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Monday, 11 May 2009

Strangers into Citizens

On the 4th May 2009, a rally was held in Trafalgar Square. This was the 'Strangers into Citizens' (SiC) campaign, which aims to secure an amnesty for 'long term, working irregular migrants'.

At The Lambeth Walk, we prefer the apparently old-fashioned, but more accurate term 'illegal immigrants', and that is how I shall continue to refer to such individuals.

Over at the SiC site, you will find many propaganda stories from individual illegals, who don't seem to quite grasp that if the UK takes in millions of Third World people from failed states and cultures, it won't be recognisable as the peaceful, stable country in which they sought asylum.

Ostensibly, this organisation and its rally is calling for a change in the UK's immigration law. It wants to define 'illegal immigrant' out of existence, so that everyone on earth is a potential UK passport holder who just happens not to have found the UK yet.

This is problematic for many reasons, but mainly because of the blatant lies involved; the average young Afghan who enters Britain is not a star cricket player - but that aside, most of those who come do not even have genuine legal reasons to do so - it is pure opportunism.

Here is Zakir's story:

I arrived in UK in August 2004, hidden in a lorry, somewhere near Ashford, Kent. I am not proud of that but is it a crime to search for a better life where there is peace, security, equal opportunities, justice and secure economy?

YES. It is. You knew that and that is why you hid.

There are many good reasons why Afghanistan is, and always has been, a violent hellhole. I have some empathy, but it's really not Britain's problem - and the best and brightest Afghans fleeing and importing their problems to the West will not solve anything.

What about the future of Britain and British children? Did our forefathers make countless sacrifices to make this one of the greatest nations the world has ever known for nothing?

If Afghanistan were rich and safe and Britain poor and violent, what do you think the Afghans would do about huge numbers of British illegals turning up to join the party? Zakir feels hard done by, however, because the UK Border Agency, those dastardly scoundrels, actually did their job and detained him. Sorry about that Zakir, old chap - but you were very unlucky, they don't generally bother.

If this organisation get their way, they claim 500,000 illegal immigrants who live and work in the UK would be given 'steps to regularise their status'.

First question; if these people can make this estimate and even bring many of the illegal immigrants they support together for a huge rally, why can't the UK Border Agency find and deport them? Why weren't the authorities present at this rally checking people's status?

Second question; what about all the other illegals? People who overstay tourist and student visas, those who are floating around in the black economy and haven't been caught yet, those queuing in Calais still waiting to come - in reality the total runs into millions.

How is it fair to single out just 500,000 for an amnesty? Are there no Zakirs amongst the others?

The reality is that an amnesty will only attract more immigrants, who will expect another amnesty at some point. That's what happened in Spain.

Mass immigration from the Third World is not desirable in any way, shape or form.

A brief selection of news stories from last week confirms this;

Ugandan Christine Nakaggwa, a doctor, was struck off by the GMC after she was served deportation papers and reacted by punching her two year old daughter in the face. This was whilst being interviewed in a London police station. Despite this the child is now in care here and she is still in the country awaiting deportation.

A 'modern day Fagin' was jailed for four years after raking in £100,000 a year running a ring of child pickpockets. Greek national Apostolos Nastos controlled a thirty-strong gang of Bulgarian women and girls who operated on London's Tube network. After his arrest, thefts fell by up to a fifth.

It was revealed last week that 77 Chinese children have gone missing since March 2006 from a care home near Heathrow Airport for unaccompanied child asylum seekers. Several have been found being worked as prostitutes in the Midlands, and the rest remain unaccounted for. Keith Vaz says we need to do more - but if this country was not such an attractive destination in the first place, such things would not be possible. As it is, the system is overwhelmed, and the unscrupulous know it.

However, we have our priorities all wrong. Her Majesty's Prison Inspectorate recently visited London City Airport Detention Centre, which holds 500 immigrants awaiting deportation.

The staff were told to buy a recipe book, because inmates 'did not like the food', which generally consisted of microwave meals. Now the centre must hire a chef to prepare 'homemade' meals and sandwiches.

Even those who are being kicked out get to treat this country like a huge holiday park.

Here are some pictures from the 'SiC' rally:

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