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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sex Crime on the Rise in France

The excellent blog GalliaWatch today carries a report about the increase in sex crimes in France. Not only is the number of such crimes increasing dramatically - but the perpetrators are getting younger and younger.

France is not alone in this; recently I reported how a group of Moroccan youths arrested for pushing a teenage Dutch cyclist off of her bike and sexually assaulting her included a boy of seven, with the oldest boy being twelve.

Another case from England saw a 12 year old schoolboy asking women in the street if he could have a hug, then grabbing their breasts.

Here is Tiberge's translation from the response of Yves Daoudal to the article in Le Figaro:
The evidence is frightening. Today rapes represent three-quarters of the crimes committed by those under 18. And more than half of those under 13 who get into trouble with the law are indicted for acts of a sexual nature (yes: under the age of 13). One thousand adolescents are implicated every year in matters relating to sexual assaults or rapes: the figures have increased 50% in ten years.

We're told that for the first time this year, the Chancery has become aware of the full measure of this phenomenon. And that the Youth Protection Service is seeking answers.

What catches one's eye immediately is that the Chancery has clearly not taken "the full measure of this phenomenon." And that the Youth Protection Service is not about to find any answers...

It is noteworthy that the ministry of justice, Le Figaro and its "specialists", all follow assiduously a politically correct line, and consequently do not allow themselves to see what this is really about. Since no diagnosis can be made, no remedy can be found. An observer from Mars might be led to think that these articles and the "experts" from the ministry have no idea what is happening in our society, particularly in the "neighborhoods." Moreover, we are told from the start that "this reality spares no milieu". As if the gang rapes were not a specialty of the ethnic neighborhoods and marked by racism: for this is really about humiliating a "white woman". But as everyone knows racism is a one-way street. So mum's the word.

The media accounts of crimes, and prison statistics as well, leave no doubt as to the ethnic origin of a great many criminals, especially sex offenders. But you can't say it, because the dogma states that immigration is France's good fortune. But the fact remains that the reality is there, in front of you. In the big city prisons, the majority of inmates are Muslim. It is not an invention of the "extreme-right."

Numerous reports and studies, have shown that in these environments the parents are remiss first, and the young do whatever they want, going so far as to terrorize the neighborhood. The same studies have shown the importance of pornographic movies that the young, and the very young, watch continuously, thinking that this is how it is in real life. Women are sexual objects, prey, and even if it is not considered seemly to say so, it is not insignificant that the entire Arab-Muslim tradition regards women as inferior, and good only to serve as a field of labor for men when they so desire it, as the Koran explicitly says.

That is not the only explanation, but if you refute it from the start, you are condemning yourself to an absence of will to take action (but it does seem to be the case that no one wants to take action).

It is also true that pornography and extreme violence affect larger layers of our society. It is especially true that the "absence of norms", "educational failings", and "complex family histories" are much more widespread today.

But you have to know what you want. We promote divorce, we praise "extended" families which are really decomposed families, we offer personalities that reject all emotional stability as models, we describe sexual deviations as normal, we make of abortion a right of women when it is the most abject form of violence, we describe any social norm as "fascist", we turn religion - genuine religion - into something inept, even scandalous and inimical to freedom. We have come to the point, today, where we attempt to suppress the sexual identity given to us by nature by persuading everyone that they can give themselves a "gender identity".

And then we're surprised to find that the young no longer have a set of standards to live by...

Viewed from this angle, the triumphant election of Daniel Cohn-Bendit, preceded by his altercation with François Bayrou is significant. Daniel Cohn-Bendit is the personification of the 1968 ideology: it is forbidden to forbid. Which means: it is forbidden to set standards.

And while François Bayrou became indignant at the erotic games of pedophilia that Cohn-Bendit boasted about, it was Bayrou who was subjected to public vindictiveness...

When you have reached that point, and at the same time, as in schizophrenia, any summer camp counselor must be on his guard against the slightest gesture of tenderness or consolation for fear of being dragged into court, it is obviously the society as a whole that has lost its standards. And crime cannot help but increase, punctuated by the empty and soothing lamentations from the authorities.