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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Two Shocking Racist Crimes

As far as I am aware, the crimes I am about to describe did not make the national newspapers at all. Both are horrific, the first indescribably so, and both followed a pattern which is increasing in this country - they were carried out by black criminals against white people.

There was no outcry, however. Judge for yourself whether or not there should have been.

  • A couple were subjected to a brutal attack in their own home in Clapham, which included rape, torture and extreme violence.

A 26-year-old woman was leaving her flat in Clapham half an hour after midnight on October 26, 2008, the court was told.

As she was getting into her car, she heard a noise in the bushes.

Before she was able to close the door, a man started to walk towards her.

He demanded she give him money but she had none.

He was followed by several more men and one of the suspects covered her head and forced her to go back inside the flat, accompanied by all of them.

They forced her to send a text to her boyfriend to ask him to come over.

While they waited, they ate and drank food from her fridge.

When he arrived, they demanded money from him and he said he did not have any.

They tied his hands with his own belt and began to torture him.

One of the suspects took the woman to the bedroom where he forced her to perform oral sex while holding a gun to her head.

Over the next few hours, he repeatedly raped her as she heard her boyfriend screaming in the next room.

The male victim was repeatedly kicked and punched.

Computer cable was wrapped around his throat.

He was then repeatedly struck on the head and face with a metal object believed to be a firearm, while a towel was kept over his head.

A hot iron was pressed against his forehead and thigh, and then lemon juice and bleach were poured and rubbed in to his injuries.

Both victims were subjected to a three-hour sustained attack, before the suspects eventually left, stealing both cars, a black Skype 3G mobile phone, a black Nokia mobile phone, £220 cash and keys.

Detective Inspector Mick Foote, of the Met’s Specialist Crime Directorate, said: “Both victims were subjected to unnecessary physical violence in their own home.

"They were targeted for money and then assaulted over and over again, despite saying they had no money.

“The defendants took a small amount of property, including mobile phones, and made their escape by stealing the victims' cars.

"It was immediately reported to police and within a short time both cars were recovered.

“We found a cigarette butt in the bedroom and it contained DNA relating to the two men in court today.

“Both victims have suffered a very traumatic event.

"However, I would like to reassure the public that such crimes are very rare.”

Well, I am reassured to know such crimes are very rare - but not very reassured by the fact that only two of the men involved were caught, and then received only nine years in prison each.

Here are the two men jailed, Reon Hall, aged 20, and Aaron Fitzgerald Gelly, aged 20.

Now, imagine if the races of the victims and attackers were reversed. Would this have made the national press? Would race and racism alone have been seen as enough of a clear motive for the extreme, gratuitous violence involved?

You decide.

  • A 15 year old schoolboy was hit over the head and slashed across the chest with a knife as he walked to school by suspects described as three black males. Police confirmed that robbery was not a motive - and are now searching in vain for what that motive might have been.

A 15-year-old boy was slashed across the chest with a blade as he walked to school.

The pupil at Nottingham Emmanuel School, in West Bridgford, was attacked as he walked from the Meadows area at 8.30am yesterday.

Police confirmed the attack happened in woodland near Main Road, Wilford, after the boy had crossed the Toll Bridge.

Police are hunting for three black males in their late teens wearing black hooded tops.

They hit the boy over the head before slashing him as he tried to defend himself.

The boy told officers he saw a shiny blade and was slashed across the chest before escaping to his school nearby, bloodied and in shock.

Emergency services were called by staff and the boy was taken to hospital for treatment. He was discharged after receiving internal and external stitches.

Police said robbery was not a factor. They are working with the school and Nottingham City Council to determine a motive.


Dr.D said...

In the case of the two men who destroyed the man and the woman, if I understand correctly, the approved interpretation today is just to say that this is two British citizens doing bad things to two other British citizens, it it not? We should not mention color, ethnicity, gender, level of violence, or any of those other matters that are irrelevant in a modern, sophisticated, tolerant society.

I'm sure glad that I don't live in quite such a tolerant place.

Nick said...

"If it was a racially motivated crime it certainly would have had more media cover."

Says you, the self-proclaimed expert on the British media, who lives in Marrakesh!

Solkhar's blogging.

WAKE UP said...

Nick: re Solkhar's blog - Islam's beliefs are so all-encompassing and self-deceiving that it pays to keep firmly in mind that its practitioners are effectively clinically insane.

Nick said...

You're right to question the way the crime committed by Gelly and Hall is viewed by those who are reponsible for providing the public with accurate information on the way our society operates. Why isn't such an horrific crime featured on tonight's news? Why isn't it in all of today's newspapers?

Small, individually run blogs such as the lambeth walk provide a valuable corrective to the mainstream media.

Political correctness insists that if one's skin colour happens to be anything other than milk-bottle white, then one must be a victim. To a devout believer in the doctrine of multiculturalism, anyone who is not white can only ever be a victim.

Carrying a story like this would refute one of their most cherished articles of faith.

The_Editrix said...

Everything that needs to be said about that crime and its covering in the media has been said here. I'd just like to add a different angle: "They forced (the female victim) to send a text to her boyfriend to ask him to come over." I wonder did she even try to mislead the criminals? She could have text messaged somebody else in her contact list, somebody who wasn't available. She could have sent a text message to a wrong number. There would have been several possibilities not to victimize her boyfriend. If one reads this account, one can't help asking why none of the three strong, healthy males didn't even as much as try to defend themselves and the girls who had been with them.

And don't give me that defaetist and relativist crap now about "one never knows how one would have behaved oneself in such a situation". I know damn well that I hadn't summoned my boyfriend, fiancé or husband just like that and I know even better that my mother would have gladly died herself before she'd summoned my father in a similar situation. What is it that makes young whites cower in the face of such a situation?

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Thanks for stopping by.

Very interesting comment - you have to wonder at the mindset which helps the attackers complete such a situation.

If one follows the news, one realises that in a situation like this the victims rarely escape totally unscathed even if they comply with the criminals' demands.

I know many people feel they would play the hero in such a situation, not realising the paralysing fear involved - but texting someone else or a wrong number, as you've suggested, is simply sensible, passive resistance.

I had the same thoughts about Wichita massacre - why, knowing their fate, didn't they fight back at the end?

Easy to say, perhaps, but you'd think even if they could have saved the women it would have been preferable to the actual outcome.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Wake UP:

Head over to Solkhar's blog and you will see yourself proved right, I think.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Thanks for the support on this.

Still not a sniff of this one from the MSM, although they have picked up a couple of smaller stories I found in local media last week.

Shocking, really, that this can go totally unremarked upon by those paid to inform us.

Nick said...

Some further thoughts.

sabrina said...

for everyones information i just want to say that the two young men WERE NOT convicted of the rape and had nothing what so ever to do with it. the man that is infact guilty of that crime has been caught. And also this was most deffinetly not a racial crime as both of the victims were infact BLACK and not white! Get your facts right before we start slandering peoples name...

Chanel said...

Firstly.... None of you know the facts. Let me start off by sayin I DO.... @ Sabrina YOU WAS NOT THERE and have no idea of what went on and who saw what so please save ur ten pence for another blog.. So what if they didnt physically touch her, they were all part of the same crime and new what was going on in the house!The only thing ur right about is the fact that they both black. As for txtin her partner THEY actually took her phone and txtd him themselves!! This was a hate crime and wanted to make quick money by robbing a single mum of her dignity. They went as low as stealing personal belongings including her daughter's jewlery, wrecking her house and stole
expensive cars! The 2 that got sentanced to 9 yrs both play a part in this.... Sabrina let me ask you this..... HOW DO YOU KNOW THE GUY WHO SEXUALLY ASSULTED HER IS THE 3RD MAN WHO WAS CAUGHT (Gavin Steven Gordon) Just goes to show ur close to these disgusting thugs AS THE THIRD MAN HAS NOT AND WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR THE SEXUAL ASSULT!!! KARMA IS A BITCH thats all i can say... For any woman to be held hostage and sexually assulted in her own home is enough to damage them for life...

@ SABRINA said...

At sabrina.... u need to fix up for your information, GREAT they neva got charged for rape does that dismiss they destroyed a womans life, material things can be replaced but mentally your mind cant. reon and aaron and gavin are dogs.. but what goes around comes around goes around and people that dont know victims of crime should keep there mouth shut!.... talk when its happened to u or family.. (editrix) yes your mother would have surrounded by 8 men... maybe if it was u u wud think before u wrote...

Anonymous said...

Execute them.

Anonymous said...

Time will change things and the whites will learn to fight again and when they do there will be hell to pay to all including the racist media do you think a white mans murder would have got as much attention as the Lawrence case ? If the system won't defend us against racist blacks then we will defend our self's blood and honour