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Friday, 24 April 2009

More Muslim Hypocrisy from Mohammed Shafiq

The following video contains an interview with Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, which took place with Nick Ferrari on LBC Radio.

In it, Shafiq attempts to argue the case for allowing self-proclaimed Hezbollah spokesman Ibrahim Mousawi into the United Kingdom (he was, after much wrangling, banned). This individual was active in sowing disinformation about the 2006 Lebanon War, and once described Jews as 'a lesion on the forehead of history'.

As you will hear in the interview, Shafiq's only response to that remark is 'well, what language was he speaking in, and was he talking about Zionism?'

Shafiq is hailed as a moderate, and his Ramadhan Foundation is intended to create a discourse between Muslims and the rest of society. In this interview, he disputes clear facts and denies that Mousawi is a member of Hezbollah.

When cornered, he asks why it matters. The presenter replies it is a terrorist group - and this shining example of a Muslim moderate replies 'well, I could say that about Mr Lieberman'.

He doesn't see a parallel between the banning of Mousawi from the UK and the deportation of Dutch MP Geert Wilders back in February.

He insists that he supports Wilders' right to hold whatever opinions he wishes, and says he would like to engage him in a civilised debate. However he can't seem to grasp that non-Muslims might have been as upset and offended by Mousawi's visit as Muslims allegedly would have been by Wilders.

I imagine the difference would have come in the way that upset was expressed.

In many ways it is a victory that this character was banned from Britain, but the Home Secretary continues to make some very inconsistent decisions.

During the G20 protests, two notorious Islamists were allowed into Britain. From the News of the World:

Both spoke at the House of Commons last week at a pro-Palestinian meeting organised by a far-left Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn.

One is Hussein Al Hajj Hassan, a member of the political wing of Lebanese terror group Hezbollah.

The other is Dyab Abou Jahjah, a Belgian Muslim firebrand who has published disgusting anti-Semitic cartoons.

One of these cartoon showed Adolf Hitler and 15 year old Holocaust victim Anne Frank in bed together, with the caption 'write that in your diary, Anne'.

Jahjah has also urged Flemish people to adapt to Muslims, rather than the other way around, and described the 'sweet feeling of revenge' he felt upon hearing of the 9/11 attacks.

All of this is hypocrisy of the purest kind - but then what have we come to expect? As Geert Wilders himself says, there may be moderate Muslims but there is no moderate Islam.

When Islam is involved there will always be disingenuous double standards, it seems. Mohammed Shafiq does his constituents no favours by proving this to be true.

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