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Saturday, 11 April 2009


The silent genocide of South Africa's white farmers continues, generally unremarked upon by the Western media.

As Wikipedia helpfully explains in its usual 'master of understatement' tone:

The South African farming community has suffered from attacks for many years.[1] The vast majority of the victims have been white farmers, with claims of death tolls of up to 3,000 (February 2009) cited in the media.[2] The age of those killed range from as old as 87 years to young infants. Genocide Watch has stated that these attacks constitute early warning signs of genocide against Boers and has criticised the South African government for its inaction on the issue, pointing out that the murder rate for them ("ethno-European farmers" in their report) is four times that of the general South African population.[3][4] Human Rights Watch, however, states that the term "farm attacks" (plaasmoorde in Afrikaans, farm murders) is misleading, as it suggests the presence of an organised campaign, rather than simply increased crime rates, and has criticised the South African government for giving the issue too much attention at the expense of the rights of other South Africans, such as farm labourers.[5]

It's been going on for many years now, yes - since about 1994, I believe. It is impossible to prove or disprove whether or not the campaign is organised - the South African police are now so corrupt and ineffective it may well be another example proving they're not fit for purpose.

However, it may well not. I think over 3,000 deaths in 15 years, most accompanied by the most horrific, unthinkable violence and brutality, is worthy of a second thought or at least some comment.

If these had been white-on-black racist murders in a Western city, I'm sure the editors of this article and the media at large would agree with me.

To say that the term 'Plaasmoorde (farm murders)' is misleading is nonsense; I personally find the term 'Human Rights Watch' misleading, because it implies that everyone has certain inalienable rights and not just people who aren't of European descent.

The fact of the matter is, whether these murders are just individual expressions of revenge or an orchestrated campaign of ethnic cleansing, it would be very convenient for the South African government if the white farmers and Boers did disappear.

After all, given their abject failure to run the country in any way even resembling basic competence, they have to blame someone for the absurd decline in living standards and the abject failure of the 'Rainbow Nation' ideal.

The white farmers seem, ominously, to fit the bill. How long before Zuma, should he win the coming election, institutes Mugabe-style land grabs? He has to keep his supporters happy and on-side somehow, and I don't think his running of the country is going to quite fit the bill.

Better instead to give the most violent the nicest houses and the most acres and let them do the rest.

Many in the West still have prejudices against the Boers and other white South Africans; not many seem to realise that they didn't use South Africa as their personal playground, but ran a successful, First World nation - the only one Africa has ever seen, and the way things are going, will ever see.

It is estimated that one quarter of Boers live below the poverty level; many face huge and insurmountable discrimination and the threat of violence daily just to keep what their families have built and owned for generations and live in their own country.

The world must listen to their plight before it is too late.

Sarah, Maid of Albion has news on the latest brutal Plaasmoorde in South Africa:

Sadly I have again had to update the running total of white South African farmers murdered in the hidden genocide following the killing of a 63 year old farmer and his 60 year old wife at their farm in Boschkop.

The total now stands at 3,043, although there may be more given the secrecy surrounding these killings.I also have an update on the slaying of Basie and Mary Venter at their farm in Bloemfontein last week. The authorities are now saying that the killings appear to have been muti related. That is to say that human body parts were taken for us in tribal medicine.Given that the harvesting of body parts did not disqualify victims from being counted within earlier genocides, I see no reason not to include Mr and Mrs Venter as victims of the South African genocide.

It should not be forgotten that, for the medicine to most effective, muti killings require that organs and body parts are removed whist the victim is still conscious. There is no reason to doubt that this mas the fate of this elderly couple.

And a follow up:

The Editor of Reformatorisch Dagblad, a Dutch language news site, had provided me with a link to to the news story which they are running today covering the killings which I posted about yesterday.

Translated to English, the details are as follows:

BOSCHKOP, Pretoria, South Africa, April 11 2009 – A Dutch immigrant couple who went to South Africa in 1982 to run a dairy farm, was murdered on Easter Friday, April 10 2009. The farmer, 63-year-old Johannes van den Bosch, was bludgeoned to death while milking the cows early that morning.

His wife Jacobi van den Bosch-Griep, 60, was stabbed to death inside their homestead. Their son-in-law T Schinkel who lives in nearby Randburg, found the murdered couple.
The couple were members of the Reformed Church in Pretoria. They had twelve children - three live in The Netherlands.

Police spokesman Johannes Jaftha told the South African Press Association on Friday-afternoon that the farmer showed 'very severe bludgeoning marks' to the skull and face, and that the farm wife 'showed stab wounds in the upper body'.

Both died at the scene of the crimes, he said. The motive is unknown: it could not be determined if anything was stolen from the homestead.

It's not known who would be looking after the couple's prized cattle herd over the Easter weekend. Milk cattle suffer terribly if they don't get milked exactly on time.

Prayers were said in several Reformed churches in The Netherlands when the news spread among the religious community here, amongst others in Scherpenzeel, Rhenen and Uddel.


MK said...

"How long before Zuma, should he win the coming election, institutes Mugabe-style land grabs?"

And when he does, the western media will ignore it until the bodies and atrocities are too many for them to ignore. No time for white victims of racism and crime in the MSM, no sir, only time to keep apologising for Islam and all the other savages around the world.

h said...

Ik ga naar SA om te vechten voor een Afrikaanse Volkstaat dat begint in die Noord Kaap. Gatvoll en genoeg is genoeg.

De ANC lives by the Machine gun.
Truth E reconcilliation was an honest attempt from the Boers en Afrikaners.
But if the ANC en their Moord Commandos think they can keep this organized slaughtering of Non Zulu especially a secret.

The future
Zuma,you and your lot will end up in Den Haag, if you make it out of SA in one piece.
20 years we tried the civilized way. You will sow, so will you reap you murderous bastards of children, elderly, defenseless tourists, pregnant women.
Your time will come.

TheSimpleTruth said...

Thanks so much for discussing this issue. I am maddened by the liberal international media's inability to cover this. Liberalism is becoming more and more equated with white self-hatred and the support of barbarous murder of innocent white children. LIberal "journalists" seem to think whites should be held accountable for everything that is bad in the world ... yet the simple fact is that Africa would have colonized Europe in exactly the same way if it had the same stabilizing religion and if Europe had remained mired in Africa's destabilizing witchcraft-oriented culture ... colonization is a cruel but natural form of competition between competing states in a stabilized continent ... Africa would have done EXACTLY the same, this is the most obvious fact ... there is NO reason for whites to feel guilt about the obvious advantages of western thinking ... to point at the human mistakes whites have made during the centuries, and to ignore the massive blessings western thinking brings to all those in its borders, is LUDICROUS!

Anonymous said...

Tey will kill us all if nothing is done.They shot a woman 3days ago 4 times on her farm.One of them worked there.