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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

More Immigration Madness in the U.S.

On Thursday I posted a list of five disturbing crimes which were very recently carried out in the United States by non-Western immigrants, some of them there legally, others not.

Since then I have stumbled across five more tragic and worrying cases which are worthy of inclusion.

1) Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa had lived illegally in the U.S. for fourteen years and been through the justice system of Douglas County in Omaha countless times. Despite this, he had never been identified as an illegal immigrant.

In 2003 his driving licence had been rescinded for fifteen years after he was caught drink-driving, his third such offence.

He was driving illegally on the 12th of May 2009 when he caused the car crash which killed 4 year old Josie Bluhm.

He faces 5 years in prison for driving whilst disqualified and a further year for vehicular homicide.

2) A Sudanese immigrant in Salt Lake City, Utah, deliberately ran his car into a group of six children from Kearns Junior High.

Police are investigating why 50 year old Luka Wall Kang mounted the pavement and ploughed into the pupils at the beginning of May. Three were hospitalised with minor injuries, and three were treated at the scene.

There was speculation that Kang was depressed:

Kang told police that he suffered from depression and was frustrated over his lack of employment, Hutson said. "His offering of an explanation was 'I'm very upset. I'm depressed.' He was he was almost to the point of being suicidal," Hutson said.

3) An Imam who had been in the United States for just two months was arrested after sexually assaulting a 13 year old boy. The mosque in Tampa, Florida, is just a couple of months old.

A 35-year-old imam sexually battered a 13-year-old boy at a Tampa mosque Sunday morning, police say.

The victim was staying overnight at the mosque at 1307 W. North B St. waiting for early morning prayer, an arrest report states.

Yasser Mohamed Shahade (above), a prayer leader who had been in the country for about two months and had been staying at the mosque, sexually battered the victim about 6 a.m., police say. Police were called about noon Sunday, and they responded to Tampa General Hospital, where the call came from, police spokeswoman Andrea Davis said. Police aren’t releasing the name or details about the person who made the call, and details about the boy’s condition aren’t immediately available.

After responding to the hospital, Davis said, police went to the mosque. Shahade was arrested about 5:30 p.m. Shahade remains in Orient Road Jail. His bail has not been set.

A jail sergeant said Shahade declined to comment today.

4) Arab Muslim Jihadists have violently entered and threatened worshippers in a Brooklyn synagogue for the second time in less than a week.

For the second time in less than a week, a packed Brooklyn, New York, synagogue has been the target of threats of violence by intruders.On Monday, according to Yeshiva World News, an Arab man in his mid-30s entered Boro Park's 'Sephardish Shul' and began making proclamations of jihad. Members of a Jewish volunteer security organization, the Shomrim, apprehended the threatening individual. They held him until police officers arrived at the scene, arresting the suspect. Detectives spoke with the "Middle Eastern man" at a station house near the synagogue.

Just two days earlier, a man wielding a butcher's knife burst into a Kerestir Chassidic synagogue in Williamsburg. He initially turned up unarmed and began throwing soda cans at the gathered worshipers, which hit one of them, and returned shortly thereafter with the bladed weapon.The attacker was prevented from using the butcher's knife on anyone by a young man, described as a "friend" of the knife-wielding intruder, who then fled together with him.

5) A Mexican man left a trail of destruction in Seattle, Washington when he drove out of a Home Depot car park and started deliberately ramming other vehicles and pedestrians, including a uniformed state trooper.

He drove off screaming 'woo hoo' before ploughing into a lorry.

Jose Madrigal, 44, died later in hospital:

Witnesses and police say it appeared the man hit his targets intentionally. He finally slammed head-on into a semi-truck in the Sodo area and was taken to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition.

There were so many different crime scenes that an hour or two after the incident began, Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson said, that police were "still counting" exactly how many victims were involved.

The spree began around 2:15 p.m., when the man, driving a taupe Honda Accord, hit a pedestrian in the parking lot of the Home Depot at 2701 S. Utah St., west of First Avenue South, according to Seattle police.

The pedestrian, who was conscious, was taken to the hospital, Jamieson said.
Leaving the parking lot, the driver struck another vehicle and grazed an off-duty state trooper, who was in uniform, police said. The trooper was not seriously injured.

The man then drove on to Sixth Avenue South at South Lander Street, where he encountered a Metro van. According to Kay Reeder, who worked nearby, he hit the van, backed up and struck it again.

Reeder said it appeared intentional. "He drove off yelling, 'Woo hoo!,' " she said, adding that he also thrust his middle finger in the air.

As the driver sped down Sixth Avenue South, he hit several other vehicles.
Meanwhile, calls were coming into 911 by the minute, Jamieson said, and officers began responding, following the car.

Finally, in the 3900 block of Sixth Avenue South, the man slammed head-on into the semi-truck.

Hat tip: View from the Right, VDare & Vlad Tepes.


Dr.D said...

meskins and muzlims, the two M-plagues! Not a whole lot of difference. We need to ban both of them from the US and enforce such a ban rigorously!

Even though mestizos speak Spanish (or a sort), they are mostly of American Indian heritage of the absolutely most primitive, most violent sort, specifically the Aztecs. Even though they are Roman Catholic (sort of), for the most part you would never know it. It is not a religion that anyone of European heritage would recognize as Christian -- its that "sort of" that does it. All in all, they are remarkably like the muzlims, a stone age culture with moral and social standards of that type, completely unsuited to live in a modern, Western society. It is small wonder wse have problems with them.

And then the idiots in Washington, DC, both Republicans and Democrats, think we need more of both! We are in big trouble!

MK said...

I remember a long time ago reading about the thousands who were killed by illegals in America. I think that if most Americans knew what their leaders were allowing to happen, they'd string them up from trees.

"Jose Madrigal, 44, died later in hospital:"

Oh good, at least one worthless POS will cost the taxpayer no more.

DHH said...

What I find actually rather pathetic is that if the crime statstics in the US were actually looked at, it is not immigrants that make up the bulk of the prison population of the US.

The examples given are just a drop in the bucket of the total number of crimes and it could have jut as easily have put how a local kid, born from a WASP family of goodness knows how many generations American can because he was depressed and kill a dozen students and teachers. Look at Charles Manson, Wako or even Maidoff etc, etc, etc. Thus just to put four or so examples of non-white Americans is rather pathetic and makes in fact no point at all.

Certainly all those that do a crime need to be punished and I certainly support the strongest punishment to racial/religiously motivated crime (such as by radical Islamists) and I support stronger moral checks on immigrants but this item and the comments that followed it are simply trash and obviously agenda based.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Don't come here and tell me what is worth writing about and what isn't.

This post has nothing to do with 'non-white' Americans and everything to do with questioning the legitimacy of an immigration policy which allows Third World immigrants to settle in increasing numbers, against the wishes of most American people.

If immigration checks, which you yourself admit you support, had been more rigorous, none of these listed crimes would have occurred. Nor would the five I listed previously in the U.S., some of them unimaginably brutal.

That is my agenda, and I'm not ashamed to say so.

DHH said...

Then I suggest you fulfill your agenda in a professional and academic mannor, why? If you do not then you risk being seen as tabloid-like or worse propoganda and not informative and worthy of debate and discussion.

In the case of immigration, you have admitted stating that if increased checking and standards by immigration that these events would not have happened and I will argue back taht these events do happen all the time and they are being done by existing US nationals and in greater numbers than by "immigrants".

If the statistics change and if it was true that immigrants come and create problems proportionatly and significantly, then I would agree but it is not.

I have no problem debating and in many cases will agree in Immigration standards, that they are also to blame about the clash of cultures and allowing the abuse by certain immigrant groups (including Muslims) and allowing extremists in the past to easily migrate.

You will certainly get my support in discussions about the risks of militancy and fundamentalism and how it is destroying much of the Muslim world and how dangerous it is - I am retired by still part-time consult on terrorism financing here in North Africa.

But, getting back to this point, if you have an agenda, it is very important that you do not leave yourself open to accussations of propoganda pushing and appear factual.

Abu Abdullah said...

No slaves of Allah, no terrorism. Simple as that. Why are we even wasting time negotiating entry rules with, and listening to the brain fart of, some fucking apologist for Islam? Why should we let him frame the discussion and play by his rule? You like Morocco? Good! Stay there. Tell all your Moroccan friends to stay in Morocco and build the country up into the pinnacle of Islamic Civilization and the envy of the world.

DHH said...

This is why the world suffers, because pathetic low-lifes whom like to hide thier identity enjoy thinking that the world revolves only around their anal passage and that nothing exists beyong their armchair and bathtub.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...


Don't insult Abu Abdullah. He has a point, I can't see too many Dutch or French suburbs in Rabat.

Thus we must accept that this migration is largely one way for a reason.

As for this post, it is perfectly legitimate to point out that a little girl would still be alive and several other tragic things would not have occurred if the U.S. had control of its borders.

Abu Abdullah said...

At least I'm only a plain vanilla pathetic lowlife, as opposed to a pedophillic, mass-murdering lowlife with delusions of grandeur, whose noxious verbal droppings are treated like gold by billions of fools, including condescending and pompous bureaucrats educated beyond their station in life. There, now we're even.

I repeat: no slaves of Allah, no terrorism.