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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Geert Wilders to Release a Sequel to Fitna

It has been reported that Dutch MP Geert Wilders intends to release a sequel to his controversial film 'Fitna'.

Whilst Fitna examined the links between Islamic violence and terrorism and the Koran, the new film, made in league with as yet unnamed American directors, will look at how mass immigration is enabling what Wilders calls 'the march of Islamisation in Western countries'.

If you happen to live anywhere near a Dutch embassy, you might wish to note that this film will be released some time in 2010.

In related news, a response to Fitna has been released by the Dutch boyfriend of an Indonesian Muslim living in the Netherlands.

Social Studies student Stefan Franz claims his girlfriend, raised in a strict Muslim community in Bandung, does not recognise the violent interpretation of Islam portrayed by Wilders in Fitna.

Seeing as Wilders was simply compiling the words and actions of others, this is initially hard to believe, but if you follow the link to Radio Netherlands, you can watch a trailer for this film, entitled 'I, Muslima'.

It is an interesting film - Islamic violence and the reputation of Islam in the free world has caused her to question her faith, and whether or not Wilders is correct in his warnings about Islamisation, and we follow a series of conversations she has with fellow Muslims in Indonesia.

Perhaps not worth the full 70 minutes, but it is interesting as a different perspective on these issues.

Hat tip: The Frozen North


MK said...

A new film from Wilders, nice. It'll be sure to enrage the peaceful muslims again and irritate the left to no end.

WAKE UP said...

Re the "other" film by the Muslim woman's boyfriend. Has he not noticed how infrquently Muslim women participate in public life, let alone in marches, riots, protests? And wondered why?
His girlfriend can make all the movies she likes when they are favourable to Islam - but all she has to do is make one critical of Islam, and watch what happens. Truly, love is blind.