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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Trial of Bomb Plotters Opens in Germany

A group of Muslim terrorists who intended to target US interests in a series of bomb attacks that would have been 'Germany's 9/11' have gone on trial in Dusseldorf today.

The men, two ethnic German converts to Islam and two ethnic Turks, intended to target Ramstein, a US Army base, as well as discos frequented by American soldiers.

The prosecutor told the court that the only goal the men had was 'to kill as many Americans as possible'.

They turned a rented holiday cottage in a remote village into a bomb factory, collecting 12 barrels of hydrogen peroxide. Experts claim the ingredients they collected could have been used to make a bomb 100 times as powerful as the ones which were used to slaughter 52 Londoners on 7th July 2005.

The prosecution also claim that three of the men, including the two ethnic Germans, went to a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan - which is where they first came to the attention of US intelligence.

By all accounts the defendants showed no respect in court today:

The four bearded defendants - German Muslim converts Fritz Gelowicz and Daniel Schneider, and ethnic Turks Attila Selek and Adem Yilmaz - appeared in court amid stringent security, behind a bullet-proof glass screen.

The judge ordered one of them to remove his Muslim skull cap, saying the court regarded it as a provocation.

He then defied the order to stand before the court, saying: "There is only one for whom I will stand - Allah."

If Europe hadn't lost its senses, they'd all be meeting Allah soon enough. It is encouraging that the judge isn't a dhimmi, however, tiptoeing around religious symbols out of respect.

Apparently the men were members of the Islamic Jihad Union, which has carried out many al-Qaeda linked attacks in Uzbekistan.

Another Uzbekistan-bases Jihadist group has now released a video not only criticising the German government for having the audacity to try the four men, but referring to the German presence in Afghanistan and specifically threatening German Jews.

A statement from the group said:

The Al-Qaeda linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan on Wednesday released a video threatening the "criminal" German government and citizens of the Jewish faith, according to German media.In the video, the third released this year, shows a man identified as "Commander Mohammad", who criticises the presence of German troops in Afghanistan. The man accuses "the sons of Germany of being in the service of the Jews" unlike "Granddad Hitler".

Ah yes. More rationality and logic from the Religion of Peace.

The frightening part is that even when such a group is caught and stopped (in this case with the manpower of three hundred German federal agents), no one seems to learn any lessons.

They simply blunder on to the next mistake.

The trial is expected to last two years and involve over two hundred witnesses - but the defence object because some of those witnesses were questioned in countries where torture and mistreatment are routine.

Sounds a bit like Europe if the Jihadists ever get their way.

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WAKE UP said...

If ever there was a Catch-22, it's the question of torture, mania, mistreatment and other malfeasances in the "home" countries of terrorists, migrants, witnesses and other protaganists in these tiresome sagas. Those are the reasons all these miscreants are in our countries in the first place; to then cite them as a "defence" to terrorist attempts to blow us up is despicable.
The very best punishment would be to simply return them to their own "home" countries, and let their own cultures deal with them. Who knows, they might even start trying to fix up their own appalling societies, instead of dumping on us.