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Thursday, 30 April 2009

British Justice is an Oxymoron (II)

A seventeen year old girl was raped by two men she met on the social networking site 'Facebook' in August last year.

Sentencing the men, Judge David Turner QC, said:

'This was crude, quick, opportunistic, non-consensual sex in public with a drunken young girl by two of you, one after the other, with others standing nearby and in the vicinity.'

With this in mind, what was their sentence?

Six years each - and they will most likely serve three years because of the ludicrous Criminal Justice Act 1991.

As they were sentenced the two men, John-Claude Rugero, 19 (pictured below), and Prince Afriyie, 17, burst out laughing.

During the evening the rape took place, the victim claims the defendants contacted her by phone but she did not arrange to meet with them.

Her sister-in-law went home and shortly afterwards the girl also decided to go home, the jury heard.

But by chance she bumped into Rugero and his friend, who were with three other men in a car.

The men followed the girl into an underpass and when she tried to walk away they pulled her back into a garden in the middle of the roundabout.

Miss Farrimond, prosecuting, said the 17-year-old defendant raped her first while Rugero held her shoulders and then 'immediately after he had finished Rugero took his turn'.

The victim told the court: 'When it was happening, my body closed down, all I could move was my eyes.

'JC didn't speak - all he did was laugh.'

Laughing at her and at all of us, no doubt. Well, he has good reason to laugh - he must have known that even in the unlikely event of being caught and convicted he would not be punished.

Now, he will spend a couple of years playing games consoles and using the gym at taxpayers' expense, before being released to menace civilised society once more.


Dr.D said...

"...burst out laughing."

Doesn't the court take some notice of this? Does it not realize that it is being mocked? Can it not see that all of the UK is being mocked by these young foreigners? And yes, they are foreigners, even if they are citizens of the UK, because in their own minds, they are not British and never will be.

mksviews said...

It's similar our here Earl, the same piss-weak sentences for the scum of the earth. In my opinion all this started when society lost bladder control over the death penalty.

Once that was taken off the table, all your sentences have to come down. It's only logical and so you can't lock pedophiles away for life, life doesn't mean life anymore, sentences are all bullshit on the surface, you have to look behind the headlines now to see the minimum sentences.

Ultimately though, i don't think society gives a damn anymore, a few like you, i and some others might rant and rave about it, but most people out there just don't give a shit. Oh they might say oh isn't this so terrible and all that but they go and vote for the same criminal-coddling pollies every term. It's almost as if every one has to be raped or their child has to be raped and scarred for life before they'll tell our politicians to change the laws or swing from a damn rope.