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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Political Correctness & Probleemjongeren in the Netherlands

A few more stories about 'problem youths' in the Netherlands which frankly verge on the fantastical.

Some major Dutch cities have been running courses which help members of the public deal with surly gangs of youths. They teach people to treat the youths as human beings, not to show fear when one approaches them, and also that the way in which they are spoken to is very important.

The youths have there own street slang. Therefore, course organisers say, it is important to realise that they don't always mean what they say (or presumably say what they mean).

One of the examples given is the almost ubiquitous use of the word 'whore', shouted by youths of immigrant descent at passing Dutch girls and women.

The women should not be offended or put off, however; as one of the people on the course explains:

"If they are, for example, calling to you," Whore! Whore! " it is important to understand that they are not against you, they just have a sense of alienation, they are diverting their anger."

However, it seems that the courses in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Amersfoort are not working; they haven't stopped aggression towards passersby and windows and bus shelters being smashed on an almost daily basis.

Here is a video of one of the courses (all in Dutch):

In other news from the Netherlands, a group of notorious Moroccan criminals in Amsterdam's Diamantbuurt district have complained to the Mayor that the police are harassing them.

The group, which consists of 36 youths, 8 of whom are under age, has been given the code name Van Wou Group by the police.

All of these people have extensive criminal records; however the lenient sentencing policies in the Netherlands mean that they are not in prison, so the police use a tactic known as 'obstructive tailing' to keep an eye on them and intercept them before a crime is committed.

From NIS:

The Van Wou group has now protested against this approach in a letter to Mayor Cohen. "The police are harassing us instead of the other way round," one of the gang members said to local TV broadcaster AT5.

The problems in Diamantbuurt will be discussed on Monday by the Amsterdam 'triangle' (Mayor Cohen, Chief Police Commissioner Welten and Chief Public Prosecutor Bolhaar). The crimes committed by the group vary from theft to burglary, mugging, kidnapping, assault, possession of weapons and drug dealing.

I'm sure whatever strategy they come up with will be very effective. Actually, I'm not, because more than likely it will involve throwing money at the problem - and this simply does not work.

Millions of Euros were recently invested in a campaign designed to lower incidents of aggression on public transport - and the situation has not changed at all.

From Expatica:

Despite millions of euros invested by the government, aggression on public transport has not dropped, a report ordered by the transport ministry shows. Over the past two years, crime levels against passengers have hardly changed, with violent assaults, intimidation and theft rising by one percent in 2008.

Travellers also report virtually identical safety levels. Public safety was rated 7.9, up one tenth of a percent from 2007. Passengers felt safest in suburban and rural areas, where ratings averaged 8.

Least satisfied about safety are public transit workers, who rate it 6.3, unchanged from 2007, even though aggression against them has increased. Satisfaction among workers in the four main cities rose from 6.2 to 6.5 but dropped from 6.4 to 6.2 in the rest of the country.

Safety levels are the lowest among underground inspectors and guards, who are the most frequent target of physical violence and verbal abuse.

Following a number of incidents, including a much-publicised one in the town of Gouda, public transport operators, police and justice have been working to improve their cooperation.

A new public transport safety task force is currently preparing proposals to improve security. One of the measures being considered is to make those guilty of aggression and violence pay for the damage caused.

I'd hate to be guilty of cyberhate, but is it time to try much tougher sentences and deporting foreign criminals, perhaps?

One thing seems certain - the current approaches of blaming society and discrimination are simply not working.


Dr.D said...

"One thing seems certain - the current approaches of blaming society and discrimination are simply not working."

Earl, your profundity is simply overwhelming!! How did you ever come to this stunning insight? Was it a group effort, or did it come to you when you were alone in a sudden, blinding flash of brilliance?

You had better watch out. You know what they do to people who talk like this. Look at Geert Wilders. Do you want to wind up like him? He says things like this too, you know!

Of course it is not working. No one ever really thought it would work. It has been apart of the charade from the very beginning. Would you spoil the game now?

You are beginning to sound dangerous. If you keep this up, you may have to be exiled to dangerous far away places, places like the heartland of America, or Texas, where they cling to guns and religion!

Dr.D said...

Oh, by the way, in these desperate places and the American heartland and Texas, to call a polite woman a whore will probably get you destroyed by her husband or boyfriend, unlike in civilized Europe where such things are taken in stride and with such understanding. Such is life among the primitives in America.

MK said...

Wow, what a shock, more leftist stupidity exposed for it is, stupidity. What amazes is that this sort of stupidity is repeated across the western world with the expectation that it'll work. it didn't work in all the other places it was tried and yet, here we are doing the same crap, expecting something different.

WAKE UP said...

"Multiculturalism" DOES NOT WORK, and everyone with a vested interest is in total denial about it.