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Sunday, 5 April 2009

The War Against Britain's Jews

Anti-Semitism is a growing problem in modern Britain. Figures show that the number of attacks against Jewish individuals and institutions has doubled since 2000.

As Britain gains more and more 'ethnic minorities' and ethnic politics becomes increasingly important (for some, at least), Jews are becoming Britain's 'forgotten minority', particularly as they integrate and move out of their traditional, close-knit communities, which in turn are taken over by other minority groups.

The following documentary, part of Channel 4's 'Dispatches' series, explores these issues in more detail. Anti-Semitism in Britain is not, it seems, just a standard form of racism. It is a unique and complex issue.

Far from being the preserve of the far-Right, it now finds most popularity amongst Muslim youths and even the far-Left.

As the 'Palestinian' cause gains popularity amongst British and Muslim youth, becoming one of the most fashionable Left-wing causes on university campuses and elsewhere, many people are choosing to identify the policies of the Israeli government with Jews, with 'Zionist' or 'Israeli' often used as a code word for 'Jew'.

The police acknowledge there is a growing problem; some Jewish communities in Manchester have had to bomb-proof windows in Jewish schools and synagogues, and some Orthodox Jews who are easily identifiable by their appearance need a police escort to worship safely.

This documentary was made nearly two years ago, but after the 'pro-Gaza' riots of January 2009 I think its message is more relevant than ever.

Those events saw a British diplomat arrested at a rally screaming 'f***ing Jews' and 'I hope the Israeli army is wiped out in Gaza', and Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth accused of anti-Semitism after telling a packed demonstration 'Britain should expell all Israelis'.

Ideas which were once confined to loopy neo-Nazis are now becoming mainstream - I've had very Left-wing friends tell me to find out the 'truth' about 9/11, how it was a Mossad job and the proof is 'no Jews died'; the belief that Jews control the Government and therefore our foreign policy towards Israel is also rising, along with other shadowy conspiracy theories that many hoped had died with Hitler. As well as this is the frighteningly ingrained belief, explored in the documentary, that if one supports Israel or is against anti-Semitism in an outspoken way one must be Jewish, even 'secretly'.

This is a problem which needs addressing, and fast, but the politicians seem reluctant to address the root cause.


proudgeordie said...

The communist left have found a new bedfellow, one fer more militant and violent than the peaceful Jewish people. They used the Jewish people and their awful history to quell debate, using claims of 'anti-semitism' along with 'racism' to advance their cause. They have hung the Jews out to dry as the 'anti-semite' claim was losing impact, they now use 'islamophobe' and are attacking Jews to curry favour with their new friends. The lying left will use their new 'friends' to remove the old ones then try to oppress them. Communism and Islam are the two most murderous ideologies ever to blight this planet it is hardly surprising they have found a 'common purpose'.

mksviews said...

"This is a problem which needs addressing, and fast, but the politicians seem reluctant to address the root cause."

That's because they themselves feel the same way Earl. I hate to say it, but the way Europe and Britain are heading, you folks are going to find out the hard way what happens to nations that sell Israel out in favor of Muslims. Your nation will soon become just like every other islamic shithole around this planet.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Proud Geordie:

A very valid point. I've lost count of the number of times the holocaust has been brought up whilst denouncing the BNP or even someone like Geert Wilders - but I think the modern threat to Europe's Jews comes from one direction alone.

Could any remaining neo-Nazi be as fascist and anti-Semitic as the average Arab leader?

Tough call.

Michael said...

Cheers for the youtube links - I missed it when it was on TV.