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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dutch Couple Kidnapped in Yemen

A Dutch couple have been kidnapped by Yemeni tribesmen whilst driving in the capital, Sanaa. They are now being held in a remote part of the al-Siraj mountains.

Later, the leader of the al-Siraj tribe claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

"We talked to the mayor and the government and everyone important," Sheikh Nasser al-Siraj told AP.

"But no-one listens. So this way we will put pressure on our government and finally get justice."

Ah, a classic Muslim, Arab take on justice - 'do as we want, or we'll be very, very violent.'

The woman and her husband, who works for a water company, were apparently taken to exert pressure on the Yemeni Government over compensation for tribesmen injured in a shoot-out with police.

The Dutch woman spoke to AP reporters yesterday, saying:

"It was a very classical kidnapping situation," she said. "We were offered lunch and tea, and were allowed to take a walk and take pictures."

"It's such an adventure - that's the only way to cope with it," she added, predicting that they would be freed in a day.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry confirmed that two of its citizens had been kidnapped, but would not release any further information.

'Bit of an adventure' - she sounds like another Yvonne Ridley, although I suppose they have to get through it somehow.

Hopefully they will be released soon, as were a group of Germans seized in similar circumstances in December 2008.

However, violence has recently stepped up in the country, with suspected al-Qaeda militants murdering South Korean tourists.


Dr.D said...

I simply do not understand Westerners of any sort who are willing to go to any of the muzlim countries for any purpose. (It must be greed.) Those people need to be left to their sand by themselves, without any assistance or disturbance by anyone from the West for any reason.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

I must admit Dr. D, my very first thought was 'why are they there?'