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Thursday, 30 April 2009


I would like to wish my Dutch readers a happy Koninginnedag, and also offer my condolences for the terrible events which occurred in Apeldoorn earlier today.

The BBC reports that a car has crashed into the crowd in Apeldoorn after apparently trying to ram the open-top bus carrying Queen Beatrix and the Dutch Royal Family.

They missed, but two people are dead:

A car has crashed into the crowd at a parade that included Queen Beatrix and the Dutch royal family, injuring many people, although no royals were hurt.

Dutch police told the BBC it appeared to have been a deliberate attack.

Unconfirmed reports said the driver deliberately tried to ram an open bus carrying Queen Beatrix, but missed.

The black Suzuki injured at least 14 people before crashing into a monument.

The royals were attending celebrations for the Queen's Day national holiday in the city of Apeldoorn, about 90km (56 miles) from Amsterdam.

Dutch News has slightly more:

At least two people have been killed and 12 injured in a serious incident during the royal family's visit to Apeldoorn to celebrate Queen's Day.

TV pictures show a heavily-damaged black car driving through the barriers erected to keep the crowd under control, close to the open bus carrying queen Beatrix and the rest of her family.

The car hit several people and ploughed into a fenced-off obelisk.

Family members on board the open bus witnessed the incident.

The driver of the car was cut out and taken to an ambulance on a stretcher. One eyewitness told the Telegraaf someone had fallen out of the car shortly before it hit the pillar. Another said the car appeared to be attempting to drive at the bus.

The rest of the celebrations in Apeldoorn have been cancelled and the royal family will not appear again in public, Nos tv reports.

This is currently the only information available in English. There are pictures and more info in Dutch here.

I would be grateful if anyone who can understand Dutch or knows more would like to contact me, please email or leave a comment.

***UPDATE*** 13:51 GMT

The Daily Mail reports that four people are dead, all of them innocent bystanders. The car ploughed in to what was described as a 'happy' crowd waiting to see the Queen, sending at least 20 people flying through the air.

This is a shocking and vile incident perpetrated against innocent people, and I send my sincere condolences to all those affected.

The police still refuse to speculate about the nature of the attack and whether it was a genuine attempt on the life of Queen Beatrix and her family.

***UPDATE*** 15:51 GMT
A press conference has been held by the Dutch police and the authorities in Apeldoorn. With thanks to Klein Verzet:

The number of injured is 17, with 4 dead. Eight of the injured are in critical condition. The incident was 'a deliberate act, but not a terrorist one'. The culprit is a 38 year old Dutchman without a criminal record and no prior records of mental instability. In contradiction to earlier reports, authorities say he was taken to hospital with severe injuries and was still being operated on at the time of the press conference. Police still do not know the reasons for this 'deliberate act'. EN report here.


Joanna said...

Can only leave a quick message as I have to leave in a few minutes..

as you said 2 dead and 12 injured.
The driver has apparantly told that it was a deliberate attempt..

The oranje comité has asked that everyone stop the planned festivities.

Government is shocked and there will be a press conference at a quarter to 4 Dutch time.

Dr.D said...

"... and the royal family will not appear again in public, Nos tv reports."

This sounds like a permanent condition, but I certainly hope that it simply means that they will not appear again in connection with this event. The lack of leadership from the royal house is one of the problems that has led to the sad state of things in Holland. They could do a lot more for their people by being more visible and giving more of a sense of pride in being Dutch, Christian, and European, rather than letting the foreigners run rampant.

It was not stated in the article, but I will lay you odds that the driver of the car was not a native Dutchman. This is what happens when we let the whole world invade Western society.

Anonymous said...

this is a news report from a Dutch newspaper in English


jaymthegenius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jaymthegenius said...

Hofstad and other extremist groups that are violent need to be publically executed. Any anti-European immigrant protestor needs to be deported, or if violant in anyway, even just laying a hand on a European citizen the immigrant protestor should be executed. We can't have "Islam will take over the world" type of filth. If Bin Laden (who's probably in hell right now) can protest against American bases in Saudi Arabia why not declare Europe a Holy Land where Muslims aren't permitted?

jaymthegenius said...

Dr.D "It was not stated in the article, but I will lay you odds that the driver of the car was not a native Dutchman. This is what happens when we let the whole world invade Western society."

I just noticed that. I felt a bit silly for blaming Muslims when the article made no mention of them. I still stand by what I say nontheless.

Theres nothing wrong with the whole world, just certain people. I more than welcome Chinese, Indian, and Japanese immigration in the West as I never hear about any violence committed by those groups.

Dr.D said...

jaymthegenius, you said, "I more than welcome Chinese, Indian, and Japanese immigration in the West..."

While they are not as violent as the muzlims, there are more than enough of them to destroy Western society. I for one think Western society is worth saving, so I would like to see everybody stay in their own homelands. What is wrong with that idea? Why should they all want to come to the West? Why can't they just stay where they are and make that livable?

I think the answer is that it easier to come sponge off the West, being the parasites that they are!

jaymthegenius said...

I haven't noticed too large of numbers of them to notice a destruction of Western society and most I know embrace Western culture and try very hard to acclimate. I know a few Asians that study and practice classical music, while not all are great people obviously (IE: Gangs on the West coast here in the US) I see sincere efforts on their part to adapt to our culture, especially in the universities.

But your right, they should make conditions in their own countries more livable.

I knew a Mexican who opposed immigration from Mexico and his reason was that by jumping the boarder they just bring their problems with them instead of making where they live a better place.

Alot of crime comes over from the Mexico and the issue must be addressed. I don't care how politically incorrect that sounds, it's a well documented fact.

Joanna said...

Don't jump to conclusions..

it was a 38 guy from the Netherlands who was a security guard but got fired recently.. He wasn't known to the police before.

Earlier in the day when he tried to get closer he was stopped by the police and asked to turn around.. he did and went away.

He's in serious condition in the hospital but he mentioned for the brief period that he was awake that it was a deliberate attempt.

At the moment there are 5 deaths as one person died later in the day at the hospital.

Among the injured are three children from 9,15 and 16 years old.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Thanks very much for your help with the translations, much appreciated. My condolences, I realise this is a special day for Dutch people and it is tragic that it was ruined like this.

My thoughts are with the injured and bereaved.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D & Jaymthegenius:

Don't worry, I don't feel the initial assumption that this was a terrorist attack was at all unreasonable - all the hallmarks were there, after all.

I suppose this is even more tragic in a way - it's harder to explain.