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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Policeman Told He 'Looked Like Osama bin Laden' Sues

From the Telegraph:

Pc Tariq Dost has taken West Midlands Police and the police authority to a tribunal for racial and religious discrimination and victimisation following the remarks made to him from 2007.

Pc Dost, from Small Heath, Birmingham was working as a recruitment officer for the force when his manager Darren Yates is alleged to have made several discriminatory comments to him based on his race, beliefs and religion.

The tribunal heard how Mr Yates made remarks about the length of his beard on several occasions and also questioned why he tucked his trousers into his boots.

Giving evidence, Pc Dost said: "I believe he felt uncomfortable with me because of my appearance. I found them (his comments) to be discriminatory and ignorant and embarrassing."

Pc Dost, 42, also claimed Mr Yates referred to Muslim prayer as "shouting and wailing" when he asked to go to afternoon prayer while at a recruitment fair at Birmingham's NEC.

Mr Yates is alleged to have laughed at him as he turned up to the fair in Islamic clothing and robes as he was off duty.

"I found it to be highly offensive and demeaning and discriminatory towards myself and Muslims as a whole," Pc Dost said. "His actions were racist and Islamaphobic."

Giving evidence, Pc Dost told the tribunal how Mr Yates, who runs the recruitment office at the force HQ in Birmingham, pointed at him when looking at a picture of terrorist Osama Bin Laden in a newspaper.

Pc Dost complained to his superiors about the incidents and Mr Yates was later disciplined and found guilty of making inappropriate and offensive comments. He was given a final written warning for his conduct.

Pc Dost also had disciplinary proceedings brought against him for making comments about Mr Yates' sexual performance. He denied the claims and said they were 'preposterous'.

He was found guilty by a disciplinary panel and fined 13 days pay amounting to nearly £3,000.

Pc Dost claimed he was treated differently to his boss during the investigation because his is not 'white' or a 'Christian' and argued that a pay deduction was a heftier penalty than being given a final written warning.

"The manner in which I have been treated by Darren Yates has shocked me," he said. "It has left me feeling devalued. I have lost a lot of trust because of his behaviour. It has caused me tremendous hurt and pain and left me feeling very angry and resentful to those involved.

"I feel that I have been betrayed by the force. Instead of treating me as a victim they have treated me as an offender. They have discriminated against me for no other reason than that I am an Asian and a Muslim. I am ashamed to be associated with West Midlands Police."

Pc Dost claimed he was moved from his position to Solihull Police Station in 2008 as a result of the investigation where as Mr Yates was reinstated in his original position with all his responsibilities.

"I feel this this was my employer victimising me as I had made a claim. Instead of supporting me they have gone on a mission to discredit me and safeguard their own position."


Dr.D said...

I think he looks a good by like Osama bin Laden, and I would be happy to tell him so. If he does not want to look like OBL, there are ways to change his appearance that are easily within his control; the choice is his.

If he feels "devalued" because it is pointed out that he is a member of the constant trouble source known as izlam, that too is within his control to change.

This is incredibly childish behavior for a man making approximately 78 thousand pounds per year. Doesn't that sort of wage qualify him as some level of management that ought to be above such sort of complaints?

He thinks he is a victim? Get real!!

Solkhar said...

The PC is an obvious ultra-conservative and he was waiting for some excuse to make an issue.

Of course he looks like Osama Bin Laden and he should be expecting it, that was his objective. Scum like him are examples of why extremist right-wingers like the previous poster gets enough ammunition to then go out and presume all Muslims are like him.

The best example of why this is an example of fundamentalists having a field day manipulating the British environment, I can be certain that almost most all "minus those five fundamentalist nations", the police forces would not accept him looking and dresing like he does. So why is he allowed to do so in the UK?

I find it sad that the British Police do not have dress and appearance regulations, in the Netherlands they are told they have to respect religious beliefs so they consulted with the Muslim community and set regulations and codes - the Brits obviously did not and now you have the very wrong situation of an obvious fundamentalist providing confusion and strong individualness instead of uniformity.

The OBL look alike is a joke, he certainly is no victim.

Nick said...


Please explain how you know this fellow is a "fundamentalist" - without question begging!

Then explain what you think a "fundamentalist" is and how it differs from being a "purist."

Feel free to clog up your own blog with your no doubt lengthy, poorly written reply.

Solkhar said...

Nick, now you want my postings?

If you are all so-called experts on Islam then you should already know the four different reasons why I can identify and say what I said.

As you are not, I will give you some hints that will help you get going. Starting with the reference to the pants in his socks comment, the length of his beard, his obvious unwillingness to be a part of the collective police-service and that most Muslim countries would never allow him to be, look or behave like he is doing in their police force.

As for the difference between fundamenatalist and purist, that is simple. Both like to use the word purist but a fundamentalist does two things - he/she considers it their duty to enforce their view and he/she believes that there "was" a perfect point at the beginning of their faith and they wish to go back to that time.

A purist is someone who takes the basic (or pure) core principles of faith as being all-important and the rest is viewed as liberally as one wishes.

Solkhar said...

Nick, you asked here so you get it here, second, English is not my first language, if you wish it in Dutch or French just ask. I probably can almost get away with it in Arabic now as well.

WAKE UP said...

He's a dead ringer for Osama bin L, and you can bet he knew it.

Muslims, like rust, never sleep, and are even more corrosive.

WAKE UP said...

And SOLKHAR, you aren't fooling any of us one bit.

Solkhar said...

Wake-Up, fooling who or what? To be honest and as frankly speaking as possible - I have no idea what you mean?

If you are queastioning why a Muslim is pointing out the stupidity of another, well that is simple. Fundamentalists disgust me.

If you then are questioning - but as I am also defending Islam and thus you think I am also a fundamentalist - then I will say you know nothing about Islam and go back to postings down and read about the difference between purist and fundamentalist.

Since you do not know me, I suggest that you are then "fooling" yourself.

Those that have seen, read my postings know two things about me and if they say otherwise it is they are themselves hiding something.

I do not defend the actions of individual Muslims and those disgusting horrors caused by fundamentalists and militant terrorists (whom are often the one and the same). I do not defend the actions and behavours of Muslim governments, many of which I have dealt with and seen their actions, others I have no issue.

I do not defend and I abhor terrible local, regional and tribal cultures which are not Islamic and as much as bloggers like to claim otherwise.

But I do defend the core principles of my faith. I believe and I have yet to see any arguments by bloggers that alter or change that, with almost every single argument being baseless, confused with the acts of cultures and political groups, but not the religion itself.

So I repeat, tell who am I kidding?