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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Oh, to Be in the Netherlands

An excellent joke as sent in by one of the Dutch readers at Gates of Vienna:

An Iranian refuge has been granted asylum in The Netherlands. Overjoyed, he approaches the first man he meets:

“Mr. Dutchman, thank you for granting me asylum in your country!”

The man looks puzzled. “Dutchman? Me? Come on, I ain’t no bleedin’ infidel. I am Moroccan, and proud of it!”

The Iranian walks off. He spots another man. Again he thanks him for granting him asylum.

This guy actually gets angry. “Who do you call a Dutchman? I am Turkish!”

The Iranian walks off again, and notices another man. He thanks him once more.

This guy smiles, and says: “Look man, I’m black. I am not Dutch. I am from Suriname.”

The Iranian is utterly confused. “But I am in Holland, right? Where are all the Dutch, then?”

The Suriname man looks at his golden Rolex: “At this time? They’re all at work.”

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MK said...

If it weren't true, it'd be funny. Yesterday i heard some asshole waffling on about how Australia needs to take in more and more people because we simply must and other nations are.

Never once did the asshole stop to reflect on who the heck actually pays for all this.