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Monday, 22 June 2009

Muslim Gangs & Street Terrorism

Britain seems to be suffering an upsurge in what Geert Wilders has called 'street Jihad', or 'street terrorism'.

The phenomenon is used to refer to gangs of disaffected, criminal Muslim immigrants, overwhelmingly young males, who prey on the host society by committing violent crimes against natives.

Often these crimes are not committed for material gain - they are committed to assert dominance over certain areas which the Muslim youth regard as their own territory.

In Britain, it is not quite as bad as in Sweden or the Netherlands where even the authorities are afraid to stray into some areas, but it is getting there.

Several recent incidents carried out upon British people - the elderly, men and children - demonstrate the growing territorial nature of some Muslims in Britain.

  • An 89-year-old woman has been left seriously injured after a "despicable attack" by a group of youths in a park in Bradford.

The victim suffered a dislocated shoulder and fractures to her arm and hip when she was pushed over in Lister Park, Manningham, on Wednesday.

West Yorkshire Police described the four suspects as Asian or Eastern European males aged 15 to 18.

They stole the woman's bag containing her bus pass and about £30 in cash.

  • From The Opinionator: A 20 year old young man and promising artist, Oliver Hemsley, has been paralysed from the neck down after being brutally stabbed by a Muslim youth.

Nazrul Islam, of Upton Park, east London, repeatedly stabbed Oliver Hemsley, 20, from Ely, Cambridgeshire, in central London, on 28 August 2008.

Mr Hemsley, now 21, who had just been accepted to St Martin's School of Art, was attacked as he was walking with a friend. The victim was kicked and punched by a group of youths. During this time Islam stabbed him from behind through the heart and lungs, which left him paralysed from the neck down after the knife cut his spinal column.

The court heard that when Islam was arrested hours after the attack he had the victim's blood on his clothes and his DNA was found on the discarded kitchen knife."
Instead of being remorseful - Islam brags about his criminal behaviour - "He [Islam] speaks with a degree of pride about his reputation with the boys, with the local community."

Not only is Nazrul Islam not remorseful - for his heinous, unprovoked and cowardly attack on Oliver Hemsley - a few days later, on September 14th, Islam threatened a girl with "what appeared to be a knife" to rob her of £5. "
Thus, he committed another (cowardly) knife related crime on a young girl - WHILE OUT ON BAIL.

What sentence did Islam receive for the brutal attack on Oliver Hemsley?
He will be "detained" for 10 years. Clearly the "time" doesn't fit the crime.
"Sentencing, Judge Roger Chapple said: "This was an entirely motiveless, mindless attack. Its ferocity makes my blood run cold."

Meanwhile the victim, Oliver Hemsley, faces a life sentence - a lifetime as a quadriplegic:

"Following the sentence, the victim's brother Will Hemsley, 26, said: "No sentence could ever be enough. "In the last eight months we have been through more pain and suffering than any person should have to and unfortunately for Oli and those supporting him it is set to continue for the foreseeable future. "At the end of this custodial sentence this animal will be free to go on and live his life. "Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Oli, who has been given a life sentence for no real reason."

  • Brave schoolboy Henry Webster is continuing his fight to prove that a hammer attack on him by a gang known as the 'Asian Invaders' was racially motivated:

A white schoolboy left for dead by a hammer-wielding gang of Asians has insisted the attack was racially motivated.

Fifteen-year-old was assaulted by a gang of 13 youths, one carrying a claw hammer, on a school tennis court in January 2007.

The attack, which was watched by 100 pupils and filmed on a mobile phone, was described in court as like 'something out of a Quentin Tarantino film'. It was said to be a 'miracle' the boy survived.

The attackers were sentenced to between eight months and eight years last year, but they would likely have got longer if the attack had been proven to be racist.

But only after two years of sustained pressure from Henry's mother, Liz, have the authorities announced a serious case review.

Henry, now 17, told Channel 4 News last night he believed the attack was 'racially motivated'.

He said he was disappointed no one was charged with a race crime and that the attack had 'ruined his life'.

Mrs Webster, 44, also believes the assault - by a gang calling themselves the Asian Invaders - was racist and the result of simmering tensions at the school.

She said: 'I have fought hard to find out all the facts. It has been an excruciating wait. The fact is that the attack on my son was a racial one.

'There have been numerous similar attacks before but nothing was ever done. I feel my son was badly failed by a school that believes racism is only something that is carried out by white pupils.'

  • Two Muslim men walked free from court after beating up a British man they -wrongly - suspected of being involved in firebombing their local mosque:

A teenager who carried out a revenge attack on someone he thought had firebombed his mosque has been given an eight-month conditional discharge.

Mohammed Aziz, 18, of High Road, Leavesden, along with Zain Hussain, beat up Liam Cady in a street attack on Wednesday, August 13.

Aziz pleaded guilty to ABH at a previous St Albans Crown Court hearing, but sentence was adjourned because the prosecution did not accept Aziz's claim he had not kicked Mr Cady as he lay cowering on the floor.

Liam Cadby had told police how he was beaten up by two men in the street for no apparent reason.

He said he was punched and repeatedly kicked in the head during an unprovoked attack after he was approached by two people in Sherriff Way, Watford.

The prosecution said Aziz and Hussain launched the attack near the Kingswood subway because they believed wrongly Mr Cadby was responsible for an arson attack on their mosque.

Mr Cadby said Aziz punched him in the chest before Hussain landed a blow to his left eye.

The victim said as he lay curled in a ball on the floor, both men kicked him in the face as he shouted: “My tooth, my tooth”. The attack left Mr Cadby with two broken front teeth and swelling to his eye and nose.

Aziz was to take part in what is known as a Newton hearing in front of a judge, without a jury at Luton Crown Court today - so called because it establishes the gravity of the offence.

However, the prosecution accepted the defence's version of events and Judge Breen imposed an eight-month conditional discharge and ordered Aziz to pay £150 in costs.

A FATHER was subjected to a racial assault after accidentally bumping into someone.
Police said the incident happened on Tuesday April 14 at about 4.40pm.

The victim, a 43-year-old man, was with his 15-year-old daughter in a car on North Road in Ravensthorpe at the junction with Huddersfield Road.

They were waiting to collect some goods from the local supermarket.

Leaving his daughter in the car, the man went to go into the supermarket and bumped into with a young man on a push bike. The man apologised and went into the shop.

But when he left the store, the man was surrounded by 10 to 15 Asian youths who attacked him and shouted racial abuse.

The man managed to make it back into his car and the youths made off after he called police on his mobile phone.

The Opinionator has a more comprehensive list of such incidents, including one in which a man was left brain damaged.

This isn't just a random list of attacks carried out by what the media insists on calling 'Asian youths'; these attacks are part of a pattern, and all show a territorial nature, unbelievable arrogance, the weakness of the law and often shocking violence.


Dr.D said...

Whatever happened to the good old drawing and quartering? It was effective and it communicated well too!

WAKE UP said...

Wherever Muslims go, trouble follows.

Anonymous said...

@wakeup I dont think you should generalize saying Muslims because its not all of them.

Anonymous said...

well their false prophet was a genocidal maniac and pedophile and all they try to do is emulate him - so what do you expect? When will this country wake up and face off these barbaric animals once and for all?

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I think the Muslim community needs to get their act together.
As an ex-Muslim I think that the basic ideas of Islam were actually really good, just like every religion's basic principles were good. Y'know, don't murder, love, acceptance etc etc.
So it's not Islam's fault. It's the Muslims who are the assholes.