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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Anjem Choudary Publicly 'Converts' 11 Year Old British Boy

A shocking case exposed by the Sunday Mercury:

A YOUNG schoolboy was “converted” to Islam on the streets of Birmingham by a radical Muslim preacher, the Sunday Mercury can reveal.

The bewildered-looking 11 year-old, who gives his name as Sean, was filmed repeating Arabic chants and swearing allegiance to Allah.

The white schoolboy is prompted throughout by controversial cleric Anjem Choudary, a follower of exiled hate-preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed.

The incident was filmed during a demonstration by Choudary’s Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah group in Birmingham city centre earlier this month.

Choudary, 42, was one of the masterminds behind sick protests at the homecoming parade of heroic British soldiers in Luton back in March.

He praised protesters who branded British troops “murderers” and later appeared at a press conference flanked by thugs who took part in the demo.

When contacted by the Sunday Mercury, Choudary defended the young boy’s “reversion” to Islam – but admitted his parents were not with him and were not consulted.

“The child was genuinely interested in Islam,” he said.

“The boy told us he wanted to become a Muslim and, of course, some people are intellectually more mature than they are physically.

“I don’t see there is any harm in this.

“He was with his friends, but I didn’t see if his parents were there.

“There were a lot of people at the event.’’

A message on Choudary’s website offers advice for those who become Muslim at his Islamic Roadshow.

“Conversion packs are already provided to those who revert to Islam in the Islamic Roadshows,” it says.

“They include a booklet on ‘Everything a Muslim must know’ and a free DVD with a brief guide on how to pray in Islam.”

Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, is a splinter group of the controversial Al-Muhajiroun sect.

Last month we revealed that the sect, founded by exiled Bakri, is planning to reform.

Al-Muhajiroun, which has recruited hundreds of fanatics in the Midlands, fell apart in 2004 just months before Bakri was stopped from coming back to the UK under terror laws.

He has now set his sights set on a return for the extremist group, though the Home Office is understood to be closely monitoring its activities.

The ranting cleric was investigated by Scotland Yard back in 2000 after telling the Sunday Mercury that then Prime Minister Tony Blair was a “legitimate target” for assassination.

Since his exclusion from Britain, right-hand man Anjem Choudary has run Ahlus Sunah wal Jama’ah and the Islam For The UK website.

Choudary was secretly filmed by the Sunday Mercury at a youth centre in Alum Rock, Birmingham, last February, calling for strict Sharia law to be introduced in the city.


WAKE UP said...

We await someone pressing charges on this disgusting child abuse.

Dr.D said...

That is clearly child molestation, just a different form of pedophilia. This should be grounds for prosecution using their own vieeo as evidence against them. Did they offer him candy, or was it 72 virgins? Lock them up for the rest of their lives!

Solkhar said...

I hope Choudary is charged under some law. He is wanted and would certainly be jailed in the Middle East for his links to terrorism and radicalism.

In almost all Muslim Countries, an 11 year old boy would not be allowed to convert, he is under the age of concent be it under secular or Islamic law. This is just another example of why fundamentalism is the evil of this day and age, be it Muslim or other.

Zieshan said...

As a practising muslim, I am obliged by faith to have tolerance and to engage in dialogue, partilcularly when it comes to giving da'wah (call to islam as a way of life).
However it's disgraceful when we see images from our brothers and sisters around the world -Palestine/Uzbekistan/Afghanistan/Iraw etc.
Being slaughtered/raped/mutilated OPENLY - yet none is mentioned about there bravery.
For one drop of muslim blood is more sacred to God then any stones of our most sacred sites.
How can we stay silent and be accepting - we are forced to go on the defensive and are now forced to argue within our own comummities - I see the tactic of UK encouraging communities to RAT on a RAT and to label us into Moderates and Extremists!

Anjum Choudary - though I admit his ways are often frowned upon -is often there to voice the steam of those who no longer want to sit back and accept the brutality they see around the world- not necessarily that which is filtered via BBC / CNN and the alike...