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Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Joys of Diversity & Cultural Enrichment (IX)

A return to the traditional format - which Western country is getting the most out of mass immigration, multiculturalism and diversity? Today's contenders are my very own Britain, along with Denmark and Norway.

1) Britain

Yesterday a 52 year old man was seriously assaulted by a group of violent school pupils as he travelled on a tram in Croydon, London.

He was sitting there minding his own business when the children, six girls and four boys, surrounded him and began an unprovoked attack, punching and kicking him.

PC Amy Piper of the British Transport Police said:

"This was a ferocious attack and the CCTV clearly shows members of the group laughing and shaking hands following the assault. Several other passengers on the tram went to the aid of the victim but the group got off the tram leaving the victim with facial injuries which required hospital treatment."

Police released the following CC:TV images of the suspects:

2) Denmark
In Sabro, Aarhus there has been a protracted campaign of theft and burglary by youths of predominantly Somali origin.

At around 6 am around the 5th of May 2009, a man known only as 'H' noticed that 5 or 6 Somalis were attempting to steal his 4x4 car. When he shouted out they ran off, so he jumped in the car himself and gave chase.

About 500 yards from his home, one of the boys (Hassan, 16) tripped and fell. 'H' was unable to brake in time and crushed the boy under his car. He died in hospital 4 hours later.

Many Danes in the area publicly supported the driver, who was seen as trying to tackle theft and disorder in his area rather than a psychopath who deliberately ran over a teenager (as the police initially saw him - he does have convictions for violence and traffic violations). His neighbours claim that the police do nothing when they complain and they are made fools of every time they report a burglary.

'H' was held for 14 days and his case will be reviewed pending a trial.

Hassan's father Aden Mohamud Jimale blames racism, and he wants to see 'H' serve the rest of his life behind bars. Unlike the Danes in the neighbourhood, he has faith in the Danish justice system.

A 17 year old confirmed that the gang went to Sabro to steal a 4x4 car they had spotted a few days earlier, but were disturbed whilst trying the garage door:

A 17 year old who lives in Gellerup park was the closest eyewitness. He says that he was on a burglary mission in Sabro with three friends - including the 16 year old who was later killed - that morning. For that reason he also wants to remain anonymous. Over and over he speaks of revenge. He's convinced that the 35 year old drove over his friend on purpose. "It's blood for blood," he hisses.

3) Norway
A post from Bivouac-Id, using a Norwegian paper as its source, reports that Norwegian police have just published new statistics on rape in Norway over the past three years:

The 41 rapes reported were ALL committed by "non-Western" immigrants, mostly Kurds and Somalis. Hanne Kristin Rohde, of the Oslo police, declares that the "guilty are foreign men, relatively young. They are often asylum seekers and come from countries at war or countries that have totally different view of women from that of Norway." These rapes are accompanied by great violence.

(...) The Norwegian paper VG published the story of a 40-year-old Egyptian who could be expelled from Norway. Having acquired refugee status because of his homosexuality in 1995, he became, in the same year, the concubine of a male Norwegian. He obtained Norwegian nationality seven years later; shortly afterwards, he ended his relationship with the Norwegian. During the same period, he had three children with two different Norwegian women. The police believe he committed 8 rapes in the past 9 years. One of the victims committed suicide after the assault. He also had sexual relations with a girl under 16. The Immigration Bureau has just withdrawn his nationality because it had been granted on a false basis. None of which is preventing the "bleeding-hearts" to mobilize in an effort to prevent his expulsion from a country to which he never should have been admitted...

Hat tip: Islam in Europe (credited with all translations in section 2) & GalliaWatch.


FeFe said...

The article below doesn't mention the ethnic breakdown but it makes you wonder if it is related:


Rape audit ordered as figures show Britain has 'lowest conviction rates in Europe'

...Britain comes bottom of 33 European states, with just 6.5 per cent of rape cases reported to police ending in a conviction, compared with 25 per cent in France.

...The proportion of rape complaints leading to conviction has fallen steadily, from one in three in the 1970s to one in six in 1990 and just one in 15 today.

Ministers believe the police and prosecutors are partly to blame for a 'culture of scepticism' towards rape victims, and that juries are too reluctant to believe women's evidence - particularly in 'date rape' cases where accused men claim a woman consented to sex. ...

jaymthegenius said...

"H" has done his country a great servace, there needs to be more people like him.

Dr.D said...

Oh, I think cultural diversity is just stupefyingly wonderful!! Or should that just be stupefying?

As I might have mentioned just once before, there is such a glaringly simple solution to all of this. If all these non-European peoples were put out of Europe, almost all of these problems would vanish over night. Not quite all, only 99.9% would go away. But then the available resources could be applied to work on what remains. Why is this so hard for everyone to understand? It seems so obvious to me!

MK said...

Joys of effing multiculturalism indeed Earl. And what's worse is that, if the poor fellow who got the tripe kicked out of him on that tram wanted to carry a weapon to protect himself when the authorities have so obviously failed, there come the government scumbags running and whining to stop him. Same for those rape victims, utterly disgusting.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Thanks very much for the link, I plan an article soon about this phenomenon in the UK.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


To be honest I agree. If the police will not act to protect taxpayers against imported criminals, then the public will take matters into their own hands.

Perhaps that will give everyone a much needed moment of clarity.