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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Osama bin Laden Look-Alike Policeman Awarded £11,000

In many lawsuits for sexual, racial or religious discrimination in the workplace, it emerges that the plaintiff is not squeaky clean; often they will have earned the enmity of their colleagues for reasons other than those stated, but cried foul in an attempt to earn easy money.

On Wednesday I reported on the case of a policeman in the West Midlands who claimed colleagues made fun of his beard and claimed he looked like Osama bin Laden.

Today, he was awarded £11,000 in damages by the West Midlands Police:

PC Tariq Dost, of Small Heath, said the comments made by his former line manager Darren Yates left him feeling hurt, humiliated and depressed.

An employment tribunal upheld PC Dost’s allegations that he had been treated with religious and racial discrimination and awarded the figure of £11,000 based on a psychiatric report measuring the scale of his hurt. Employment judge Hughes said: “The remarks made were offensive and more so because PC Dost is a very religious man.”

This case and its conclusion is a tragic indictment of our society. But then, so was the fact Dost ever became a police officer in the first place.

He clearly wasn't a police officer who happened to be a Muslim. He was a Muslim who happened to be a police officer in Britain.

Dost's role (before he was sacked from it) was as a 'positive action officer, where he mentored ethnic minorities and women to apply to the police force'.

Presumably to ensure that the colour of one's skin matters more than their competence, ability and qualifications - and to ensure a wealth of race discrimination claims for the future, as many will be promoted above their ability simply because of their name, religion or race.

This is the country we now live in.

The worst part is that Dost is in no way a victim - he is simply an unpleasant oik. He was disciplined himself for making sexual remarks to female officers and staff:

A Muslim police officer, who claims a boss compared him to Osama Bin Laden, was fined for boasting about his sexual performance and use of Viagra, it emerged yesterday.

An employment tribunal heard how Pc Tariq Dost, 40, from Birmingham, who is claiming racial and religious discrimination against West Midlands Police, was fined 13 days’ pay and “came close to dismissal” over the incident.

Pc Dost was disciplined in October last year for discussing the sex drug with colleagues and telling one “she won’t be able to walk when you’re finished with her”.

He also admitted failing to act with respect towards a fellow officer after an incident in which he allegedly accused another Pc of planting drugs on a suspect.

The recruitment officer was also given managerial advice over his attitude to women, after allegedly discussing the size of a potential recruit’s breasts.

Detective Superintendent Piers Westlake, the acting head of disciplinary issues at West Midlands Police, said he regarded the complaints against Pc Dost as “very serious”.

“Pc Dost was a positive action officer,” he told the tribunal.

“His job was to mentor people to apply to the police force with particular focus on ethnic minorities and women.

“I was concerned about his credibility and, in particular, his attitude towards women.

“He seemed to be treating women with contempt, and his conduct warranted a disciplinary hearing.

“A 13-day fine is effectively a disciplinary panel saying you came as close to dismissal as possible.”

Pc Dost claims he has been racially discriminated against and says he feels “betrayed” by West Midlands Police.

He complained in November 2007 that the force’s acting recruitment marketing manager, Darren Yates, made racist remarks towards him.

He claims that Mr Yates compared his beard to Osama Bin Laden’s and referred to Muslim prayers as “shouting and wailing”.

Pc Dost also said Mr Yates laughed at the Islamic robes he wore to an event and told him: “You look like a terrorist.”

Mr Yates was removed from his acting position as marketing manager following the incident.

Ah. So it is OK for Dost to have no respect for women, to the point of humiliating them, or the culture of the country in which he has chosen to work - but of course, everyone must have respect for him and his traditions to the point of deference.

Dost even had the audacity to complain his punishment for the sexual remarks was worse that Yates; - even though he was a serving police officer and Yates was just civilian staff.

It seems Dost just wants 'positive action' for Muslims, however - and with the absurd ruling and payment, he is a step closer.


WAKE UP said...

* he looks like Osama bin Laden.
* he knows he does
* he's living and working in Britain
* he's a Muslim
* QED.

Were Muslims go, trouble follows. Like rust, they never sleep, and they're more corrosive.

Solkhar said...

British labour laws and the police system is to blame here. Most police forces have rules about dress, habits and conservativeness that is required to be compatible with doing the job.

In fact, most Muslim countries would not accept this person as a police officer, the beard would have to go, he would have to pull his pants out of his socks and he would have to commit to not supporting fundamentalism.

And yes, he does look like Bin Laden.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


You make a point, I too blame the British system more than I blame this individual for playing it; but this is all part of the disease of multiculturalism, which emboldens imported culture at the cost of our own.

However, if this was to be redressed, someone like yourself would step forward to scream 'racism' and 'bigotry' (two of your favourite words).

Solkhar said...

There is a big, big difference between ensuring or being critical of how the level of support from immigrants is achieved and another one blaming the culture and religion of immigrants.

The latter results in the obvious accussations of bigotry and racism under the still valid term "if the shoe fits".

Oh, he still looks like Bin Laden and I repeat there is something very wrong with British policing that they let the guy even in like that, most nations "Muslim or not" would not let him in. I have a good friend here, a retired Senior Police Commissioner here and showed him the photo and item and he was really shocked.

Very seriously, somehow you got all the fundamentalist scum in your country.