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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cold Blooded Murder: The Case of Suleman Khan

I have written previously about the case of Suleman Khan, 24, on trial for killing his ex-girlfriend Amy Booth in Halifax.

Today Khan was found guilty of murder and jailed for life, with a minimum term of twenty years.

I've lamented such pathetic sentences before, and doubtless will do so again; but I would like to know, how can a country which does not at the very least lock up for life someone who did the following call itself civilised?

Here is a description of what he did to her:

Miss Booth was brutally assaulted by Khan in her flat at Wellington Place, New Road, Halifax.

He repeatedly stamped on her head with such force that the soles of his trainers left an imprint on her face. The pattern was distinctive and matched a pair of trainers stained with Amy's blood, which were found, along with other items of Khan's clothing, in the washing machine at his home.

Medical evidence showed Miss Booth also suffered a laceration to her liver and sustained injuries to her legs, arms and chest.

As she lay injured, Khan stole her television, DVD player and a games console.

He the went home and took his girlfriend out to dinner.

It gets worse; his accomplice, Mansoor Ahmed, 29, was let off scot free.

He admitted he did not effectively stop Khan from carrying out the brutal attack. He admitted that despite seeing the trauma to her head and noting she had teeth missing and was covered in blood, he did not call an ambulance or tell Khan to do so.

They didn't so much as mention her condition or the severe injuries she had been dealt on the car journey home.

He even went back later, whilst Khan was busy romancing his latest squeeze, to watch the police activity outside Amy's flat.

Yet tonight, he is a free man.

Let's put this into some sort of context; Khan got twenty years for killing Amy, and five for stealing some of her belongings.

That means her young life is only worth three times the value of a few electronic goods.

With attitudes like that from judges masquerading as civilised justice, perhaps Britain will actually make a very good Muslim country.


Slippery Jim said...

Those Judges can probably work out that 5 goes into 20 four times, however.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Yes, I was taking the two sentences individually. He's serving five years for the thefts and twenty for the murder.

Which means if he didn't commit the murder, he'd still be serving five (we assume), and if he committed the murder alone he'd be serving twenty - so her life is only technically worth a fifteen year sentence, three times more than that for mere theft.

Dr.D said...

This should be a caution to all young white women who take up with muzlim men.

KnightTemplar said...

Didn't Mansoor Ahmed serve 4 years in Prison for Heroin?

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


I've looked at the article again and it doesn't say.

Where did you hear that?

Anonymous said...

I know him from Halifax.

He lives in next street to Euracar(Car Sales)


Anonymous said...

Sorry Eurekar


The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Knight Templar:

Thanks for the information, very interesting.

Most criminals in this country could be stopped if we had harsher sentences - the vast majority of violent people have a string of convictions.

Anonymous said...

i dont hink suleman khan wanted to kill amy booth, however it shud have been manslaughter provication. she rang him once every 2 minutes.....overall in three months she had called him 1300 times....that wud drive any human insane. she also used to ring his house and make threats to burn his house down. hence why it should have been manslaughter provication....thnx for reading

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Anon 15:42:

Maybe, in that case, he should have taken out his anger on her phone instead of her skull.

Or, you know, changed his number.

If it drove him 'insane' he wouldn't have killed her so brutally then acted in such a cold, calculated fashion as to take his new girlfriend out to eat afterwards.

Presumably he would also have shown some remorse.

Anonymous said...

Im not saying he did not do wrong, however in court he did mention he did go get a bite with his girlfriend, but he also mentioned he did not eat the food...and the reason he went to that paticular place ov takeaway was to actually see what was going on...because amy lived near there. anyhow she had rang him 1300 times and only 10 ov them fone calls were answerd and even those that wer answerd wer only for 2seconds. And oh yeh "maybe" you shouldnt always belive what is written in the papers, sometimes theres things beyond that. media makes anything look ever so bad and ever so cold, because they need to sell..thnx for reading once agen :)

Anonymous said...

i would just like to award slippery jim with a medal in maths because he can add up! firstly i would like to say that all of you out there that have nothing better to do than slate somebody that you dont even know need to get a life and stop being some geeky computer freek coming on here talking about someone that you dont even know. and before anyone says why am i on here i knew suleman better than any of you freeks. secondly i would like to say who the fuk are you to say this should be a message to ALL white girls that take up a relationship with muslim men you have no right to tell people who they can and cannot be with. its not about the colour or the religion at the end of the day everyone is a human. and just for the record he didnt take his girlfriend out for a MEAL! was you all there sat in court everyday listening to everything that was said no so all of you need to find something better to do with your time and move on. as stated in the paper which must be true because it said it in the paper and all you dumb arses believe everything written in the paper but also in court they said she rang him constantly which would drive anyone up the wall even all of you everyone is a human being and people need to think about sulemans family and what you are saying on here what you are putting his family through aswell. you lot dont know shit you just believe everything in the paper which like someone said earlier they have to make the story sound harsh otherwise it wouldnt sell. also EARL as you call yourself suleman did change his number on numerous occasions and she still got his number she also had his house number which she also tried contacting him on aswell because he ignored yes ignored her calls. so just get a grip and take a look at your own life instead of chatting shit about other people and if you do want to say something GET THE FACTS FIRST!

Dr.D said...

Perhaps, Anonymous 01:27, this should be a lesson to muzlim men about the dangers of taking up with white British girls. Would that suit you better? It did not turn out too well for your friend Suleman, did it?

It would have been far better for both Suleman and Amy Booth both if they had never met. This would be the case if all muzlims were to leave the UK as they should. muzlims have no reason to be in the UK. That is not where they belong, and they are trespassing by being there. If they would all go back where they belong, the world would be a better place for all concerned.

Anonymous said...

to dr d!!! how could you say that muslim should get out of this country....what about all the white people that end up moving abroad....such as tukey, egypt....africa....all muslim countries??? are they not tresspassing???? anyhow you need to base everything on the facts....which clearly you lot dont have a clue about apart from the 2nd annonymous. id just like to say to the 2nd annoymous, your absoloutley right about everythin you have said, none ov these people have a clue about what really went on...so glad to know that theres still a small percentage of people that have a brain cell or two left in their brain.lol

Anonymous said...

to dr d i would just like to say it people like you that cause so much crime in this world with an attitude towards people like that you have no respect for others and quite clearly tou have no self respect you should be ashamed. the majoriy of muslims probably have more right to be in the uk than yourself your making out like theyve been smuggled over well in some cases maybe but in most cases NO. and they cant all go back to where they belong because this is where they belong they were born here and this is there life. maybe you should go piss off to a muslim country and learn a bit of respect because they have more respect for anyone you need to take a leaf out of there book or maybe just go to another country because quite clearly you dont fit in and belong here. and where does it say muslims do not belong in the uk? if they were born here and have a right to live in the uk then this is there home. so just a little bit of advice for you mate these muslims aint going nowhere so if you and all your concerned mates are that bothered by a one way ticket to the sun.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

OK, first anonymous said:

"however in court he did mention he did go get a bite with his girlfriend, but he also mentioned he did not eat the food.."

The second anonymous then lambasts me for my fact checking:

"and just for the record he didnt take his girlfriend out for a MEAL!"

Then first anonymous (I think) returns to add:

"id just like to say to the 2nd annoymous, your absoloutley right about everythin you have said, none ov these people have a clue about what really went on..."

So which was it? This is just a basic example, but your stories do not tally.

First anonymous says 'anything can be made to look cold'...

Well, I read the report of how she died, and I'm fairly certain it wasn't all made up to besmirch your friend's good name.

If you'd like to present evidence to the contrary, which proves he did not stamp repeatedly on her skull, her arms, her legs, her torso, then steal her things when he should have been calling an ambulance, I'd be happy to hear it.

As for which ever one of you tells me that 'we're all human, think of Suleman's family'...

What utter tripe.

Did he think of his family when he was stamping a young woman to death?

Did he think of her or her family, for that matter?

He does not deserve my sympathy, and he's not going to get it - everything that has happened to him he brought on himself, and frankly the consequences should be more harsh.

And yes, 2nd anonymous, I am qualified to judge - because I have not kicked another human being to death, and nor will I.

It really is that simple.

Now, if this is all a conspiracy to make your murdering friend look bad, why didn't it make any of the national dailies?


Anonymous said...

i would just like to say he did take his gf out for something to eat however he did not eat the food...when i said the 2nd anonyomous is ryt about everything i meant in terms ov you lot not knowing anything about the case

of course he stamped on her head,neither of us are denying that, which man or women dont lose there temper once in a blue!! she charged at him, she threatend him, she called him, she rang his landline, she provoked him. and what did suleman do during all the time she was doing all this....he ignored her!!! he ignored her for 5 months...ten ov them calls he answerd wer only answerd for 2 seconds im guessing he wer telling her to "f" off n then putting the fone down.

and i bet you lot didnt know that amy booth had said to suleman that her own mother was dead???? they actually read out in court the text she sent out to him stating "its my mums 1st anniversary" this just shows how twisted she really was, the girl ha issues. She clearly didnt care about her own family so why wud he.

you might have just read the report lovey, i have read absoloutly everything, the truth of the matter is that he should have been charged with manslaughter provacation....that is all i have got to say.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


This is pointless.

Defend that murdering scoundrel until you're blue in the face for all I care, but the facts speak for themselves; he is still alive, and she is dead, brutally kicked and stamped to death.

The fact you talk about what he did as if it were a minor error disgusts me, and it speaks volumes about you.

Let's be honest here; I'd say he got off pretty lightly after being charged with murder, so downgrading the charges would simply be a further insult to Amy's family.

Anonymous said...

venerable, i will cary on defending suleman...because i go by with whats right. i dont defend people just because they have died. suleman had no intention of killing her....she provoked him. which clearly you and the others cant see,it was bad luck for amy and also for suleman. the thing with amy was she could not see suleman with anyone else....eventhough she is dead she has still got what she wanted. what a sick psycho she was....may god bless her soul.....

stormydaz said...

the mans a pure animal,and his friends no better,for christ sake they took a life,who the fuck do they think they are,i hope that when in jail he becomes someones bitch,hopefully it will be so bad he will kill himself then rot in hell,enjoy the rest of your life suleman. R.I.P amy xx

Anonymous said...

anonymous, sounds like you were dating suleman, did he take you for a meal.

Anonymous said...

r.i.p amy, lol!!! she tried to kil her self twice, the woman was insane!! calling once every 3 minutes, 4 three bastard months....my gosh!! n let me just tell u something, suleman will never become any1s bitch......belive u me every1 is his bitch in jail!!! so u carry on cursing....cus it aint getting u anywhere.

Dr.D said...

Anonymous 1:52

What is a "bastard month"? Is this some muzlim concept? You write in an almost totally incoherent manner, so do not be surprised if what you say means nothing at all to others.

I am so glad that you have established for us just who is whose bitch in jail where Suleman is enjoying life. That is, after all, the really important matter at hand (idiot!).

Anonymous said...

I find this so amusing that u have got an answer for absoloute everything. But the one thing u cannot answer is the FACT that amy had provoked him. Why on earth are you ignoring such a main point??? Its a loss on both sides.....and its not fair on either amys or sulemans family, so why the fuck dont u all shut up....and let it be!!! Because sitting in front of a computer screen giving your shitty opinions is not going to bring Amy back from the dead and also is not going to make sulemans life hell in jail!!! so get a grip and start preparing for xmas!!!

Dr.D said...

@ Anonymous 2:01

You said, "But the one thing u cannot answer is the FACT that amy had provoked him." You know, you are absolutely right; she did provoke him from what we hear.

But in civilized society -- that would be non-muzlim society -- people do provoke other people from time to time, but the response is never to kill the one who provokes. That is only a muzlim response. That is the problem. That is why muzlims have no place whatsoever in Western, civilized society and need to return to their primitive, uncivilized societies from whence they came.

What could Suleman have done? Could he perhaps have turned his phone off? Would that have worked? No, much easier to just go kill her. This his sense of self is boosted and he does not lose the use of his cell phone even for a short while. Much more izlamic solution. Big mo, the perfect man, would be proud.

Anonymous said...

not only did she provoke him....but she also flew at him wheen he walked inside her house to pick up HIS stuff!!! which made suleman defend him self, and obvioulsy he lost control!!! Are u telling me that white people dont kill.....ha ha ha!!! what about the brish force that have taken over the islamic country, what about all them killings??? maybe we should make a blog about that ey??? about every indvidual muslim that has been killed, innoncent kids...wifes etc??? the list would be fucking endless!! this forum was made to base everything on facts not on personal attacks, its not about the colour of each of our skins, were all human and we all have feelings.....right??? And for the 100th time suleman did turn his fone off on many ocacsions, how else did the police gather that she had called many and many times. what about the time she came outside his house and threatend to burn his house down. none of u have ever been in that situation and u probably never will, so u will never understand. so move the fuck on!!!

Anonymous said...

civilised white society you say: Dr.D
Is that where you get your own kids kidnapped and then cry wolf to get money from people, waste valuable hours of police time which us uk citizens oh yeah inc muslims pay taxes for, and then give a poor little girl tamazepan and trap her under a bed for months (dewsbury case) or the case of non-muslims where a FATHER entrapped his own DAUGHTER in a cellar for years concieving 7 children wtf so what is he grandad, dad. hmmm!!! If we tarnished every1 with the same brush then ur civilisied society comes out worse off mate oh sorry racist Doctor!!! so Doctor lets be civilised and appreciate the sensitivity of this case!!!
It just shows you are a person of low intellectual and are not a civilised being yourself to bring religion into it. religion is about belief and faith not actions people take in life, if anything you should be ashamed of being so iggnorant that you categorise people by their religion.

Dr.D said...

Oh, Anonymous, thank you so much!

You make my case for me so very well!

Now, just go on back to one of those nice, safe, muzlim countries and we will both be happy,

Anonymous said...

great respect to you last annoymous :)

Anonymous said...

Such a sad tale.

Suleman should have entered through the correct channels, if the harassment was truly that horrific, police records can be kept. To take it upon himself to take a life, such a young life - is completely incoherent. If Amy wasn't accepting the fact he wasn't accepting her calls, and continued to contact him mercilessly - does that not indicate a vulnerable young woman who maybe needed help, Suleman should have called the authorities.

I will never hold religion responsible for the actions of individuals. We all have our bad apples, Catholics have the priests/laudries/peadophilia stigmas, COE has Henry the 8th and we all know how he dealt with difficult lovers, as Islam has its radicals. I think what the Gent was trying to say, is the base principles in our cultures differ. To my understanding women are viewed differently, honour killings are still under scrutiny in our media - as are Asian men grooming vulnerable young white girls with drugs and alcohol. This is something I have personally experienced, so I am aware if does happen.

I am also aware how how some young Asian men are around white girls, although in my youth I presented myself as stupid, I was far from it. But I fear, without such 'street sass' by story could have been very similar to that of Amy Booth. The truth was, I was insecure in myself - I believed I meant nothing to no one. One particular young Asian man used to pick me and a friend up in his fancy car (or his Dads fancy car) he sold drugs, so he always had money to buy us beer, cigs, weed - we used to go driving for hours, here there and everywhere. They were attentive, caring - ego boost to lost young girls. Until they're not. I have full respect for Islam, and for Muslims in general. All I am saying is, I can see what happened here. Khan deserves to be where he is - for longer than the sentance he was given.

I'm 22 now, and doing well with life. I look back on experience with hindsight. Had it not been for Suleman Khan, Amy Booth would have the opportunity to do the same.