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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Political Correctness Claims David Jason

David Jason is perhaps one of Britain's best loved television actors. Recently, he appeared on Absolute Radio in order to win money for a charity.

When asked to leave a question for the next guest, he quipped: "What do you call a Pakistani cloakroom attendant? Mehatma Coat."

The presenter, Christian O'Connell, sat in stunned silence, as he explained later 'to distance himself from these remarks'.

Apparently, Jason's remark was racist.

The British Muslim lobby were quickly on the scene. Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadhan Foundation (a Muslim youth organisation committed to 'interfaith dialogue' and combatting extremism which seems to spend more time obsessing about the BNP than getting its own house in order) said:

"As a well-loved actor, Jason needs to be careful about what he says. He should have known better."

Jason duly apologised - why, I can't imagine.

It's about time someone stood up in a situation like this and simply said 'it was a harmless remark, no offence was intended, now go away.'

Only that will take the power of people like Shafiq away.


WAKE UP said...

Perhaps this will help to restore perspective:

The Swedish barman: Lars Torders
The Polynesian roadworker: Tulonga Lofa

The Greek tailor (to his client): "Euripides?"
The Greek client:"Eumenides?"

Bet the bloody Muslims don't complain about those.

WAKE UP said...

A sign in a pet shop window reads "Rare cultured frog free to a good home". A little old lady goes in and says "I'm interested in the rare cultured frog", and the man behind the counter says "Bonjour madame".

Bet the Muslims don't complain about that one either.

In fact, no matter how many Muslims migrate to France, they'll never be Frogs (which, by the way, is a compliment to the French:)

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Then of course there's the Scottish dentist, Phil McCavity!

These jokes are as old as time here, and I'm not really sure why we should bow down and change them.

Next they'll be after the 'a vicar, a priest and a rabbi are in a bar...' jokes.