"While dictators rage and statesmen talk, all Europe dances — to The Lambeth Walk."

Monday, 6 April 2009

The NATO Summit

As Gordon Brown lauded sending 900 extra British troops to Afghanistan and wrangling almost 4,000 more from other European nations for 'Overseas Contingency Operation' as a 'success', Leftist and Anarchist protesters tore the city of Strasbourg apart.

The security operation apparently cost £100 million, and riots which started on the evening of 3rd April are down to minor clashes and a huge clean-up bill today.

In the violence, a customs house, a pharmacy and a hotel were stormed and burnt to the ground, at least 300 people were arrested and 10 hurt.

Police estimate that up to 10,000 demonstrators joined the melee on Saturday, but protest organisers put the figure closer to 30,000.

There seemed to be a slightly more sinister element among the protesters, however - radical Islamists. Certainly, many engaging in the violence were carrying Palestinian flags or wearing Kaffiyeh over their faces - observe the following video from Saturday:

Right at the very beginning you can see a hooded man carrying the flag of 'Palestine' smashing a shop front.

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