing years behind bars today (tues). Abdul Malik, 38, and Giash Uddin, 31, forced the 16-year-old Muslim into a car and drove her to a flat in east London where they subjected her to a prolonged sex ordeal.


WOOLWICH, SE LONDON; WALTHAMSTOW, E LONDON. A failed asylum seeker who stamped on a sales assistant's head and battered him to death was caught after using his victim's Oyster card, a court heard today (Tues). Mossab Belhocine, 19, launched an attack of 'such ferocity' on 28-year-old David Cooper he left an imprint of his trainer on the dead man's face, jurors were told.

Norfolk Police to Issue Muslim Detainees with Compasses

Another frankly surreal story from the Daily Mail:

A police force today announced plans to issue all Muslims it detains in cells with a compass - so they can face towards Mecca when praying.

Norfolk Police has decided on the move to ensure arrested Muslims face towards the holy site and has even painted the ceiling of some cells to point them in the right direction.

Inspector Colin William, custody Insp for King's Lynn, said the force had a responsibility to meet the religious needs of everyone it takes into custody.

He said: 'We have responsibilities to ensure that everyone detained has their specific needs met whether they are unable to read, visually impaired or a vulnerable young person.

'Each person taken into custody is asked if they have any particular religious or dietary requirements.

'We will also have the compasses available to Muslims so they they may know the direction of Mecca.

'Wherever possible, custody staff facilitate any reasonable request in respect of religious considerations.'

The announcement comes after a successful trial at Bethel Street police station in Norwich, where compasses were painted on the ceilings of cells. The custody suite at King's Lynn station is next in line to be redecorated.

Norfolk Police Authority suggested the idea in its Custody Visitors Committee report.

The report states: 'The painted compasses on the ceilings at Bethel Street will be replicated across the rest of the county.

'However, further guidance has been received and in future small compasses will be issued to those detainees who request them.'

According to the latest national census in 2002, three per cent of the UK population - 1.6million people - are Muslim.

A Tale of Two Gypsies

A couple of weeks ago, some local people in Belfast made the news when they stoned several houses containing immigrants from Eastern Europe. The immigrants fled in fear of their lives, and eventually left Northern Ireland altogether.

Although I certainly can't and won't condone the behaviour or the alleged connections of those who launched these attacks, I can certainly understand their frustrations.

This understanding is compounded by the outright lies the media told. For a start, the immigrants who were driven out were referred to almost exclusively as 'Romanians' - but they were in fact gypsies.

The media had a field day with the story - the BBC ran at least three consecutive days of lead story updates on the incident, and of course the term 'racist' was prominent in all of the headlines.

Some blamed the BNP gaining seats in the European Parliament election (it would have been rude not to); others just sat back smugly, wagged their fingers and told us so. Britain is full of racists, of course, and a lot more money, affirmative action and brainwashing is what is needed.

Of all the mainstream media outlets and journalists in Britain, to my knowledge only the Daily Mail's Andrew Malone had the courage to look at the incident from a neutral point of view (itself an act of subversion in this age of political correctness).

Although, like me, he can't even come close to condoning the violence - he asks who is really to blame.

Of course, the government is the only contender for that title.

I mentioned that the immigrants were not Romanians but gypsies; is that relevant?

I think so. The Labour government was in favour of EU enlargement to include Romania and Bulgaria; they got their wish. In my opinion neither of these countries was quite ready to enter the EU on their own merits, but the problem with gypsies is something else entirely.

Within months of the accession of these countries to the EU, gypsies, especially Roma, were carrying out a crime wave across Western Europe, and many Romanians and Bulgarians were delighted that they had moved on for richer pickings.

The fact that most pickpockets in places like Italy were young Roma children was already well known; but now, it is estimated that Roma are responsible for anywhere between 45 and 80% of all acts of theft on the London Underground.

The Roma are unique in that the men send out women and children to commit crimes; children are schooled because they are quick and nimble, often overlooked, and can't be jailed in Western countries even if they are caught.

They come from a predatory culture; a culture that considers that all non-gypsies are simply there to sustain the criminal impulses of gypsies.

Now, I wouldn't go so far as to condemn all Roma; where I live in Kent is one of the few regions in England to have a historical population of Roma gypsies. My elderly next door neighbour is descended from them, and was raised in their culture.

She often tells stories of her childhood, sorting scrap to sell, and other such things.

She is a very nice lady; but I know for a fact that she avoids many of her own relatives, and if she bumps into a distant cousin in the supermarket will give them a false address - because in her words (spoken like a true Brit), 'I don't want that scum round here'.

If she feels like that about her own relatives, I think we are entitled to ask why Belfast and the U.K. in general needs a large population of Roma.

In very diverse London, the Roma have been resoundingly condemned by pretty much every other immigrant group, whatever its own reputation, as a plague on the city.

If that's the attitude in a place which is hardly closed to foreigners, then the Roma were always going to have problems in a place like Belfast.

But then, just as the gypsies have a right not to be attacked, do not the people of Belfast have a right to decide who they want to live among them in large numbers?

Do they not have the right to decide that these newcomers are unwelcome if they are responsible for a huge crime wave, especially among communities which were hardly prosperous in the first place?

Much of the BBC's hand wringing overlooked any grievances of the locals, and moved straight on to the gypsies.

The Left-wing gutter press were even worse, with headlines like 'Race thugs wanted to slit our baby's throat' from the Mirror.

Here is the story:

‘They made signs like they wanted to cut my brother’s baby’s throat,’ said Couaccusil Filuis, who’d come from a

village near Bucharest, the Romanian capital. ‘They said they wanted to kill us. We are very scared. We have young children. We could go back to Romania, but we have no money. We have to stay here.’

Not one article asked why the British taxpayer is duty bound to support these families, or why they have the inalienable right to settle here and do such useful work as wash windscreens at traffic lights.

But the children featured prominently in the media's sob stories. No work to support the kids back in Romania, so the British taxpayer must step up to the plate.

To balance this, here is the story of another concerned Roma mother, this one from northern France (thanks to GoV):
A Gypsy hits a policeman using a baby as a weapon

Robin, France, June 27, 2009 — Nord-éclair — The presence of Gypsies from Romania in the Roubaix area [north of France] has always brought its load of problems, but a new threshold was reached when a difficult arrest was made last Thursday: a young woman grabbed a baby by its foot and used it as a weapon to hit a policeman.

Last Thursday, around 6.30 p.m., a police patrol stops a young man driving without a licence or insurance. [A common practice, it seems, among Gypsies.] […] Tempers flare. Extra police are summoned to the place. Around ten of them are present when the exchange takes an astonishing turn. A young Gypsy grabs a one-year old baby from the arms of a man belonging to the camp. She steps in front of the policemen. The police think she is trying to prevent the arrest by acting as a human shield. Far from it.

First, she grabs the baby by an arm and a leg, and hits a policeman with it. Then, she grabs it by one foot only, and hits again. What’s happening is awful. The baby cries. The police try to hinder this explosion of violence. This baby used as a weapon; it’s unbearable. Then the woman tries to throw the baby on the ground. Policemen manage to catch it before it falls. They rush it away to the hospital, far from this scene of hysteria.
But wait. Other women bare their breasts, and splatter the police with their own milk. One Gypsy man mutilates himself: he slashes his belly with a 20-cm wound. The police provide him with emergency care and press the wound in order to keep the blood from flowing. The baby-swinging woman, who is not the baby’s mother, is brought to the police station. The baby is in a state of shock. An inquest is begun. The baby might be put under the care of a foster family. Legal proceedings have been started for violence and rebellion.

Why such violence? At the football club next door, people are waiting eagerly for the Gypsies’ departure. The situation has been very tense for the last month: “They steal our footballs, they send their children to relieve themselves on the football ground right while we’re training,” says the coach Hassen Hamidi. [Note how the Arab coach complains about Gypsies in a way that would be deemed “racist” if it came from an aboriginal French. Arabs and Gypsies are notoriously at odds with each other in France, and violent incidents often occur between them. — translator]

People from the neighbourhood have been helpful to Gypsies. But [the Gypsies’] aggressiveness and lack of respect are unbearable.
These stories are not unusual. Wherever the gypsies make camp, trouble soon follows in one form or another.

In another case from Europe, this one from Portugal, the British paedophile who is the prime suspect in the disappearance of toddler Madeleine McCann told the following story:

The Sunday Mirror has also learned that Hewlett befriended two families of Portuguese gipsies in the weeks leading up to Madeleine's disappearance. Theories that Madeleine was snatched by gipsies have surrounded the case.

Chillingly, Hewlett told a friend that gipsies had offered him "good money" for his own two-year-old blonde-haired daughter.

Former Scots Guard Peter Verran, 46, shared a Moroccan campsite with Hewlett between June and November 2007.

He said: "He told me gipsies wanted to pay good money for her and he'd met some who traded in children and sold them to paedophiles."

Maybe such things are just rumours and speculation, maybe not.

But the fact remains, there are stories from all over Europe which make me feel no country needs large numbers of Roma turning up.

The fact that it takes the extremes used in Belfast to get the message to the government is the real travesty here.

Belgium's Most Wanted Criminal 'Claimed Asylum in the U.K.'

A story which demonstrates just how dangerous Britain and the rest of the EU's shambolic border controls are:

Abdul SALAM (aka Rouf Uddin, Mohammed Ahad Khan), 29, is wanted by the Belgian Police in connection with the murder of young mother Malika Sousse, 28, in Brussels last November. He is known to have fled to the UK.

SALAM, who originates from Sylhet in Bangladesh, had been seen with the victim previously, and she had complained to the local police that he had been harassing her with hundreds of text messages in the weeks before the murder.

SALAM entered the UK at the Port of Dover on December 30th claiming asylum and using the alias Mohammed Ahad Khan. He is also known to have used the alias Rouf Uddin whilst in Belgium. He travelled to Bow in East London and then visited other relatives in Plaistow, Stepney and Southwark but has since disappeared. He is also known to have contacts in the Manchester area.

The BBC has further details courtesy of the Belgian authorities:

Belgian police are hunting Uddin over the death of a woman who was found with her throat slashed in November 2002.

They believe Uddin, who was jailed for 30 years in his absence, may have started a new life in a Bangladeshi community.

He has family ties in Bow and Plaistow, east London, and may have travelled in France, Italy, the United States and Bangladesh.

It does make you wonder - how many other wanted killers, criminals and future killers slip onto the back of a lorry parked in Calais every week? Every month?

Church Group Banned from Britain Under Terror Laws

Officialdom in Britain has gone mad. Not in a good way, either. It seems that the less reason there is for someone in a position of authority to be overzealous, the more rigorously he will be so, and the more he will enjoy it and be backed up by his bosses.

Take the following story, in which a group of American religious volunteers who had come to Britain to help do up a church were deported before entry:

A group of religious volunteers who saved for a year to visit Britain were left in tears after they were turned away under "anti-terror" rules.

The 14 American Methodists were planning to renovate an Islington church and sightsee in London during a nine-day trip costing £10,000.

But they were refused entry at Gatwick after failing to fill in the correct forms, and claim they were "treated like criminals". Pastor Jim Dawson, who led the group from the First United Methodist Church of Okeechobee, Florida, said he had "pleaded and pleaded" with immigration officials for his party to be able to stay.

"I said, 'Have mercy. We're a church group. We're not terrorists. We're not threatening anyone's national security." People were crying when they heard they were being sent back. We'd all been looking forward to the visit for so long. This law is without compassion or understanding.

"All we wanted to do was to help our sister church in Islington prepare for its anniversary and do a bit of sightseeing. We'd pre-booked for the musical Wicked at the Apollo theatre and planned to go to Windsor Castle and have a decent cup of English tea."

Under rules designed to deter illegal workers and potential terrorists, all religious workers and charity workers are required to apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship and a visa. American tourists do not require visas.

The group believed they did not need a sponsorship form as they only were volunteering for a few days. However immigration officers at Gatwick said that as the visit included voluntary work the group should be classified as charity workers rather than tourists - and could not be admitted without a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Officials then fingerprinted the group, who arrived at 6.40am on Tuesday, and sent them back on two separate flights four hours later.

The group had held a series of fundraising events to pay for the trip, but will now lose the £10,000 cost of pre-booked hotels, theatre and sightseeing trips.

They had planned to spend four days painting Islington Central Methodist Church in Liverpool Road for an anniversary celebration yesterday, when the building was due to be rededicated.

The group is back in Florida after more than 20 hours on flights to and from Britain.

The Rev Paul Weary, of Islington Central Methodist Church, had asked whether the group could be admitted as tourists on assurance they would not engage in any prohibited unpaid work, but officials refused.

He said: "It is extraordinary that individuals offering a few days of unpaid work should fall into the same category as charity workers staying in the UK for a year."

Islington South and Finsbury MP Emily Thornberry said: "They were only painting a church. This is a question of scale. I suggest the officers should have looked more carefully at the discretion they have."

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: "All migrants, not just charity workers, coming to the UK to work or study require a Certificate of Sponsorship. Anyone without this certificate and the right visa will be refused entry."

Note the very last line - the quote from the UK Border Agency official. Referring to these people as 'migrants'.

The fact of the matter is, if they had been coming to settle here, to live off of us, to prey on us, they would have been treated with far more dignity, respect and fairness than they actually were.

Wouldn't the UK Border Agency actually be of more use to everyone concerned if the church groups were allowed in, and the Muslim hate preachers, the Pakistani terrorists and pimps, the Somali thieves and gang-rapists were simply turned away - before they got the automatic right to spend nine years or more appealing at taxpayers' expense?

Monday, 29 June 2009

Belgian Government Wants an Amnesty for Illegals

Snouck Hurgronje reports:

Anchor children are politicians excuse to legalize law breakers

The Belgian Minister of Migration Annemie Turtelboom wants a amnesty for illegal foreigners
residing in Belgium. The amnesty is specifically for illegals with children enrolled in Belgian schools. These families are said to be "anchored in Belgian society".

The amnesty is said to concern 4,000 to 8,000 people.

This is unfortunate news, not only for the people of Belgium but for the surrounding countries too.

Not only do amnesties often lead to greater numbers of illegals arriving afterwards, in expectation of another amnesty, they often have effects in neighbouring countries.

For example, immigrants in the Netherlands could go to Belgium, regularise their status through the amnesty, then return as citizens of Belgium - and thus of the European Union, meaning their Belgian passport entitles them to citizenship in all but name in any EU country.

When the Netherlands started getting quite tough with bogus asylum seekers, many Somalis living there used their temporary residence permits to come to Britain and settle - many local councils in Birmingham were overwhelmed by the numbers, particularly of children being enrolled in school.

The most effective remedy is to take a leaf out of Italy's book and keep them out in the first place.

Surge in School Sex Attacks

The Times has an interesting article and series of statistics which document the huge rise in rapes and other sex attacks in British schools.

Scotland Yard fear 'gang culture' might be to blame - basically politically correct code for saying that this is a phenomenon found largely in areas which enjoy a larger than average amount of diversity and cultural enrichment.

Obviously, to come out and say that might be racist - and it might harm the recruitment campaign to get teachers into inner city schools, some of which will be 100% non-white or non-English-speaking.

Here is the report - just a few days after a study in France found sex crimes were being committed by younger and younger children:

THE spectre of a hidden epidemic of sex crimes inside Britain’s classrooms has emerged after Scotland Yard revealed there have been nearly 900 rapes or serious sex attacks in schools.

The figures - the first of their kind produced - show that 65 victims were raped in secondary and primary schools in London in the past five years. A further 826 were the target of other sexual assaults.

Last year, the number of alleged rapes rose 60% on the previous year to 32. The statistics suggest the vast majority of victims were schoolchildren under the age of 16. As many as one in three were under 11.

The disclosure came as the senior detective in charge of investigating the school sex attacks said that in some cases, police did not press charges against boys accused of having sex with girls under 13 for fear of “criminalising” them.

In response to fears about a violent crimewave in schools, the Met has dispatched 100 extra officers to patrol schools throughout the capital.

It is also examining links between the rise in the number of sex attacks on girls at school and the growth in gang culture.

Disclosing the figures, Commander Mark Simmons, head of the Met’s violent crime directorate, said the force was urgently trying to assess the cause of the problem, which mainly involves attacks on girls.

“Sexual assaults and rapes are always serious offences. When you start talking about young people, and particularly young people in what should be a place of safety, then that becomes even more serious.

“But we need to be wary of making parents hugely concerned by the headline numbers. We are talking about just up to 200 in the last year across the whole of London schools.”

Simmons said that a small minority of the cases involved consensual sex where a technical crime had been committed but police had decided not to prosecute.

He said that in such cases, it was not considered to be in the public interest to take boys of 13 or 14 to court.

“What is the public interest in criminalising a 13-year-old for engaging in consensual behaviour with another person of that age?

“Do we want to criminalise them? Do we want to put them on the sex offenders’ register for ever? Or do we want to work on their education, their understanding of the health issues? Is that more appropriate?

“I can’t think of a case where we have prosecuted for consensual sex between two 13-year-olds. I can’t think how that would be appropriate.”

Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrats home affairs spokesman, said the figures were disturbing. “It is even more alarming because it is happening in schools were people ought to be safe and invulnerable.”

The Met figures, which cover attacks in schools and their environs, show that the number of alleged rapes more than doubled from 15 in 2004 to 32 for the year ending in April.

The number of reported sexual offences grew from 180 in 2004 to 278 last year. Of these, 195 were classified after investigation as sex crimes - up from 169 in 2007.

Until the Met released its figures this weekend, there has only been anecdotal evidence hinting at the scale of the problem. In 1998 the Old Bailey heard evidence from a 10-year-old girl who claimed she had been gang-raped by a group of her classmates.

The youngster said she had been dragged into a school lavatory and raped by her laughing assailants. Her five alleged attackers, all 11 or under, were cleared by the jury.

85 Sharia Courts Operate in Britain

An article which should be astounding - but isn't. The Telegraph reports findings by the think-tank Civitas which estimate at least 85 sharia courts and tribunals are already in operation in Britain.

The Muslim Council of Britain termed the report 'scaremongering' - the cleric doesn't have a gavel in his hand, he's not a judge, so to call these gatherings 'courts' is apparently ludicrous.

Whatever the case, this creeping acceptance of different legal principles needs to be nipped in the bud - fast.

From The Telegraph:

Some decisions of Islamic tribunals are already considered legally binding and could theoretically be enforced in civil courts in England and Wales.

Other officially recognised bodies can agree to grant Muslim "divorces" as part of a parallel system of religious law in Britain.

"This whole business is creeping up on us without anyone really noticing," said Dr David Green, director of Civitas.

The existence of a network of five court-like sharia bodies in London, Bradford, Birmingham, Coventry and Manchester, expanding to other cities under the umbrella of the Muslim Arbitration Tribual (MAT) has already been widely reported.

But Civitas estimates that the real number of Islamic "courts" operating in Britain is at least 85, as a result of scores of unofficial courts sitting in mosques in which imams make judgments on day-to-day disputes.

It argued that they are unlikely to treat women as equals and could even be against human rights law.

The organisation called for a change in the law to stop the decisions of such bodies being legally enforceable.

The MAT, which deals primarily with disputes between business partners or mosques, says that as a legally constituted arbitration body under the 1996 Arbitration Act, its decisions could be enforced in county courts.

That claim has yet to be challenged in a test case but a similar status for Jewish tribunals is already long established.

Another organisation, the Islamic Sharia Council, has a panel of seven judges based in London, dealing largely with divorce and issuing "fatwas" on issues such as how to bring up children.

Mufti Abdul Kadir Barkatulla, one of its judges, said that the organisation had been operating peacefully alongside the civil courts for 25 years without any major problems.

He also confirmed that dozens of informal sharia bodies sit across the country.

"Every imam, if they are qualified can have a hearings and make decisions according to sharia," he said.

Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "To term them sharia courts is ridiculous, it's just scaremongering."

Qamar Bhatti, a member of the governing body of the MAT, said: "We don't have a court, it's an arbitration, we don't have a judge sitting with a gavel in his hand but that's the image that this report is creating."

Morris Dancers Banned from School Diversity Show

A group of Morris dancers were banned from a primary school's 'diversity' day - because their 'Border' style of dancing means they blacken their faces with burnt cork in a tradition which stretches back to the 17th Century.

From the Mail:

Morris dancers were banned from a primary school’s diversity and culture show after the headteacher found out they planned to 'black up' for the event.

The Motley Morris Men practice the 'Border' style of Morris dancing - which means they use burnt corks to blacken their faces for the show - a tradition which stretches back to the 17th Century.

The reason for the 'blacking up' was to disguise the identity of the performer who danced in public to earn extra money during hard winters, but did not want to be recognised by friends or family.

Dancer Jim Snelling, who was booked to dance at Chantry Primary School in Gravesend, Kent, this week, said he was 'frustrated' that the show had been scrapped.

He said: ‘I understand the school’s concern but it is a shame they didn’t take the opportunity to find out or ask us along to have a discussion about this fairly important part of our culture.’

Fellow dancer Pete Hargreaves, said it was clear from its website that the dancers wear black make-up.

He added: ‘We get to the point where everything is set up and then they suddenly realise that we are a black-face Border group.

‘They say people might be offended without investigating why we dance with black faces.’

The group’s website states: ‘We are a black faced ‘Border’ morris side formed In 1981.

‘We dance throughout the year at a variety of venues, ranging from pubs to festivals and everything in between, with a number of radio and television appearances under our belts.’

The site also states that the dancing style is ‘Not hankies and bells’, adding: ‘Our style is more primitive, rhythmic and involves stick clashing.

‘But the school said it had to weigh up any potential offence to its community.’

Head teacher of Chantry Primary, Hazel King, said it apologised for any inconvenience caused to the Morris Men.

She said: ‘We organised the event to bring a diverse and fragile community together.

‘To celebrate all cultures we booked a Morris troupe, having failed to recognise the possible significance for our community of their tradition to perform with blackened faces.

‘We found ourselves in a difficult position of weighing up any potential offence versus not wishing to compromise the Morris dancers’ tradition.’

This is sad for many reasons, but the worst one of all is the attitude of the Headteacher - our culture, in our own country, is just one of many and of no great value.

Still, as long as the children got their mandatory brainwashing session about the virtues of other cultures which have been foisted on this country against the will of the majority of its people, what's the harm?

Here's what one of the condescending Leftists among the parents had to say:

One parent, who did not want to be named, said: ‘To black up in this day and age is taking things too far.

‘I know it was a diversity day and it was supposed to help bind cultures together but having a bunch of white guys with black faces turn up at a primary school and prance about is just plain wrong and would have caused confusion among the kids.

‘I dare say it is an ancient tradition, but we have moved on - perhaps the dancers should too.’

Yes, we have moved on alright - our own culture and traditions are now worthless, whilst bringing a 'fragile' community together against all the odds means more than getting those who wish to live here to fit in.

Ain't diversity grand?

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Anjem Choudary Publicly 'Converts' 11 Year Old British Boy

A shocking case exposed by the Sunday Mercury:

A YOUNG schoolboy was “converted” to Islam on the streets of Birmingham by a radical Muslim preacher, the Sunday Mercury can reveal.

The bewildered-looking 11 year-old, who gives his name as Sean, was filmed repeating Arabic chants and swearing allegiance to Allah.

The white schoolboy is prompted throughout by controversial cleric Anjem Choudary, a follower of exiled hate-preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed.

The incident was filmed during a demonstration by Choudary’s Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah group in Birmingham city centre earlier this month.

Choudary, 42, was one of the masterminds behind sick protests at the homecoming parade of heroic British soldiers in Luton back in March.

He praised protesters who branded British troops “murderers” and later appeared at a press conference flanked by thugs who took part in the demo.

When contacted by the Sunday Mercury, Choudary defended the young boy’s “reversion” to Islam – but admitted his parents were not with him and were not consulted.

“The child was genuinely interested in Islam,” he said.

“The boy told us he wanted to become a Muslim and, of course, some people are intellectually more mature than they are physically.

“I don’t see there is any harm in this.

“He was with his friends, but I didn’t see if his parents were there.

“There were a lot of people at the event.’’

A message on Choudary’s website offers advice for those who become Muslim at his Islamic Roadshow.

“Conversion packs are already provided to those who revert to Islam in the Islamic Roadshows,” it says.

“They include a booklet on ‘Everything a Muslim must know’ and a free DVD with a brief guide on how to pray in Islam.”

Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, is a splinter group of the controversial Al-Muhajiroun sect.

Last month we revealed that the sect, founded by exiled Bakri, is planning to reform.

Al-Muhajiroun, which has recruited hundreds of fanatics in the Midlands, fell apart in 2004 just months before Bakri was stopped from coming back to the UK under terror laws.

He has now set his sights set on a return for the extremist group, though the Home Office is understood to be closely monitoring its activities.

The ranting cleric was investigated by Scotland Yard back in 2000 after telling the Sunday Mercury that then Prime Minister Tony Blair was a “legitimate target” for assassination.

Since his exclusion from Britain, right-hand man Anjem Choudary has run Ahlus Sunah wal Jama’ah and the Islam For The UK website.

Choudary was secretly filmed by the Sunday Mercury at a youth centre in Alum Rock, Birmingham, last February, calling for strict Sharia law to be introduced in the city.

More Muslim Violence Against British Women (V)

  • Two men in court over a rape and sexual assault perpetrated against two 15 year old girls:

TWO men from Salford have appeared in court in connection with the rape and sexual assault of two teenagers.

At Manchester Magistrates Court it was alleged that a 15 year old girl was taken to a flat in Hulme by two men, where she was raped and her friend, also 15, was sexually attacked.

Mohamed Nasr, 23, of Liverpool Road, Eccles, was charged with rape and sexual assault. Mubaraj Abdulwali, 19, of Mellor Street, Eccles, was charged with sexual assault.

Both men were refused bail and committed to Crown Court for plea and case management on September 3.

  • Leeds railway station sex pest detained under the Mental Health Act:
A SEX pest who assaulted a student in Leeds railway station has been locked up under the Mental Health Act.
Mohammed Ali, 21, targeted the 18-year-old who had just got off a train late on a Sunday night.

Prosecutor, Kenneth Green said as the girl rode the escalator she felt a hand on her bottom.

Mr Green said she remonstrated with Ali but he smirked and said "you have really nice hair" before touching her left breast.

Mr Green said the frightened girl tried to shake Ali off, telling him "Don't touch me."

The girl reported the assault to a station security officer at the ticket barrier.

Meanwhile, another staff member at the station spotted Ali approaching another woman and he was arrested by police at the scene.

Ali admitted the October 2007 sexual assault.

Three months earlier, Ali had sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl in a Huddersfield park by grabbing her breast.

A MAN has appeared in court charged with the rape of a Bolton woman in 2006.

Javed Iqbal, aged 42, of Bury New Road, Bolton, is charged with rape and possessing false identity documents.

He appeared at Bolton Crown Court yesterday wearing a black T-shirt and black tracksuit pants. He spoke through an interpreter to confirm his name.

The charge relates to the alleged rape of a 22-year-old woman, who was said to have been attacked in the back of an ice cream van on Alders Lane, Tonge Moor, on May 23, 2006.

  • Dentist groped patients he was treating:

A DENTIST has been found guilty of groping two female patients while treating them at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Dr Chetan Somaiya, 32, pictured, had pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexual assault on separate patients in July last year, but he could now face a prison sentence for his "very serious breach of trust".

Earlier in the case Angela Rafferty, prosecuting, said Somaiya, a dental and facial specialist, had squeezed the breasts of his victims and had given in to "momentary temptation".

One of his victims, an 18-year-old Italian language student said the married doctor had felt under her armpits, placed a stethoscope on her breast and massaged her abdomen, while another woman said he had reached into her bra and twisted her nipple.

But the doctor said he decided to take the vital signs of the student after he feared she may have a head injury from a bike accident earlier in the day, in which she heavily banged her jaw on the pavement.
Somaiya claimed he had simply been checking for swollen lymph nodes when he "inappropriately" put his hands underneath her armpits. He denied at all stages of the trial that he had sexually touched either of the women.

  • A Muslim and a Sikh man abducted a 'random' female victim in Doncaster and subjected her to a rape ordeal:
TWO men who kidnapped and raped a woman while she was on a night out in Doncaster town centre have been jailed for 11 years each.

Zohiab Mahmood, aged 21, of Malvern Avenue, Intake, and Sunny Singh, 22, of Carr House Road, Hyde Park, were both sentenced after a Sheffield Crown Court jury found them guilty of rape and kidnap.

The pair bundled their 23-year-old victim into the back of their car before subjecting her to a two hour ordeal.

A member of the public tried to intervene when the woman was kidnapped but he was punched in the face.

Speaking after the hearing Det Con Julie Ward said: "They dragged her into the car, there was some amount of violence used. Once they had got her in the car they drove her to two separate locations in and around Doncaster.

"It was a really nasty ordeal for her, it was horrific really. This is probably one of the worst we have seen."

The Doncaster woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was waiting for a friend to buy some food on November 29, when she was kidnapped. As she waited outside a bridal shop at the junction of East Laith Gate and Thorne Road shortly after midnight, the men grabbed her and dragged her into a Volkswagen Golf.

She was taken to The Grove near Doncaster Royal Infirmary and a layby off West Moor Link Road, in Armthorpe, where she was raped.

Police officers then found Mahmood and Singh with their victim in the car in Park Road, off East Laith Gate, DC Ward said.

Mahmood and Singh did not know her and had chosen to kidnap her at random, she added.

  • A slightly different and very disturbing case. An accountant working for the London headquarters of the charity 'Save the Children' has been found guilty of raping a young boy:

A Save the Children worker who belonged to an international paedophile ring has been told to expect a prison term after admitting sexually abusing a child.

Sohail Ayaz, 35, pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to raping a boy.

Ayaz, a Pakistani national who lived in Whiting Avenue, Barking, also admitted distributing images of the child and possessing 397 other indecent pictures.

The charity said no criminal record check had been done because Ayaz, an accountant, had no access to children.

Judge Peter Telstar ordered him to be held in custody until sentencing and told him jail was inevitable for "such a serious case".

Ayaz was caught after Rome-based police started an investigation into an Italian child abuser.

They found the Italian suspect had been supplied with the details of 15 Romanian children by Ayaz.

Ayaz was allegedly acting as middleman for a Swedish paedophile who said he could provide Romanian children for sexual abuse.

Italian police informed their British counterparts who began their own investigation.

Det Sgt Nick Duffield, of the Metropolitan Police's paedophile unit, said: "It was important that he, being a Pakistani national, didn't get any idea we had become aware of him and disappear off to Pakistan.

"For that reason it was vital we arrested him somewhere we definitely knew he was going to be - his place of work."

He added: "Save the Children helped us snare him."

Ishbel Matheson, spokeswoman for the charity, said: "For the next two weeks we liaised with the police and closely monitored Ayaz.

"It was a case that has shocked and horrified us as a children's organisation."

She said it had not been possible to carry out a Criminal Records Bureau check on Ayaz because it was not the policy of the the bureau to check up on people with no direct access to children.

Police arrested the accountant on 4 February at his desk in the charity's headquarters in Farringdon, central London.

A search of Ayaz's rented flat found hundreds of indecent images and videos he had collected through "file-sharing activities".

Some fell into the most serious Level Five category.

More Muslim Criminality in Britain

More stories of Muslim violence and criminality on the streets of Britain.

  • An Iranian illegal immigrant has been jailed over a knifepoint burglary in which a young woman was held hostage in her flat.

A teenage illegal immigrant who held a woman prisoner in her own home during a terrifying knifepoint burglary was jailed for six years today.

Iranian Rahim Rassuli, 18, and three other men forced their way inside after Zoe Howard answered the front door.

She blacked out on seeing the knife and woke up to find herself locked in her bedroom while the gang ransacked the house.

They fled after failing to find any money but Miss Howard recognised Rassuli as a friend of her ex-boyfriend.

He was convicted of aggravated burglary after a trial at the Old Bailey.

The court heard Rassuli entered the UK at the age of 16 but was refused asylum on February 16, 2007.

He remained at large until the burglary at Miss Williams' flat at Avenue Road, South Norwood, on October 13 last year.

Judge Christopher Moss QC told Rassuli: "You forced your way into the home of Miss Howard.

"She recognised you at the front door. You threatened her with the knife. She screamed in terror.

"She and her flatmate Daniel Williams were kept prisoner in the bedroom. The search of the flat produced nothing and you left the flat.

"You were plainly the instigator of this crime. I have no doubt the motive for your offence was money."

Rassuli claimed during the trial that he had never been to the address and insisted he was the victim of mistaken identity.

Defence barrister Sarah Fawcett told the court: "He has been on his own in this city since the age of 16 and has had to bring himself up.

"Perhaps understandably he has fallen into social networks of offenders who use drugs and alcohol and in many respects led him astray."

Rassuli, who has lived at Clifford Road and Wood Vale Avenue, South Norwood, was sentenced to six years in a Young Offenders Institution.

  • A gang has been jailed for attacking a jeweller with a hammer then leading police on a high speed chase, speeding through red lights and driving on the wrong side of the road. The press once again reports the sentences given as a 'total' in an attempt to hide how pathetic they are.

A GANG of armed robbers who attacked a Blackburn jeweller with a hammer before fleeing to West Yorkshire have been sentenced to a total of 14 years in prison.

Around 1.45pm on Thursday 23 October 2008, the men entered Rahman's Jewellers on Whalley Range posing as customers. Wearing balaclavas and masks, they threatened the owner, a 31-year-old man, with an axe, hammer and a knife.

The gang, who are all from the Birmingham area, hit the owner to the head before smashing their way out through the shop window and making off with jewellery in a black Audi getaway car. They attempted to set the car on fire before abandoning it at the back of Goldhey Street and escaping in a Fiat Punto at speed.

A driving instructor, who was conducting a lesson at the time, spotted the men leaving the shop and contacted the police. He then instructed the driver to follow the suspects giving police a running commentary until they reached the motorway.

Police officers including the Road Policing Unit, Armed Response Unit and force helicopter followed the Punto down the M65 motorway towards Burnley. Officers from West Yorkshire assisted with the pursuit when the car crossed the force boundary before it was abandoned in Portsmouth, West Yorkshire, following a collision with another car. All five were arrested soon after in the area.

The owner of the shop was treated in hospital for head injuries, a laceration to his face and cuts to his hands. His wife, who was also in the shop at the time was badly shaken but was not injured.

Four of the men pleaded guilty to robbery and a fifth man, Shah Hussain, 29, of Lichfield Road, Birmingham, was found guilty of robbery after a three day trial. He will be sentenced on Thursday 23 July at Preston Crown Court.

Asad Mohammed, 25, of Newton Road, Sparkhill, Birmihgham was sentenced to four years eight months; Mohammed Nasir Khan, 19, of Walford Road, Birmingham received three years four months; Adnan Ahmed, 21, of Baker Street, Sparkhill, Birmingham also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and was sentenced to three years. A 17- year-old man from Birmingham, who cannot be named for legal reasons, received three years.

Speaking after sentencing, the officer in charge of the investigation DS Mark Winstanley said: "I would like to thank a number of people from the Whalley Range area who had confidence in the police to come forward and assist the investigation. Their role in providing vital information and evidence throughout the case was crucial in securing these convictions."

  • A gang has been jailed in the West Midlands for smuggling large quantities of Afghan heroin into Britain.

Three West Midlands men have been jailed with two other members of a drugs gang that plotted to smuggle heroin into the UK hidden inside handmade rugs.

All but one of the men, who are from the West Midlands and Leicester, received a jail sentence of more than 10 years when they were sentenced by a judge at Birmingham Crown Court.

The defendants, who pleaded guilty at a previous hearing, were detained after an investigation by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) into the discovery of heroin imported from Afghanistan.

The 16kg consignment, which was 75% pure and had a potential street value of £1.5m, had been hidden in drinks straws threaded through 25 rugs.

Customs officers at Birmingham International Airport discovered the drugs in January 2008 and alerted the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Ismail Makda, Asif Khan, Soyab Hansdot and Mohammed Ibrar were arrested in May 2008 in a series of dawn raids in Birmingham and Leicester, while a fifth man, Mohammed Dad, was arrested last December 2008 hiding in a "chamber" cut into the base of a bed.

Makda, 28, of Rowlatts Hill, Leicester, was sentenced to 14 years and five months in jail, while 23-year-old Khan, of Evelyn Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham, was sentenced to 11 years.

Dad, 24, of Leam Crescent, Solihull, and former warehouseman Hansdot, 22, of Quorn Road, Leicester, were each jailed for 10 years and eight months.

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Ibrar, from Fernley Road, Sparkhill, was jailed for eight months for his relatively minor role in the smuggling attempt.

Four of the men admitted conspiracy to import class A drugs, while Ibrar admitted money laundering.

Pakistani Criminal Arfan Bhatti Will Leave Norway Voluntarily

A prolific Pakistani criminal called Arfan Bhatti was one of the first people to be arrested under Norway's anti-terrorism laws, enacted in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

He was acquitted of plotting to attack the U.S. and Israeli embassies in Oslo, as well as opening fire on a synagogue. the synagogue shooting was downgraded from an act of terrorism to 'one of serious vandalism'.

He was jailed for a string of other crimes, however:
Arfan Qadeer Bhatti was born in 1977 in Norway to a family of Pakistani descent and is a Norwegian citizen. Arfan Bhatti was known as a trouble maker already from his early teenage years. He finished high school in Norway and then his parents sent him to relatives in Pakistan in order to distance him from local Norwegian crime gangs he was involved with. When Arfan Bhatti returned back to Norway he quickly integrated on the list of top criminals in the country.

Arfan Bhatti's criminal record in Norway includes hundreds of chapters of extortion, severe violence, drug trafficking and illegal possession and use of firearms. In Norway Arfan Bhatti was connected to an Albanian drug network led by the drug-boss Princ Dobrosi known to the Norwegian police.

Arfan Bhatti was denied entrance to Germany and questioned for 48 hours, in 06/2006, during the football World Cup as a preventive precaution. When he returned to Norway Arfan Bhatti was placed under surveillance by the Norwegian police.

Arfan Bhatti was detained for questioning in 08/2006 by the Norwegian police because of a criminal investigation when shots were fired toward a criminal female reporter of the Norway newspaper Dagsavisen, Ms. Nina Johnsrud, who was in some sort of connection with him, probably as an informant.

Arfan Bhatti's car was bugged and taped while patrolling, with Ibrahim Oezbabacan, around the Jewish Synagogue in Oslo, the Israeli and USA embassies and planning attacks.

On Friday 09/15/2006 in the evening, Arfan Bhatti, with Ibrahim Oezbabacan, fired 13 shots toward the Jewish Synagogue in Oslo. He was arrested three days later, on 09/18/2006 with three other suspects as members of his crime and terror gang.

Bhatti has been released from prison, and must report to the police daily. He has a wife and two young children, but will leave Norway for Pakistan - because his faith in Norwegian justice is shattered, and he fears being arrested at any moment.

Also, unusually for a man who describes himself as 'a boy of the West who took the wrong path into criminality' and someone who 'has no grudge against the U.S. or Israel' - he doesn't want his children growing up influenced by American culture.

If only every case involving criminal immigrants could resolve itself so tidily.

Mixed Signals in Denmark

On some issues related to Isamisation, multiculturalism and mass immigration, Denmark continues to show Europe how it's done.

Take the following case, in which two terror suspects appealed their original sentences. Not only were the sentences upheld, one of the men was given an additional year - and the judge also rejected their claims against deportation once their sentences are served.

From Jyllands-Posten:
One of the two men who had appealed a conviction for a planning a terrorist attack will serve an extra year in jail The Eastern High Court upheld the sentence of two men convicted last year of planning terror attacks...

The Eastern High Court upheld the sentence of two men convicted last year of planning terror attacks and increased the sentence of one man by a year.

Hammad Khürshid and Abdoulghani Tokhi were arrested in 2007 after domestic intelligence agency PET learned that one of the two had attended an al-Qaeda training camp.

Khürshid, of Pakistani background and Tokhi, of Afghan background, were sentenced in October to 12 and seven years respectively. Tokhi’s sentence was increased to eight years today.

The court also upheld Tokhi’s deportation to Afghanistan, ruling that that the seriousness of his crime outweighed his weak ties to his native country. He will be expelled from Denmark after serving his sentence.

The two are convicted of making explosives to be used in a terror attack. The men had admitted to making triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, which is commonly used in terrorist bombs, but claimed that the explosive was to be used for fireworks.

Video evidence obtained by PET showed Khürshid sitting on the floor of his Glasvej Street apartment in the city’s Nordvest district, allegedly mixing chemicals and singing songs about martyrdom.

Police had also recovered deleted photographs from a mobile phone, which showed him in the company of people holding automatic weapons, mortars and missiles.

However, it is not all good news on the anti-Islamisation front in Denmark; this week the country came a step closer to building a huge mosque in its capital city, Copenhagen. Currently there are no purpose-built mosques in Denmark.

The Grand Mosque of Copenhagen will be shaped like a crescent moon, be able to accommodate 3,000 worshippers and contain student housing. It will be constructed in Ørestad:

The decades-long debate about the construction of a mosque in Copenhagen has taken another step forward after the city council appointed the Muslim Council of Denmark as the official partner in the project.

The council is an independent umbrella organisation representing 13 different Muslim organisations and up to 35,000 members, and will be responsible for the financing and operation of the new mosque.

They will work together on the project with the Bach Group, which purchased the ground’s location in 2005 and will be responsible for the building project.

There are currently more than 50 local prayer rooms and Islamic centres nationwide, but no purpose built mosque.

Plans were initially proposed to build the country’s first major mosque back in the 1970s by ambassadors from Muslim countries looking for a common prayer location.

Despite protests in the form of a 6,000 signature petition and threats made against a Copenhagen architecture firm that had drawn up designs for the mosque, the city council approved a district plan for a mosque location on Amager in 1992.

Jakob Hougaard, deputy mayor for employment and integration, said that the news was an important step in the future of Copenhagen as a multicultural city.

‘It’s important that Copenhagen is sending a political signal to the world that we are pleased to be multicultural and anyone is welcome, no matter what their religious background is,’ said Hougaard to Berlingske Tidende newspaper. ‘This is especially important in the wake of the cartoon crisis.’

Hougaard stressed that while the council has approved the project, it will not be funding it.

Zubair Butt Hussain, spokesman for the Muslim Council of Denmark said that there will be some challenges in raising funds, but the organisation hopes to remain independent of donors when it comes to the running of the mosque.

According to the council’s spokesman they aim to make the mosque inclusive to everyone and as such prayers in the mosque will be conducted in Danish.

‘Many Muslims are born and raised in Denmark and their primary access to understanding things in society, and their religion, is through their Danish mother-tongue,’ said Hussain.

It is estimated that 3 -4 % of Denmark's population are Muslims. This mosque certainly will send out a signal - that Denmark may be ready to abandon its stand for its own culture, values and traditions, whilst submitting to the supposed inevitability of its own colonisation and submission.

Sad news indeed.

Baby P's Killer Bids to Become a Muslim

The 32 year old who tortured the child known as 'Baby P' to death (along with his own mother) was also convicted of raping a 2 year old girl.

He now languishes at taxpayers' expense in HMP Belmarsh, Britain's most secure prison, serving ten years for his involvement in Baby P's death and life for the rape of the toddler.

Prison sources say that he is only interested in watching television, has a cell described as 'cushy', and is understandably seen as the lowest there is even by Britain's most dangerous and notorious criminals.

Some interesting news emerged today, however - this sub-human has approached the prison imam with a view to converting to Islam:

The stepdad of tragic Baby P is trying to become a Muslim.

The fiend, 32, approached the prison imam but Islamic inmates blocked the move.

A source at Wakefield jail, West Yorks, said: "He knows he's a marked man and this was his attempt at getting in with a large group, but no one wants to be seen with someone who's committed such heinous crimes."

The beast was jailed for life last month for raping a girl of two and causing or allowing the death of 17-month-old Baby P in Haringey, North London. The People has told of a £10,000 lags' plot to maim him. The insider added: "He's shown no remorse. All he cares about is watching the telly and getting his dinner. Everyone in here thinks he's the lowest of the low. "
What is interesting here is that the Muslim element in this prison is seen to have such power and influence.

Very, very disturbing on many levels.

Attempted 'Honour' Killing in Scotland

A very disturbing case which occurred in Balloch, Scotland. The crazed criminal only got seven and a half years in jail for this brutal attack:

A BALLOCH woman was knifed repeatedly by a man she met through an arranged marriage website.

The woman’s family were also threatened by crazed Yasir Afsar as he burst into their home.

The High Court in Edinburgh last week heard how Afsar went berserk in the Balloch house after the relationship with his intended bride broke down.

He turned up on the woman’s doorstep at 6.30am, forcing his way into the family home by claiming he was a business colleague of their daughter.

Asfar, 32, from the Midlands, had felt that the mum and dad would never approve of him as he was of a ‘lower caste’.

But he couldn’t accept the affair was over, according to defence advocate Shahid Latif.

Mr Latif explained: “The relationship developed to such an extent that a love marriage as opposed to an arranged marriage was in contemplation.”

Advocate depute Keith Stewart, prosecuting, said, that when Afsar turned up at the family home, they said she was not in and he pointed to her car, saying ‘I’m going to see her’, pushing his way into the house.

The terrified victim locked herself in the bathroom as Afsar tried to force it open with a kitchen knife.

The court was told how he also threatened to kill her parents if she didn’t come out.

After a struggle, the woman’s father went downstairs to telephone police and her mum persuaded Afsar to come downstairs to talk.

The daughter left the bathroom, heading for her bedroom to telephone police but Afsar heard her, followed her into the room and pinned her down on her bed.

Mr Stewart continued: “He began to strike her repeatedly on the chest with the knife. He then placed his hands round her neck.”

The court was told how the mum bit Afsar on the arm then, fearing her daughter was dead, ran outside to shout for help from neighbours.

Afsar drove away – leaving his DNA on the handle of the broken and blood-stained knife. He was arrested three days later in Dover.

The terrified victim was rushed to Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital where doctors found that two stab wounds to her chest had caused both lungs to collapse.

Mr Stewart said: “The medical view is that both chest wounds were serious and potentially life-threatening.”

In court, Afsar admitted attempted murder, and apologised for what he had done.

Sentencing Afsar to seven and a half years, judge Lord Brodie told him: “What you have pleaded guilty to is the attempted murder of a young woman who – according to Mr Latif – at one stage you loved.”