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Friday, 24 April 2009

Pirate Pundits

The Somali pirates are fast becoming a fashionable Leftist cause.

The BBC insists on mentioning them when referring to the popularity in Britain of the Robin Hood legend. They fail to grasp that it's not quite the same - these gangsters buy 4X4 cars and laptops with their wealth, and even buy poor local women. Hardly altruistic behaviour, by any stretch of the imagination.

A letter to the free 'London Paper', from a man called John Baker, read thus:

"Regarding your story "Somali teen faces piracy charges in US" - it is incredibly disturbing that an African boy has been taken in shackles to the USA. It evokes memories of the most shameful period in American history. This is not the 'change' the world was expecting from America's first African-American President."

Simply boggles the mind, doesn't it? I hardly had high hopes for Obama, but even I never thought he'd start pardoning criminals just because they happened to be black. It's not as if they just picked this chap at random, is it - he was quite happy to violently rob people and hold an innocent man hostage for no reason.

The Finns are going one better, however. The brother of a Leftist Finnish MP made a documentary about pirates in Somalia and sold it to ABC's 20/20 franchise.

What he failed to mention, however, is that many of the Somalis in it had actually been living as refugees in Finland, and returned to Somalia to get in on a bit of the 'Jihad on the High Seas' action.

The documentary featured many scenes which were stage managed by the Finnish director, in Finnish. Yet oddly the director failed to ask how many other Somalis from Finland were currently in the area or seem overly concerned - he simply used the situation to his advantage.

Tundra Tabloids has more:

So that’s where all our Finnish Somali refugee males are going, to rake in the big dough for the jihad!At 20 seconds into the two and a half minute film clip, the Finnish director shouts to the jogging jihadi: “ja takaisin samalla lailla, se näytti hyvältä.” (And come back the same way, it looks good).

What makes the already juicy story of Somali refugees from Finland going back to Somalia to wage jihad and earn a wad of money, while a Finnish documentary crew directs them in Finnish, even juicier, is that the cameraman, Jussi Arhinmäki (click for a video of him), is brother to a member of the Finnish parliament, Paavo Arhinmäki, for the Leftist party (Vasemmisto).

He also goes on to ask the all important question of why didn’t the Finnish film crew ask about how many other Somali refugees from Finland are currently in the area, plying the seas for the jihad? But then again, since they’re directing the subjects they are interviewing… well, I don’t think that the thought would have ever occurred to them.

Kullervo Kalervonpoika also asks: “On the other hand, it would be also nice to hear what the Member of Parliament, Paavo Arhinmäki thinks of his little brother’s tinkering, and if he is somehow involved in the matter?”

BIG QUESTION IS, does ABC 20/20 know about what the Finns did? Has anybody out there seen the documentary in question?

This does raise some very interesting questions about the authenticity of things you might see in the media.

It seems that the world of 'Pallywood' might have some competition, and unfortunately there are no shortage of gullible people who will accept it as fact, or simply ask all the wrong questions.

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WAKE UP said...

A "teen" in Somalia is middl-aged by our standards. In every way.