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Sunday, 19 April 2009

US Sheriff Threatened with Bombing if He Jails Illegals

The Obama administration seems to be making immigration reform a top priority. Obama himself recently called for 12 million illegals, mostly Hispanic Mexicans, to be granted amnesty and a 'path to citizenship' after paying some sort of token fine.

He wouldn't want anyone to think he endorses breaking the law, you see. It's just that, as he explained, 'you can't deport 12 million people'.

A more pertinent question might be 'can we get 12 million illegals registered to vote in time for the next election?'

The answer is one of Obama's most famous three word catchphrases.

The methods chosen to sell this to the American public are two-fold. Firstly, the predictable 'those poor immigrants, this is a nation of immigrants' etc, along with re-branding illegal immigrants 'undocumented workers'.

This is coupled with outright lies about how after the 12 million people in question are granted amnesty, the government will finally attempt to control the flow of illegals better and prevent more coming in - as if you have to completely undermine the law to be justified in enforcing it.

The second method is even more underhanded and unpleasant, however. It involves a smear campaign against any sections of American society which are against amnesty and for tougher border control.

As Michelle Malkin reminds us:

Remember: Nancy Pelosi thinks enforcing immigration laws is “un-American.”
Geraldo Rivera thinks it’s “anti-American.”
And Barack Obama thinks ICE agents are “terrorizing” families.

Using the general generosity of Americans and the concepts upon which their nation was founded against them is really quite low, particularly when the people doing this are elected officials who are trying to undermine America and change the nation beyond recognition.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano went one better, however.

She recently implied that ordinary Americans disgruntled about the carnage wrought by failed immigration policies might form terror cells, with particular risk attributed to 'veterans of the war on terror'.

As well as anyone who wouldn't vote for her, no doubt. I suppose this is the first step in making opposition to mass immigration illegal under some obscure anti-terror law - but it seems that, astoundingly, not all the terrorist rhetoric comes from conservative opponents to immigration:

The Weld County sheriff’s office is looking for whoever sent it a letter threatening to put bombs around Greeley next week unless illegal immigrants are released from jail.

The sheriff’s office says the letter was handwritten in Spanish, and the threats were directed primarily toward judicial and law-enforcement officials.

Sheriff John Cooke says he wants the public to know his office is working diligently to find and arrest whoever wrote the letter. The Greeley police department and state and federal law enforcement agencies have been notified…The Weld County jail has 58 inmates who are waiting for Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to pick them up and deport them.

The threat was a handwritten letter in Spanish threatening judicial and law enforcement officers with the bombs with the “intent to kill the most number of Americans,” according to a press release.

Currently, there are 58 inmates with immigration holds being held in the Weld County Jail.

Who'd have thought? Maybe Janet should do her job and pursue the actual enemies of the American nation, rather than making up fantasy ones.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin


Dr.D said...

When they are caught, the new group probably will not be facing deportation. Threatening a law officer is a much more serious crime and almost always means prison time. Which means that I and the rest of the US get to support their worthless hides for the next 25 years or so. What a waste!

WAKE UP said...

The whole immigration programme (legal and otherwise) is designed to provide votes for the Left.

MK said...

"'you can't deport 12 million people'."

Bullshit, it's just that he won't deport them.

"The sheriff’s office says the letter was handwritten in Spanish, and the threats were directed primarily toward judicial and law-enforcement officials."

But you won't hear that napo cow forming a task group for that 'extremist' group will you.

WAKE UP said...

If this keeps up, there will be anarchy, insurrection, or bothm in the USA. Unbeleivable that it should come to this.