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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Belgium's Most Wanted Criminal 'Claimed Asylum in the U.K.'

A story which demonstrates just how dangerous Britain and the rest of the EU's shambolic border controls are:

Abdul SALAM (aka Rouf Uddin, Mohammed Ahad Khan), 29, is wanted by the Belgian Police in connection with the murder of young mother Malika Sousse, 28, in Brussels last November. He is known to have fled to the UK.

SALAM, who originates from Sylhet in Bangladesh, had been seen with the victim previously, and she had complained to the local police that he had been harassing her with hundreds of text messages in the weeks before the murder.

SALAM entered the UK at the Port of Dover on December 30th claiming asylum and using the alias Mohammed Ahad Khan. He is also known to have used the alias Rouf Uddin whilst in Belgium. He travelled to Bow in East London and then visited other relatives in Plaistow, Stepney and Southwark but has since disappeared. He is also known to have contacts in the Manchester area.

The BBC has further details courtesy of the Belgian authorities:

Belgian police are hunting Uddin over the death of a woman who was found with her throat slashed in November 2002.

They believe Uddin, who was jailed for 30 years in his absence, may have started a new life in a Bangladeshi community.

He has family ties in Bow and Plaistow, east London, and may have travelled in France, Italy, the United States and Bangladesh.

It does make you wonder - how many other wanted killers, criminals and future killers slip onto the back of a lorry parked in Calais every week? Every month?

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Anonymous said...

You know the only reason he was able to get to the UK is because the UK officers don't work at night. Belgian police was calling the UK to stop him at the border but they only to this when it's urgent, she was already dead so they said it wasnt urgent.