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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

G20 Riots in London: Day One

As expected, there was a lot of trouble in London today as climate, anarchist and anti-capitalist protesters hit the streets en masse.

It didn't take long for violence to flare; paint, glass bottles, smoke bombs and metal barriers were thrown at police; one officer was injured when hit on the head by a masked anarchist wielding a pole.

Demonstrators were penned in for hours when they attempted to riot outside the Bank of England - and it's reported on some routes City workers leaned out of their windows, shouting taunts and waving £10 notes.

Hard-core Leftists stormed a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland in Threadneedle street, looting furniture, breaking windows and starting a small fire.

It was reported that at least 33 arrests were made, several police and protesters were injured, and at least one protester died.

The death apparently occurred at a 'climate camp' and was not related to scuffles with the police or other violence, although Sky News reported that police were pelted with bottles as they removed the man.

First, a couple of videos:

Here are some photographs of the day's events - the first from the Bank of England riot:

These are from the RBS riot on Threadneedle Street - more good pictures can be found here:


Proudgeordie said...

These Anarchists are an amusing bunch. Not one of them look well nourished and probably have a healthy credit account with the local dealer. What do they suppose will happen if government collapsed and there was no police force? When a big fella with a gun turns up to take away all o their food, clothes and belongings? That's IF they are allowed to live!

They need to remember they have the freedom and liberty to misbehave because of society and wouldn't last a minute if there was 'survival of the fittest'

Dr.D said...

We sent our chief clown to the G20 meeting. I hope that they make mince meat out of him. It might help if they would throw him out to the crowd to gnaw on, him and that ugly broad that he drags around with him. We are told it required an entourage of "just" 500 to accompany HIM on this trip. You have to think yourself pretty important to need 500 support staff to go away for a few days.

Who are all the rioters? Why are they rioting? What are they protesting? This really is not clear to me. There looked to be mostly white faces in the crowd, so this did not look like a racial matter, as far as I could tell.