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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Update on Attempted Regicide in the Netherlands

More details have been released about the attempted attack on Queen Beatrix and the Dutch Royal Family earlier today which has now claimed the lives of five innocent bystanders. Several children are among the injured.

The culprit was a 38 year old Dutch man who had recently been sacked from his job as a security guard. The newspapers are making it very clear that not only was he a Dutch national, but a white Dutch national - almost with a bizarre sense of relief, it seems.

I personally jumped to no conclusions, although my first reaction upon hearing of the incident was to wonder about a possible terrorist attack. I know I wasn't alone, because I've had a remarkable number of hits today from searches wondering if the driver of the car was a Muslim.

As it turns out, he was not. The man in question, Karst Tates, was apparently acting alone and has no connection to terrorist activity, Islam, or known terrorist groups (not that I actually ever suggested he had, but it seems pertinent to make that clear).

It seems that after losing his job, he may well have been about to lose his home, and he just snapped. Some speculate that this was not an act intended to kill the Royals, but an attempt at 'suicide by cop'.

Quite why he chose to carry out this wicked, fruitless act will probably never be understood; but I would like to offer my condolences to the Dutch people at this sad time, especially those injured or bereaved by this tragic event.

Today should have been one of joy and celebration; instead it is one of sadness and introspection, and that can never be right, no matter who the perpetrator or what his intentions.

Hat tip: Klein Verzet & Joanna.


Dr.D said...

Its nice to hear that everyone is so relieved to know that izlam is not involved. I beg to differ.

If Holland was still the Holland of old, windmills, tulips, dikes, girls in pretty dresses and white caps, strict Dutch Reformed piety, etc., before the mass migrations, I suggest that there is a very good chance that this would never have happened. As things stand today, the Dutch (as with many other Europeans) are being crowded out of their own country. Their resources are being consumed by the vast numbers of immigrants who have come to Holland like a hoard of locusts. There is competition for jobs, for space to live, for every sort of personal freedom.

Recall a "joke" that was reprinted in this website a few days ago from GoV about the Persian who was new to Holland and wanted to thank the Dutch for taking him in. The punch line was that, at mid-afternoon, the Dutch were all working to support all of the foreigners who have come to live off the welfare benefits of the country.

One of the leading lights of American economic policy some years ago (perhaps Alan Greenspan?) commented that you cannot have a welfare state and an open immigration policy. The two are fundamentally incompatible. He was right, and it is not hard to see why.

It is not at all hard to understand how the psychological pressures of unemployment due to massive immigration might lead a man who has recently lost his employment to lash out at the symbols of government, in this case the monarchy. The government is failing the Dutch people because it has not protected them from the depredations of massive immigration.

Joanna said...

Small update from me..
Karst Tates the driver of the car died last night.

All investigations on him have been dropped

The question why? remeans unanswered

MK said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the media tries to pin this shitbag on Conservatives or something.

What a worthless piece of crap eh.