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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bashing the Dutch Police

When most British people hear the phrase 'Dutch police', they probably think of the following video, a sketch by British comedians Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse (no offence to my Dutch readers intended):

In all seriousness, I would have assumed that Dutch police officers had to be amongst the most fair and professional in the world. After all, the Netherlands is a small, (still fairly) homogeneous nation which used to be seen as remarkably safe and free.

Times change, however and it seems that some people in the Netherlands have a remarkably different view of their police force.

Yesterday one man died and three were injured after they fell from balconies during a series of drugs raids in Zuidoost, Amsterdam. Two people jumped from the fifth floor and one from the ninth of a block of flats called Kikkenstein. The fourth jumped from a fourth floor flat on Boris Pasternakstraat.

Police say that four other people were arrested and a 'substantial' quantity of hard drugs were seized.

Despite the fact that no nationalities or ethnic backgrounds were released, several contributors to the Dutch News forum immediately assume that the raids and even the deaths must have been part of some racist agenda which the police have against immigrants.

It seems every year, we hear the same stories over and over again. No better solution, no professionalism, no professional raiding in the part of Amsterdam police. what is it with amsterdam zuidoost and the police. How can dutch police prevent these situation from happening again. "allochtone"(immigrant) dutch are always involved so no solutions and no complain. It is hard time amsterdam zuidoost police are given proper raiding lessons to prevent these from happening again.
By kwabena

A solution need and must be found to these needless deaths arising from the incessant police raids in the zuidoost. Immigrants must not be made to feel like hunted animals.
By obi

And the very best one:

Yo, catlady,how DO you know The cops didn't hoist them over the ledge ?NOBODY voluntarily jump from the 9th floor. you don't care about them you say.but, they are people aren't they ?make you sound like a racist.
By Dr.No.

No sympathy for immigrant criminals? Racist.

No one will voluntarily jump from the ninth floor unless they're out of their mind (on hard narcotics perhaps?) or desperate to get away.

The idea that the police would randomly throw people off of balconies is surely ludicrous - this is the Netherlands we are talking about, not Nigeria.

As for the 'incessant' raids in the Zuidoost - perhaps that is where, er, a lot of Amsterdam's crime originates?

From what has been said it is a heavily immigrant area; Wikipedia confirms that it is only 30% Dutch. My recent post 'the Colour of Crime' demonstrated that of the 33 most wanted people in the Netherlands, not one is Dutch.

So perhaps the police are just doing their job - under increasingly difficult circumstances as immigration causes the crime rate to soar and they are accused of racism at every turn.

For example, today it was announced that in Gouda throwing stones at the police will not get you arrested, but simply fined €90 for 'hooliganism' - provided they catch you, of course. Chris van Egmond, spokesman of the Holland Central Police region, said that stoning the police was 'nothing special' and 'happens everywhere'.

Fortunately, a lot of commenters seem to see the drug dealers and criminals for the parasites they are and commend the police for keeping the streets safe.

However, I am increasingly disturbed by the way the charge of racism is used to distort any facts which go against the multicultural agenda, such as the over running by criminals of a once safe nation.


Dr.D said...

I don't understand this idea that throwing stones at the police will not get you arrested, but rather only a very modest fine. It should at the very least get you shot with a rubber bullet in a tender spot!

MK said...

The left will use any smear, including racism to advance the cause of their fellow parasites. Good on the dutch police, but i fear they're fighting a losing battle.

Snouck said...

That youtube video gave me a laugh. Off course the state of Dutch law enforcement is really a cause for shame, not laughter. But after a certain time one does get jaded I guess.