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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Joys of Diversity & Cultural Enrichment (XII)

An overview of which Western nation is getting the most out of its immigration policy - and which Western government is betraying its people the most. Today's contenders are Spain, Canada and the Netherlands.

1) The Netherlands

At the end of last month, an 18 year old Dutch woman was cycling along a path in Gouda. Five Moroccan youths stopped her and 'handled her indecently' before she managed to break loose and call the police.

Upon rounding up the suspects, the police found that the youngest was 7 years old and the eldest 12 years old. It is apparently the first time that a 7 year old has been arrested for indecent assault in the Netherlands. I wrote recently about a 12 year old Muslim boy arrested for sexually assaulting two women in Britain.

The police had to let the boys go because of their age.

Just a day or two later, two Dutch teenage girls were knocked from their bikes and pelted with stones by a group of five older Moroccan males. After knocking them to the ground and calling them 'cancer whores' their bikes were thrown down on top of them.

One suffered concussion and both had scrapes and bruises.

2) Canada

A Muslim immigrant in Toronto lodged a complaint with the landlady of his block of flats - because a Canadian infidel neighbour wished his wife 'good morning':

When the landlady of my Toronto apartment building said an outraged neighbour had filed a complaint about me over an apparently inappropriate hallway interaction with his wife, my mind raced through the countless conversations I’ve had with fellow tenants, none of which seemed a possible source of offence.

It turns out, it wasn’t a salacious transaction that had caused the complaint, but rather a neighbourly and — to me — entirely forgettable greeting, little more than a brief “good morning” as I passed my neighbours on the way to work.

Still, it was enough of an affront for the man — once a doctor somewhere in the Middle East, my landlady clarified — to feel I had broken a cultural taboo. The incident started an awkward feud which has involved warnings not to repeat my indiscretion and one face-to-face shouting match, which included allusions to my impending death.

I expect the battle will wage on, as we appear to be stuck at an impasse.
His Muslim upbringing has ingrained in him a sense of entitlement to demand I not speak directly to his wife; and my prairie upbringing has ingrained in me a duty to strive for polite cohesion with my neighbours.

My landlady, who has handled the complaint with tittering trepidation, hasn’t helped dispel the friction. She has told me to adhere to the demands because the man “could be dangerous,” directing me to literally turn my back to the couple as they pass, never make eye contact and never hold the elevator for them, no matter what.

Life among neighbours has become increasingly complicated by multiculturalism, in this case making even the most affable salutation or good Samaritan gesture a practice in walking on eggshells. But in trying to adapt to a patchwork of often conflicting cultures, has civility become the casualty of accommodation?…

The funny thing about this is that if this man did start ignoring his neighbors, never holding the elevator for them, never greeting them, etc., onlookers would think him “xenophobic” and say that his coldness was the kind of thing that made Muslim immigrants feel alienated and lash out in terrorist acts.

3) Spain

On Friday Spanish police arrested 23 Nigerian men for using Voodoo curses to force women into prostitution throughout Spain:

The women were recruited in Nigeria with false promises of legal employment and then illegally brought to Spain where they were forced to work as prostitutes, police said in a statement.

Police said the ring carried out "voodoo rituals and black magic to frighten the women and keep them always under control with the threat of 'destroying their souls" or 'making them crazy'."

All the money which the women earned was kept by the ring until they had paid off the debt they incurred to make the trip to Spain, which typically amounted to 50,000 euros (£44,000), police said.

Police carried out searches of 10 residences as part of their operation and seized material used in voodoo rituals, computer equipment as well as several passports and other documents.

They opened their investigation in February after receiving a complaint from a woman in the southeastern city of Seville who said she had been one of the ring's victims.

The women who were recruited by the ring in Nigeria were brought by bus and truck to Libya. From there they were taken to Italy by boat and brought overland to Spain.

Earlier this month in the Netherlands, the trial of 11 people accused of using voodoo curses to force up to 150 Nigerian girls into prostitution in Europe was adjourned until later this year.

Prosecutors alleged that between 140 and 150 Nigerian girls helped into the Netherlands as asylum seekers had disappeared from asylum centres in 2006 and 2007.

About a dozen of the girls were traced, while the rest were thought to have been forced into prostitution in Italy, Spain and France. Most were minors at the time, their ages ranging from 16 to 23.

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