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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Groups of Palestinian Men Barred from Israeli Beach After Complaints

A Dead Sea resort beach called 'New Kaliya' has been forced to defend its decision to bar groups of Palestinian men who are not accompanied by families.

The resort manager says the decisions was not taken lightly, but had to be made after constant complaints of harassment from female tourists and locals.

This culminated in several Palestinian youths sneaking in and openly masturbating in front of tourists last weekend.

Many are outraged by the decision, however:

Men from the Palestinian Authority looking to enter the 'New Kaliya' beach on the Dead Sea are not allowed entry if they are alone. Ynet has learned that the beach directorate has decided to allow the men in only if they are with their families, citing repeated complaints of sexual harassment by female patrons.

Danny, a 35-year-old from Tel Aviv, visited the beach on Friday and said he was shocked by the policy being enacted at Kaliya. "I went with two friends and in line behind us were two Arabs. The girl at the register just wouldn't let them in," he recalls.

As the day progressed Danny said he realized the scene he had witnessed was not an isolated incident. "It kept repeating itself. At one point I asked the people at the register if they really weren't letting Arabs in and they answered straight out that they were not. One of the workers told me that the men just aren't let in alone, but families are. I asked why and she said that they bothered the female tourists… she said there's nothing that can be done, it's just the way it is. What, Israeli hooligans don't bother girls – just Arabs?"

Well, let's be honest here - I'm sure there are a few Israeli hooligans and idiots who harass women at the beach, just as there are in any society.

With Arab and Muslim men, such behaviour seems to be systematic - and the reports from this Israeli beach could quite easily come from France, Australia or anywhere else that the sexually repressive Muslim society collides with Western freedoms, particularly the rights of women.

The article continues:

The Kaliya administration confirmed the policy, but stressed that entry is only denied to Palestinian Arabs who come to the beach in groups. Manager Itay Rahm told Ynet in response: "This is a very serious problem, not just here but for all the Dead Sea beaches. Based on our experience, we don't let young
Palestinian men in because of numerous harassment complaints.

"They're not allowed to hit on girls in their villages so they come here to harass them. Just to make a point, the day that man talked about a couple of Palestinian youths managed to sneak in and then started masturbating in front of female tourists."

He added that Israeli Arabs are able to enter the beach without any problems. "It's important to stress that we're talking about Palestinians here, not Israeli Arabs. And this isn't about racism, we let entire families in because I know that when there are women around they won't do anything."

They shouldn't have to justify looking after their guests this way, but the gods of political correctness and anti-racism demand many sacrifices.

It's nice to know there's a place in the Western world where such a policy can stick, despite the objections of Leftists who know best - better than the people who work there and have to put up with such spectacles and be on the receiving end of complaints, obviously.

I fear if this were Sweden or Britain, the women would simply have to stop going to the beach.


Nemesis said...

It is, as you say, not just 'palistinians' that display this overt sexual aggression toward western females.

It is the constant parade of sexually repressed muslim males, who are predominately Lebanese, at Australian beaches, particularly, Cronulla, which is due South of Sydney, that has publicised the problem that the Muslim 'family' brings to western civilisation.

While western values are declining with the oncoming years, and native females on a beach may be considered fair game for the average Aussie, the Muslim views them as 'sluts' and 'whores' who if given the right 'incentive' will open their legs to receive the Arab cock.

An Australian Judge when sentencing the Lebanese Skaf brothers to 55 years Jail for the systematic gang rape of over 12 young females, over a four year spree, noted in his summing up.

'The young Muslim male is a menace to our society'.

This was before the so called 'Cronulla Riot' where a number of young Australians, sick to death of not being taken seriously by the authorities,held a mass demonstration against those same authorities, that refused to acknowlege that there was a problem with lebanese Muslims on the beach front.

If you bear in mind that the state government at the time, NSW, was a Labor government(read leftist)and had the Muslim vote in their back pocket, then I guess you can take it from there!

But the so called riot was a beat up by the leftist media, who played sides for the 'boys of middle eastern appearance' who, on a later post mortem had noting but some bad language and little else hurled at them.

Police at the time put themselves in harms way to protect these 'poor misunderstood and downtrodden boys'. It was sickening to see that the young Aussies who were protesting the actions of these Muslims were, by some media standards, rascist and xenophobic. Meanwhile, the cause of the protest, the young Muslim males, while receiving police protection all the way home, became the victims!

It was overall, to the average Aussie, a very frustrating occurrence, especially to those who had been putting up with the Muslim aggression over a number of years!

But, worse was to come, not from the average Aussie but from the Lebanese Muslims.

Over the next three nights, beachside suburbs from Marounbra to Cronulla were laid seige to by groups of lebanese males who, stabbed, kicked, spat at, any 'Skip' (white Aussie) they could get their hands on!

Several young Aussie males were hospitalised for stab wounds, concussion and other injuries, one Aussie male in his forties, and a father of three, was set upon while putting out the garbage. He was lucky to escape with his life!

And what did the state government and police done about this? Absolutely nothing. To date, no Muslim Lebanese has been charged
with any of the numerous offences that were committed over those three nights.

I say three cheers for the Israelis, at least they recognize a problem when they have it!

Nick said...

The more one's eyes are opened, the more one realises that standing up and saying, "This is my way of life and I'm willing to defend it!" is a good thing. The multiculturalist fantasy that all cultures must be respected is intellectual deviance of the worst kind.

DP111 said...

We have been invaded because the idiot politicians who we elected to defend the nation, have opened the gates to the enemy.

What else can one expect from invaders except violence to subjugate the natives?

In any war, there is no substitute for victory. So far we have not reacted at all except to let Muslims walk all over us. Things have to change soon or else we are lost.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I remember the media coverage of the Cronulla riots here in Britain.

It was a totally one-sided 'racist white Aussies agaimst immigrants, against change, against progress etc etc' sort of affair.

Some of the slightly more honest commentators briefly mentioned the downside to that change; women harassed on beaches, life guards beaten up - but only in passing.

Bear in mind too, that the Sydney gang rapes, the Skaf brothers, Muslim gang wars - none of that made it into our press.

Apparently all of that is OK, and things only stop being OK when the average Australian stands up and says 'enough - this is our country'.

It's sickening once you become wise to the way the media manipulates us.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I think this issue is actually far more important than it first appears; if you think about it, this is the thin line between civilisation and barbarity.

The ability to show self restraint is pretty much the building block of any advanced civilisation.

What the Leftie Israeli man in the article is saying is indicative of the entire Western Left;

'I can't believe that Arabs behave differently from Israeli hooligans, no matter what my eyes, my ears and my brain tells me. Clearly I know better than the beach staff who must watch this appalling spectacle, listen to all the complaints and lose business as a response'.