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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Violent Clashes in Denmark & Immigrants Controlling Neighbourhoods

Yesterday there were up to five clashes between Hells Angels and immigrant youth in the Danish city of Odense.

One young man was stabbed several times, but survived the attack.

A group attacked a red car stopped at the intersection between Søndergade and Filosofgangen in Odense with clubs, and once the windows were broken the young man driving was stabbed several times.

"We've had five episodes in a short period where there have been clashes between groups of young immigrants and people associated with the AK81," says Torben Schultz, vicepoliti inspector from Funen Police to jp.dk.

Torben Schultz can not answer whether it is the young migrants or rocker supporters who led the attacks and whether a planned action.

"It is too early to tell, but we are investigating at high pressure," he says and points out that the police are starting to examine witnesses to the violent attacks.

Several witnesses have seen those involved carry firearms, but no shots were fired.

The police have still not arrested anyone, but reported calm in Odense streets.

The same newspaper reports that in the Copenhagen suburb of Nørrebro, some people are reporting that they are searched by immigrant youths before they are allowed to enter the area.

Other reports suggest that Danes are being turned away and denied access to certain areas of their capital, including the elderly and some older immigrants:

It shows that young people not only see themselves at war against the culture. Some elements have declared war against the whole society because they are paranoid and feel pressure, says Ahmet Demir, who advises municipalities on the social problems of adolescents.

- It seems that the amateur style that they act in goes beyond the care of 'their' area and people and elderly. But they can not distinguish, and therefore can not understand that the young people's suspicions have come so far that they consider these individuals to be potential spies, sent on mission to find out what happens in their stronghold, said Ahmet Demir.

But the young's tactics are not helping their own cause, said sociologist at Aalborg University Michael Hviid Jacobsen

- It's dramatically unwise to condemn them as criminals, it's best when public attention is not directed against them. If young people want to prevent people from carrying out their work and take elderly people hostage, then it will get people out of seats, forcing politicians to take drastic measures. It will be massive and it is not in the interests of gangs themselves and "business", said Michael Hviid Jacobsen.

A once peaceful society torn apart by very unwise immigration policies.

The sad part is that Denmark is considered by many to be the European yardstick in how to deal with problems caused by immigration and integration.

The best policy - no mass immigration at all, full stop. Qualified and desirable applicants to be considered on an individual, case by case basis.

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