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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Pakistani Criminal Arfan Bhatti Will Leave Norway Voluntarily

A prolific Pakistani criminal called Arfan Bhatti was one of the first people to be arrested under Norway's anti-terrorism laws, enacted in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

He was acquitted of plotting to attack the U.S. and Israeli embassies in Oslo, as well as opening fire on a synagogue. the synagogue shooting was downgraded from an act of terrorism to 'one of serious vandalism'.

He was jailed for a string of other crimes, however:
Arfan Qadeer Bhatti was born in 1977 in Norway to a family of Pakistani descent and is a Norwegian citizen. Arfan Bhatti was known as a trouble maker already from his early teenage years. He finished high school in Norway and then his parents sent him to relatives in Pakistan in order to distance him from local Norwegian crime gangs he was involved with. When Arfan Bhatti returned back to Norway he quickly integrated on the list of top criminals in the country.

Arfan Bhatti's criminal record in Norway includes hundreds of chapters of extortion, severe violence, drug trafficking and illegal possession and use of firearms. In Norway Arfan Bhatti was connected to an Albanian drug network led by the drug-boss Princ Dobrosi known to the Norwegian police.

Arfan Bhatti was denied entrance to Germany and questioned for 48 hours, in 06/2006, during the football World Cup as a preventive precaution. When he returned to Norway Arfan Bhatti was placed under surveillance by the Norwegian police.

Arfan Bhatti was detained for questioning in 08/2006 by the Norwegian police because of a criminal investigation when shots were fired toward a criminal female reporter of the Norway newspaper Dagsavisen, Ms. Nina Johnsrud, who was in some sort of connection with him, probably as an informant.

Arfan Bhatti's car was bugged and taped while patrolling, with Ibrahim Oezbabacan, around the Jewish Synagogue in Oslo, the Israeli and USA embassies and planning attacks.

On Friday 09/15/2006 in the evening, Arfan Bhatti, with Ibrahim Oezbabacan, fired 13 shots toward the Jewish Synagogue in Oslo. He was arrested three days later, on 09/18/2006 with three other suspects as members of his crime and terror gang.

Bhatti has been released from prison, and must report to the police daily. He has a wife and two young children, but will leave Norway for Pakistan - because his faith in Norwegian justice is shattered, and he fears being arrested at any moment.

Also, unusually for a man who describes himself as 'a boy of the West who took the wrong path into criminality' and someone who 'has no grudge against the U.S. or Israel' - he doesn't want his children growing up influenced by American culture.

If only every case involving criminal immigrants could resolve itself so tidily.

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Dr.D said...

"...he doesn't want his children growing up influenced by American culture" --- must get in that obligatory dig at the US, even though the US in not involved in this in any way. Typical!

Earl, you said, "If only every case involving criminal immigrants could resolve itself so tidily." Well, yes in ths sense that he is leaving, but at what cost, and with what debts to society yet unpaid? It sounds like he had cost Norway a pretty penny, and all they are getting is rid of him. But there is no assurance he will not be back. I'd go so far as to say he will almost certainly make trouble for the West again in some form. Far better he had simply be executed. Then thee would be no future trouble from this fellow.