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Friday, 22 May 2009

Belgium to Accept Guantanamo Inmates

Belgian foreign minister Karel De Gucht will today tell Hillary Clinton Belgium is willing to accept 'a limited number' of detainees from Guantanmo Bay.

He will meet the U.S. Secretary of State on a visit to Washington today.

The Obama administration refers to the prison at a U.S. naval base in Cuba as a 'misguided experiment'.

Not so misguided that even Obama doesn't have some misgivings about simply opening the gates and letting all the prisoners leave - as well as trying to palm inmates off on smaller countries, Obama has toyed with the idea of moving inmates considered genuinely dangerous to Federal 'Supermax' prisons.

It is estimated that of the prisoners released so far, around one in seven may have returned to terrorism and become 'militant fighters' - some will be killing coalition troops in Afghanistan.

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Dr.D said...

The misguided part is what is happening right now when things go really off course.

I am surprised. I thought the Belgians were smarter than that. What will they get in return? A big Zero rising sun poster?