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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Double Standards in Germany

The mainstream media in Germany is already crowing about victory over the 'racists' who attended yesterday's Pro-Köln rally.

It is being spun as a flop, with many claiming only 300 turned up and the majority of speakers were drowned out by whistles and jeers from the Leftist antifa.

In reality, the rally was a peaceful affair attended by up to 800 middle-class Germans who wished to express their disdain at the construction of a 'mega-mosque' in the ancient Christian city of Cologne, their concern over the Islamisation of their city and their country, and in many cases their solidarity with Israel.

KGS over at Tundra Tabloids has a full account of the rally.

My main concern is how this event is being spun in the German media, and how out of touch with reality that view is.

The Local, an English-language German news source, trumpeted:

Thousands turn up to boo racists in Cologne -
Several thousand people turned up in Cologne to protest racism and xenophobia at a far-right extremist rally in the city on Saturday.

So to be against Islamisation and mass immigration, you must be a racist xenophobe?

Last time such a rally was held, in September 2008, German and other European far-Left groups shut the city down, even going so far as to vandalise the rail network.

Anyone who was suspected of wishing to attend the Pro-Köln rally was harassed or attacked. At one point, these paragons of anti-racist virtue pushed an elderly Jewish man to the floor whilst screaming 'Nazi' at him.

Apparently this time police presence was more pronounced and the Leftists were not given full control of the streets.

Socialist mayor Fritz Schramma was delighted with the way things had gone:

Cologne’s ruling mayor Fritz Schramma spoke at the main liberal rally, under the motto "Cologne stands in the way," which had gathered church groups, mainstream political parties and trade unions. He said Cologne was a city of tolerance and diversity and that it was an act of insolence and audacity for people to hold a racist event there.

On Saturday evening, Schramma said he was happy with the way the day had gone, saying, “Cologne has delivered a clear and sovereign answer to all far-right extremists and agitators who believed they could conduct their cheap election campaign on the backs of foreigners here.”He said the demonstrators had helped to “underpin the reputation of Cologne as a cosmopolitan, liberal and peace-loving city.”

There is so much wrong with this it's hard to know where to begin. Church groups defending the right to build a huge mosque which will assert Muslim dominance and change the historic city's skyline?

The question also remains - how long will Cologne and the rest of Germany remain 'liberal and peace-loving' if the radical Islamists get their way?

Intelligence reports suggest that 1,000 or more 'Germans' are radicalised and have attended Taliban training camps. Just down the road in Dusseldorf, four men, two Turks and two German converts, are on trial for a huge bomb plot against German citizens.

In early 2006, Muslims made a failed attempt to blow up trains heading into Cologne's Hauptbahnhof.

A report by a Palestinian psychologist which I highlighted yesterday reveals that up to 30% of young Muslim men in Germany are prone to violence, something which my own personal experience can attest to.

In January 2008, hundreds of violent immigrant youths took to the streets of Cologne. As one journalist put it;

'We are sitting on a huge powder keg.'

The reason? A Moroccan youth called Salih had tried to mug a 20 year old German man in the street. The German had fought back, and with an unlucky stab, plunged a pocket-knife into Salih's heart.

The police said it was self-defence and let the man go.

The audacity of the German man in not submitting to a violent robbery was a clear affront to the 'youths' of Cologne, and further proof of their 'second class status'. That was all it took for a protracted campaign of vandalism and violence to be called for and carried out.

Many asked what if we had killed one of them (a German), completely overlooking the fact that mugging people is not obligatory - the young criminal chose his path and paid the price.

The Spiegel article I link to does its very best to blame Germany and the Germans for the 'immigrant situation' 0 rather overlooking the fact that pretty much every other country on earth with a significant population of Muslim 'youths' has similar problems.

But in any case, are these events which occur in a 'peaceful, tolerant, liberal' city?

No. In tolerant, liberal cities, everyone expects to adhere to the law without special treatment for certain groups.

It seems to me the immigrants and their descendants want it every which way; if they are ever attacked then it is a racist hate crime and must be dealt with far more severely than if they attack a native - but if they do attack a native and he fights back, then there must also be severe consequences.

Now, many assert that Pro-Köln is a Right-wing organisation with unpleasant past associations. All I profess to know is that they stand up for something I personally agree with, and they are often harassed and suppressed by their enemies, not least the liberal state - Deutsche Post even refused to handle their post at one stage.

Have a look at the following video, and tell me - do things like this happen in peaceful, tolerant, liberal cities?

Well, they did and they do. But only, it seems to enemies of the liberal, multicultural agenda.

Here is what happened in the video above:

In August 2008 several young people with a clear immigrant background, one of them with a fighting dog, attacked a Pro Köln information stand in the middle of downtown Cologne.

The 67-year-old alderman Hans-Martin Breninek was beaten down and remained unconscious on the ground. He had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. After the turn of the year a shocking [new] video appeared of this brutal assault, which actually made a rapid identification of the perpetrators possible.

I wonder what Mayor Schramma would like to tell us if beating a 67 year old man unconscious because you disagree with his political beliefs says anything about Cologne - and just who such tactics are reminiscent of.

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mksviews said...

If muslims held an anti-German, death-to-whitey rally, those leftist scum would have cheered and never uttered a syllable in protest.

Traitorous filth, they are, and they are responsible for the downfall of Europe.