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Monday, 25 May 2009

Media Double Standards Continue

In Sunday's Mirror, Mark Austin's column had some information about BNP leader Nick Griffin which was truly 'extraordinary'.

As some will be aware, a row has been raging for a few days because BNP GLA member Richard Barnbrooke wishes to take Griffin as his guest to a garden party hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Here's what Griffin allegedly said when asked about the invitation:

"Nelson Mandela was a terrorist but it didn't stop him meeting the Queen."

I say Nick has a point there, to be honest.

Austin fumes:

There is a difference. Mandela committed his life to ending the evil of apartheid, Griffin is committing his to effectively recreating it here. The comparison is odious.

The difference to me appears to be that Mandela was on the right side. He is a hero of the international Left, so any crimes or indiscretions he was responsible for must simply be airbrushed out of history.

Anyone who disagrees that Mandela was a saint must be a racist, after all.

Criticising Mandela does not amount to a defence of apartheid. It is simply pointing out that many such struggles, like life, are morally ambiguous, and it is ridiculous to claim one side alone has or had absolute moral authority based on one's own preferences.

I have absolutely no idea what Griffin's opinions on apartheid are - nor do I much care.

However, in August last year professional race-baiter Lee Jasper called for something which remarkably resembled apartheid - and the word would certainly have been used if Griffin had uttered similar sentiments:

Now Mr Jasper has advocated racebased schooling to tackle gang violence and raise education standards for black Caribbean students.

He said: "The fact is, it's time the black community ran its own schools, devised a curriculum that suited the needs of our children, employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching.

"Some of the greatest black leaders in the world - Dr Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, to name just two - attended all-black schools and universities."

The ex-City Hall deputy claimed the schools would be a "beacon of excellence" for the black community and accused "liberals" of dismissing the idea while accepting faith-based education for Jewish, Muslim and Hindu children.

Mr Jasper said the schools would be open to all races but would be "focused in terms of their ethos, ethics and curriculum to the needs of our children". He added: "I'm not arguing here for a BNP-style 'apartheid education system'. I'm talking about the vision of establishing inclusive beacons of black academic excellence."

He's not arguing for BNP-style racism, you understand - simply that black children be put in certain schools simply by virtue of their colour or race.

It occurs to me that he actually is arguing for similar preferences for black people which the BNP say they wish to give to white Britons. The only difference is, in the eyes of the media and polite society - one is acceptable and one is not, for no other reason than the colour of the speaker.

For a white politician or public figure, using a term such as 'our children', which might imply that there is trouble in Happy-Rainbow-Family-Ville, would simply be career suicide. Implying that children can only be taught well by those who 'look like them' might well incur a prison term.

I don't remember Mark Austin or the Mirror having much to say about Jasper's comments, though. But still, each day it continues - the media pretends to inform us and we pretend to be informed.

They should be careful, though - if they keep the lies and distortions as blatant and one-sided as this, they may cause that which they fear most.


Dr.D said...

We can judge Mandela by the fruits of his efforts. Look at what he has Led SA to become. He and his party are responsible for the ethnic cleansing of white people occurring in SA today. I hardly think that qualifies him for sainthood. Mandela is a black supremacist communist. That is what his works show him to be.

Nick Griffin is trying to restore the UK to the predominantly white country it was in the past. In particular, he hopes to see an end to the endless abuses of native British peoples by the government for the benefit of the newly arrived. I think that is a laudable goal, one that I personally support wholeheartedly. I cannot understand why any white citizen of the UK would not get behind Mr. Griffin and the BNP without hesitation.

It is quite clear that Labor, Tories, Greens, etc. are all simply intent on stealing from the electorate to enrich themselves personally and are willing to buy off all of the newly arrived to secure their votes and a temporary peace. They have abandoned their responsibility to administer the country for the benefit of the native people, and simply seek "to look out for number one." Shameful!!

People say that the BNP was founded as a pro-Nazi party. As best I can tell, that was quite some time ago, and that has been completely disavowed. I understand that there are Jewish members in the BNP, so they evidently do not accept the Nazi smear as being the current thinking of the party. Even if the founders were pro-Nazi, they are no longer running things, and party directions do change. There was a time when the Tory party truly stood for England, but look at it today. That should tell you all you need to know right there.

Derius said...

"I cannot understand why any white citizen of the UK would not get behind Mr. Griffin and the BNP without hesitation."

Perhaps because I'm a cultural nationalist, and not a racial nationalist.

Perhaps because I'm not a national socialist, but instead, a right wing libertarian.

Perhaps because the BNP thinks there is nothing wrong with Iran developing Nuclear weapons.

Perhaps because I don't believe in distributism as an economic model for the UK.

Why should I ignore these issues without hesitation?

With the exception of their immigration policies, the BNP are extremely Left wing in their ideology. This should be no surprise, as Hitler's own party was called the "German National Socialist and workers party", and were also extremely left wing. Google search "Liberal Fascism" to learn more about this.

It is merely propoganda of the Left which says that Hitler was Right Wing. He wasn't a libertarian. He despised capitalism. He was not a traditionalist, he wanted radical change.

If the BNP got their way, Britain would not resemble anything like it has been before. The same is true if our politician's insane multicultural dream is fulfilled.

We are trapped between a rock and a hard place. Neither option should be supported "without hesitation". Both will have horrific consequences. There is currently no Geert Wilders equivalent in Britain, and until there is, no group should be supported "without hesitation".

Reluctantly supported, perhaps. "Without hesitation", no.

Dr.D said...

Derius, how is it that you "know" all of these things about the BNP? I do not find such things in their public statements; do you? If not, then how is it that you know their minds?

Derius said...

Dr D,

I actually know personally two people who are members of the BNP, so although I do not know the minds of the entire party (and never claimed to), I do know theirs, and base my comments on what they themselves have told me.

I am also familiar with their manifesto:


From this manifesto, it is clear that their economic policies are left wing, as they state that they wish to re-nationalise a number of industries, and also want to give the workers part ownership of the companies they work for. This is consistent with Distributism.

Only white people are allowed to join the BNP at present (though you are correct that they have a white Jewish councillor). The party make no secret of this, and is therefore racially nationalist in outlook.

The BNP only believe in intervention abroad if the matters at hand directly affects the United Kingdom. This is also confirmed in their manifesto. Therefore, as long as Iran does not have the capability to attack the UK, the BNP will not attempt to interfere with Iran's nuclear project.

I therefore stand by my previous comments on the party. If you wish to dispute any of the points that I have made, then please provide links to prove your case and I will happily debate matters further.

I would also like to clarify that I do not think they would be as bad as the multicultural nightmare we are currently facing, but they are certainly not a right wing libertarian party with strong immigration policies, as some people think. Their economic policies have the potential to be quite radical.

Dr.D said...


The manifesto is not available at the present time. Perhaps this is related to the cyber attack the BNP has been under, perhaps something else, but I have not been able to get it.

You say, "...the BNP are extremely Left wing in their ideology." While I don't think you have in anyway substantiated a connection to National Socialism, let's agree that they may be left wing for the moment. Now, what about that? Is that a particularly radical idea in Britain? I have had the impression that since WW II, socialist ideas have come and gone and come again in the UK, and that you have a rather well established welfare state. Is this not true? If so, then what is so radical about someone who is left wing? Particularly if it saves your nation as a place where you can live as opposed to having it become a place where you cannot live. If you can continue to live there, if you then want to, you can try to push back against socialism, if that is your wish. If you have not place to live, and have to emigrate or simply die, you no longer have that option at all. Have I misunderstood your situation? It sounds pretty dire to me.

Derius said...

Dr D,

I'm not sure what we are actually disagreeing over, as there is nothing in your last post I particularly disagree with!

I have already said that I would rather vote for the BNP then let the multicultural insanity destoy my country, which is the valid point you have just made. If the Conservative party does not get its act together soon, then that is the choice I will face.

The point I was making originally is that I would hesitate to vote for the BNP as their political ideology is a lot different to mine, as I am a right wing libertarian. However, I never said I would not vote for them under any circumstances, which you seem to be implying my stance actually is.

My ideal party is Geert Wilder's Freedom party, followed by Belgium's Vlaams Belang party. Both are right wing parties who don't believe in commiting civilisational suicide.

Dr.D said...


I suppose the only point we were discussing in the first place was how "quickly" to support the BNP. It is only a few days now until 4 June which is the election date, as I understand it, so I suppose it does not make much difference when you support them as long as it happens before the election. Afterward will do nothing useful.

I would recommend you consider Holland or Belgium, given your favored choice of political parties, except that the future of both of those countries is a bit uncertain at this time. Plus, you are probably an Englishman and would prefer to remain so (understandably).

My original point was simply that it appears to me that there is no choice other than the BNP at this time. All of the other parties have demonstrated what they will do, and it is against the interests of the British people. The BNP appears to be the only party that speaks for the British people at all. How can folks support any other party at this time?

Derius said...

Dr D,

I was thinking of voting for the Conservative party at the next General election in the distant hope that they might actually get their act together in the next couple of years.

If they didn't, then I would probably vote BNP in the general election after that. At that point, I agree that I would have no other choice.

I was also thinking of voting BNP at the council elections next month as a warning shot to the main two parties that things cannot continue as they are. There is nothing they fear more than the BNP getting more votes.