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Thursday, 16 April 2009

'British' Bomber Fighting for the Taliban

New evidence has come to light of British passport-holders operating with terrorists and insurgents against British and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

The Mail has more:

A British bombmaker is fighting for the Taliban against British troops in Afghanistan, it has been revealed.

DNA from a terror suspect with British nationality has been found on an unexploded roadside bomb planted by the Taliban.

The sample matched with a database of UK terror suspects and confirms mounting fears that British nationals are now fighting alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The DNA sample was taken from an roadside bomb that was diffused by bomb disposal experts in Helmand Province.

It is believed to be an exact match with a known Muslim extremist who was naturalised in England after arriving from Pakistan, according to the Sun.

He was radicalised in Britain before disappearing two years ago and heading to Afghanistan.
Recent intelligence reports show that rising numbers of home-grown jihadists have joined the Taliban so they can kill British soldiers.

Carla Bland, whose 21-year-old brother Wayne was killed in a bomb blast in August told the paper: 'These people are traitors and sick in the head.

'It’s hard enough for the soldiers over there without having to face their own people as well.

'My brother was trying to help Muslim people. These bombers aren’t helping Afghans - they’re just making it worse for everyone.'

Senior military sources say UK troops are engaged in a 'surreal mini-civil war' in the dusty badlands of Helmand Province.

Surveillance operations from the warzone has picked up voices talking with West Midlands and Yorkshire accents, according to official briefing documents.

The electronic 'chatter' shows that young disaffected Muslims are travelling to southern Afghanistan to commit violence against British targets.

MI5 has estimated that up to 4,000 British Muslims had travelled to Pakistan and Afghanistan for military training, with 'dozens' switching to the front-line.

RAF spy planes have 'listened in' to the conversations of Taliban fighters, and officials now believe the British jihadists are mounting missions against British and Western targets in the warzone.

A Ministry Of Defence spokesman refused to comment on the latest report.

I think evidence such as this really puts the multicultural dream into some perspective.

What could possibly possess young men born and bred in Britain to hate this country so much they wish to travel to a war zone to perpetuate violence against British troops?

Some argue they are underprivileged or disaffected, but the fact is they are enormously privileged just by virtue of being born or allowed to remain in this country. If that's not the case, why do so many more seek to live here?

The elephant in the room here is that Islam as a creed is disastrously incompatible with our values and way of life.

Mass immigration from the Third World must be one the most tragic mistakes ever to be made - and this is one of a variety of compelling reasons why that mistake should be halted and reversed where possible.

To have people capable of waging guerrilla warfare in our midst, at our expense and by invitation, surely demonstrates that adequately?


Dr.D said...

Earl, you asked, "What could possibly possess young men born and bred in Britain to hate this country so much they wish to travel to a war zone to perpetuate violence against British troops?"

The answer to this question is really very simple, and it does not require very many words. It is just this: They are muzlims.

No more reason than that is required or available. In the muzlim mind, that is reason enough for any manner of insanity. To be muzlim is by definition to be irrational.

Why doesn't everybody understand this? How many times does it have to be demonstrated before it becomes inescapably obvious?

Nick said...

I wrote about this on my own blog not long ago; it's quite obvious that there are many British citizens who have divided loyalties.