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Monday, 15 June 2009

When Social Engineering Fails...

Mirror writer Tony Parsons has surpassed himself with his column in Saturday's paper.

His concern is that by 'abandoning the working class', Labour has driven their traditional voters into the arms of the BNP. Well, he's mainly concerned about the BNP, but also UKIP and the Tories - it all seems pretty much the same to him, a bump in the road on the way to a one-party People's Democracy.

What concerns me is not the number of people who voted BNP - but the number of people who still voted Labour.

Traditional loyalties aside, what possible reason could there be for believing that those money-grubbing thieves and liars have one's best interests at heart?

Parsons is symptomatic of many on the Left, however; you see, they have the answer to all of this country's problems. The fact is, we are simply too ignorant or too ungrateful to see it yet.

But it will come, in time.

Take the opening of his article:

Britain is a multi-racial country now and it always will be, no matter how many little racist scumbags crawl out of the woodwork.

I look at my daughter’s classmates in the morning and it is like looking at a Benetton commercial. Every major religion is represented. Plenty of them, like my daughter, are mixed race. They are beautiful, brilliant little kids. When I look at them I see the future of this country.

And guess what? It works.

This may or may not be a statement of fact, but that isn't important, because it ignores certain fundamental realities. Also, it does not 'work' - more of which in a moment.

But this piece of prose in itself is the rantings of an ideological bigot. Britain is multi-racial/multi-cultural, because Tony and his ilk say so. If you don't like it, you are a scumbag and barely qualify to call yourself a human being.

The fact is I think Tony sees the fact that Britain is 'multi-racial' through an entirely ideological prism. It is about destroying the old and building the new, not about dignity or respecting difference.

Is the highest thing a school, a city or a country should aspire to be 'looking like a Benetton advert'? Really?

Immigration policies should be set in a way that benefits this country and its people. It is quite clear that certain groups import nothing but their poverty and their tendencies to violence and disorder.

It is also clear that native British being dispossessed and fleeing en masse from many areas of this country is of benefit to nobody, least of all those forced to fund it.

Tony goes on:

This is not a racist country. The disgusting scenes that are commonplace in, say, Spain – where black sportsmen are routinely and grotesquely abused – would be utterly unthinkable in the United Kingdom.

If you tried to abuse a black sportsman here, the way the Spanish torment Lewis Hamilton or our black English footballers, then you would be arrested.

All very interesting.

Firstly, if this is not a 'racist' country, then what is he worrying about? Self-evidently there is no problem for someone such as him.

Secondly, the last statement is one of the most absurd I've ever read, and is tantamount to saying 'Britain has no cases of rape, because if you rape a woman you will be arrested'.

In theory that's lovely, but it's not quite how it works in practice, is it?

I shan't quote anymore of his silliness, but a few points spring to mind immediately; how is Tony defining racism?

The word has become meaningless in its ambiguity; it now describes Holocaust deniers and genocidal maniacs as well as ordinary, decent people who resent the colonisation of their country by the Third World. Who resent the giving away of their countries, their legacies and their birth right.

He wants to silence people, is the bottom line. He wants to make people feel guilty for feeling perfectly natural things such as self preservation.

This country may be multi-racial and by default multi-cultural - but the question is how much so should it be? Is enforcing immigration law really the worst thing that a nation can do?

Before the European elections, there was a whirlwind of activity all aimed at one thing - begging people to not to vote for the BNP.

The Mirror organised a Hope Not Hate campaign which included celebrities, WWII veterans and Holocaust survivors to give British people the message: 'don't vote for the Nazis'.

Letters flooded newspapers, especially in London, insisting that multi-culturalism was a wonderful thing, the thing that made Britain 'unique' and a desirable place to live.

The perversion of history involved in telling us that the Second World War was about a multi-cultural, multi-racial Britain, what comedian Eddie Izzard called a 'hate-free society', is a propaganda lie on a scale Hitler himself would have been proud of.

Whether or not these things are necessary or desirable, that is simply not the case. It is a grotesque perversion of history.

It seems to me that we certainly don't live in a 'hate-free society'. We live in an increasingly socialist dystopia which is violent, controlling and alien.

Immigration has formed a large part of this, fuelling the benefits culture and helping to create a favoured class in this country which is overwhelmingly hostile to the descendants of the people who built it.

It is not racism to want your kids to be taught in English at school, or even not to wish to become and ethnic minority in your own ancestral homeland.

But this hate we hear so much about is directed at such people - from all sides. Most racist violence in this country is now black on white (which fits the pattern in America, too). The government refuse to openly acknowledge this or condemn such attacks in the same way they would condemn the reverse.

The reason they won't is because they can't. The reverse abhors them instinctively, in their heart.

We live in a country riddled with violent criminal gangs from all over the Third World, foreign rapists, murderers and sex offenders. We live in a country in which many see people like us, white people, the people who host them and pay for their existence, as nothing more than prey or sexual play things.

Yet, we are continually told that the only real problem in our society are racists, bigots, haters - those who just won't accept the new world order, the new Britain.

Obviously, the old man who looks out of his window, sees Kingston or Lahore rather than London, then wonders where his country went is more of a problem than the millions who walk among us, many of them useless to a civilised, advanced economy, whom we must support at all costs.

I don't know what planet Tony Parsons lives on - but in my view, and my direct experience, this does not work. It doesn't work at all, and one day something will give. He's right in some senses - this isn't because of his half-Japanese daughter.

It is because it is seen as racist to admit which immigrant groups work and fit in, statistically, and which do not. After all, all people and cultures are identical, right?

I'm not pretending I have all the answers or I necessarily approve of very extreme solutions.

It is interesting that Parsons mentions schools, though. My mother was born and grew up in Kennington, Lambeth, South London. She attended a school which was 70% Afro-Caribbean - and says it was pure hell.

Violence, bullying, sexual harassment - all ignored in the name of diversity and on the orders of people like Parsons.

It was so bad that she and my father moved away from a place they loved and the only home they'd known to raise me and my sister. Let's be honest - they were hardly alone. White flight is an acknowledged social phenomenon throughout the Western world.

This is why I know it doesn't 'work'. When an area and particularly a school starts to fill up with Third World immigrants and their children, the natives leave.

This aids the demographic shift, and these schools then go on to enjoy plummeting standards, a huge increase in violence and anti-social behaviour, and lessons in a mix of 50 exotic languages.

The schools are, along with the prisons and courts, the best indication that this experiment in social engineering has failed, and failed miserably.

It's not just Britain. Take this report on Holland from Dutch News:

One third of primary schools in the bigger urban areas do not reflect the population of their locality, according to a report drawn up for the education ministry.

The report looked at 2045 schools in 38 local authority areas. In total, the Netherlands has some 7,000 primary schools.

It shows that primary schools are much more sharply divided along racial lines than the make up of the local population would suggest.

This means nearly 200,000 children are going to school without mixing with other nationalities and religions, a fact the researchers describe as 'shocking'.

Shocking, eh?. What shocks me is that there are Dutch people so far removed from reality that they have to wonder why this is so. This same thing is happening in Ireland, Britain, Scandinavia, the U.S. - everywhere, in fact.

In parts of Britain, some schools now close for Muslim religious holidays rather than traditional, term-based Christian ones. As bad as that is, it really is the least of it.

Some imagine these problems will solve themselves. Here is a snippet from an article about the politics of Geert Wilders in the Telegraph:

In a little café in Rotterdam which proudly serves only traditional Dutch dishes, owner Martin Voltuees, 46, said of Mr Wilders: "He has a lot of good one-liners but no solutions. We have always been a culture of immigrants ever since the Jews arrived. The difference is that in the past people brought their skills, but now we have immigrants who just bring their poverty.

"Twenty years ago there were plenty of jobs in Rotterdam in the shipyards, and we needed them. That's gone now. But you see in Holland black and white, Muslims and Christians, intermarrying, so perhaps these problems are solving themselves."

Maybe. But look at Brazil - one happy, coffee-coloured universe is hardly a realistic long term goal, and the destruction of the Dutch people and their nation hardly something to be cheered at. What people such as this don't seem to grasp is that white people and white societies are not unique or evil. Even if we cease to be, there will still be a social hierarchy of some description - probably a worse one.

When you look at the declining birth rates and the numbers involved, the question 'who is assimilating whom' must also be asked.

All I know is this; social engineering is evil, and in any case it has failed. We need to take our heads out of the sand and start being honest about things. Which immigrant groups are best for us, and which are not. Whether the Islamisation, Africanisation or other change to Europe is a good and desirable thing, or not.

Currently, it is not working. If it were, the BNP would not exist, and Tony Parsons would be out of a job.


Winston the Smithy said...

Another good article.

I've written about this on many occasions and I've simply said who's the biggest bigot, the bigot or the one who tells them not to be?

Choice, freedom of thought, freedom of belief and freedom of speech is what a true free society is. If people choose to be prejudice that is there prerogative. I find people who try to clamp down on this far worse than the bigots sadly.

The Destruction of Britain

Dr.D said...

Earl, you said, "What people such as this don't seem to grasp is that white people and white societies are not unique or evil." I think I understand what you were saying and agree with it on one level.

But there is another level at which this statement is not true at all. White societies are entirely unique. There are no others like them in the world, and that is the reason why, for the sake of the whole world, white society must be preserved. White society has contributed almost all of the progress of the world in the past thousand years, in every sphere of human endeavor. No other society has come anywhere close to making the sort of contributions that White society has made.

Conversely, when we look at other societies, we see exactly what they lead to. In most cases, they are not even capable of taking the advances of white society as a point of departure and maintaining it. I would point specifically to Haiti, Congo, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa as examples. The societies of south east Asia are proving to be good "copycat" societies, good at copying the technology of the West and keeping their own people in grinding poverty. But they have done only a little to elevate the lives of their people. The mestizo societies of Latin America are in every way like the blacks of Africa. The muzlims of the world are more deliberately repressive than the blacks who are simply ignorant.

White, Western society is definitely unique and of great value to the world. It must not be allowed to fail and be submerged in a brown world. The world simply cannot afford that. It will not work.

Anonymous said...

Life would be fine if it was just a matter of half-japanese children, instead of swarthy streetrobbers and muslim fanatics

togo said...

You need BNP escorts to aid blind owners of guide dogs subject to attacks from Muslims:

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dr. D:

I probably meant to say 'uniquely evil'.

You're right, our society is unique in the sense that although we have wronged others (and ourselves) in the past, we have quite a lot of positives which balance things - most other cultures simply don't.