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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Geert Wilders in Denmark

From Gates of Vienna:

Geert Wilders is in Denmark for a conference entitled “Free Speech and Islam”, which is being held today at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen and is sponsored by Trykkefrihedsselskabet (the Free Press Society). For a printable program of the event in pdf format, click here.

Mr. Wilders appeared on Danish television yesterday. After being pressed by the interviewer, he acknowledged that millions of Muslims — those who support jihad and shariah, and oppose the democratic societies that they live in — will have to be deported from Europe.

He says, “There’s only one solution.”

The video below is in English with Danish subtitles:

In other news, Dutch Integration Minister Eberhard van der Laan stuck the knife into Mr Wilders yesterday - then urged him for a debate.

He called Wilders' PVV 'dangerous', claiming that Wilders generalises about certain problems and offers pseudo-solutions 'far away from the rule of law'.

Vice Premier Andre Rouvoet (ChristenUnie) said that whilst the word 'dangerous' might be a little strong, 'it is risky to exploit existing discontent. You can not make discrimination the aim of a government programme.'

Better, of course, to completely ignore the voters and the cause of the 'discontent' whilst attempting to destroy anyone who does not.

Mr Wilders claims the men are running scared because their Left-wing parties are in decline - it seems the voters know what they want and who offers the best solutions.


DP111 said...

It would be a catastrophic policy mistake if just a few hundred so-called radical Muslims were deported, thus calming the rest of the Muslims. This would be a serious blunder, as the demographic growth will still continue unabated. Sooner or later, at the most ten years, the party of Wilders will be defeated, and then the full impact of a majority or near Muslim majority will be felt. It will then be fleeing ethnic Dutch from the Netherlands that will take place, till just a few are left, as Jews in Arab nations, or Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh.

I'm afraid that there is only one policy that is available- if and when Geert Wilders has the opportunity, he should seize the opportunity and remove the threat for posterity, for such an opportunity may never come again. Relying on the good faith of Muslims, or that they will reduce their demographic growth rate, is relying on the enemy to save your skin.

Time and time again, civilised people had the opportunity to deal a crushing blow to Islam, but they stayed their hand. Greece had the opportunity to rid itself of all Muslims, India had a historic opportunity to do the same, the USA had a golden opportunity after 9/11, to stop all Muslim immigration and start the reversal. In each case the opportunity was missed, kindness was shown to Muslims, and they are now paying the price.

We need a Geert WEilders over here asap.

Dr.D said...

There is only one solution and that is to eliminate every last muzlim. They must all be deported, and deported NOW. They must be deported from every Western country. There is no compromise, no halfway solution, nothing less than the whole solution that will do the job. They do not belong in Western society, and they are a deadly cancer that we cannot tolerate. When you have a cancer, you do not cut out just a little bit, not just enough to make it more comfortable. You have to remove it all if you want to survive. It is the same way with izlam!

Anonymous said...

When I want to comment to what is written here I read (above the text box): "This is an open forum and all views are welcome. Please be civil and on topic, and attempt to stick to facts and avoid insults and personal attacks."

I really cannot believe my eyes when I read the racist, xenophobic remarks of the people who commented before me. Adolf Hitler could not have stated it 'better' than these people do. Apparently nothing has been learned from history....

I am a Dutchman and am in danger of coming under the domination of Herr Wilders. I tell you this: I have met many a muslim in my life and never ever encountered anything radical in these people, whether they are highly educated or just factory workers (or without a job). What I do see is that the people in the small villages who seldom meet with immigrants are the ones who are the strongest supporters of W. The people in the cities (with one exception) have a much more refined opinion. So, it's mostly the fear that is instilled on the country folk through the press that inflames the support for W., not so much the factual experiences of the people.

Still, reading the earlier comments these words will not be understood seeing the rabiateness of the writers. I say just one thing: if you want to have Wilders in your country, our people (at least 75%) is more than prepared to hand him over to you.

Dr.D said...

Anonymous, are you a muzlim yourself? Are you in accord with sharia law? Are you a supporter of FGM? Do you support the global jihad? Do you support freedom of religion that means the freedom to be a muzlim or die? Do you support freedom of speech that means you have to self-censor everything you say?

Sharia law and global jihad are binding on all muzlims, and FGM is accepted by a large many if not most muzlims. If you are in agreement with all of this, your statement has some degree of consistency; otherwise, it is nonsense. Enjoy your dhimmitude!

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Anon 21:19

A couple of points; firstly, leave out the 'Herr' and the silly fascism analogies. I had relatives who fought in WWII (one of them was at Arnhem to help liberate your country), and I don't believe fo a second that they fought for Europe as it currently exists. They fought for its survival, not its subjugation.

Moving on, you seem to be claiming that only country bumpkins vote for Wilders (obviously, more 'refined' thinkers, like yourself, love mass immigration from the Third World and its consequences. Next you'll be telling me how 'vibrant' Slotervaart and Haarwijk are).

If that's so, why did the PVV emerge as the largest party in Rotterdam and The Hague?

You also claim that the only reason for Wilders' success is fear, invented by the media (despite the fact the mainstream media in Holland seems to hate the man). You don't think that high crime rates and aggressive behaviour by many of the immigrants and their descendants might be to blame? Or do people like me just make it all up?

I understand your words perfectly - I just vehemently disagree with them.

I don't know if you watched the interview, but Wilders was actually giving Muslims a choice - follow our ways and our laws, or leave. Is that so outrageous?

If you invited me to your home and I smashed the furniture and knocked over your wife, would you pat me on the shoulder and tell me it was your fault for not fetching my drink fast enough?

As for my blurb, it also says I don't necessarily agree with everything that's posted, and I'm certainly not going to police the comments crushing all dissent.

That aside, both DP111 and Dr. D are entitled to have their say, and both make salient points. I believe Dr. D is referring to the problems caused by the Islamic practice of 'taqqiya', which means Muslims can lie to infidels to further their own agenda.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, have either of you actually ever spoken with a muslim? Or better: with many muslims? What you are saying is like what you could say of a Catholic. They can not have sex before marriage, they must not eat meat on Friday, etc, etc. I think not 1% of those who are baptized into the RC church abide to these laws. The same goes for muslims.

Please, do not judge ALL muslims by the idiocy of some. I have been to Morocco last year and noticed that people are quite relaxed about wearing burka's and disliked the law of Sharia. The way some muslim immigrants dress is like a dream about the homeland. When you are living abroad for an extended period of time you also love to socialize with other people you meet that are from your own original culture. That does not mean you don't want to integrate with the local culture. The same goes for muslim immigrants.

The way you are reasoning is unpersonal, raking together whole flocks of people, as if they were cattle. Speak to them, talk to them. I dare you to do this.

@The anon speaking before me: the problems that have arisen in Haarwijk and Slotervaart have no relation to muslims at all. Do you really believe those kids believe in Allah? Don't make me (and them) laugh!! But the press (and Wilders and others) associate this with muslims. It's not related: it's related to immigrants living in poor/impoverished circumstances. I am NOT saying we should not address the issues, but let's keep the discussion straight.

I am not a muslim. I live and work with them. They are just ordinary people like you and me.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Anon from Holland:

So - you 'visited' Morrocco last year did you? How long were you there - a couple of weeks? Big deal - I'm sure you learned everything there is to know about Islam.

Yes, I have spoken with a Moslem or two. Indeed, I have spent eight years of my life living and working in Moslem countries - Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. I have also been to Syria, Jordan and Turkey overland by motorbike, and also driven through what is now Bosnia, and also Kosovo.

That is a big part of the Moslem world and I do not want any part of it in my world.

This is not open to negotiation with people I cannot trust to be speaking in good faith because of the concept of taqqiya. I fully expect to one day die with my boots on helping clear Islam from this country. I fear that because of the foolishness (or malice) of the leadership right across the Western world that it will indeed one day come down to that last final resort.

Which side will you be on? Because Islam will not permit neutrals once it starts.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you, having to live in such fear.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Don't be silly - fear has survival value in the evolution game. Those who feel no fear do not survivr long enough to reproduce.

It's only irrational fear that is a problem - but there's nothing irrational about a healthy fear of allowing Islam a toehold in your country. Look at the history of the expansion of Islam - in India alone they murdered 80 million people.

The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Dutch Anonymous:

Yes, I've met and spoken with many Muslims. Some have been nice as individuals, others not so much, but what does that in itself prove?

If you met a really funny and charming neo-Nazi, does that make his ideology any less evil and wrong?

I'm not judging all Muslims by the actions of some; I'm looking objectively at Muslim societies and what tends to happen when Muslims settle somewhere in large numbers, and deciding that is not the future I want for my country or my grandchildren.

In your opening comment you told me to 'learn from history'; I ask you to do the same.

However far-fetched the idea of a civil war or serious unrest seems now (which if we're honest is not very), it is far more likely than Geert Wilders stoking up the gas ovens for Holland's Muslims, as you seem to be suggesting is a real possibility.

Once Lebanon had a Christian majority. Long before that, the whole Middle East was a civilised place. What is it now?

But, predictably you insist that the only problems with Holland's Muslims come because the Dutch aren't generous enough to those leeching off them; never mind that even now many die in an attempt to live in Rotterdam's lowliest housing and take the smallest benefits payments in Europe.

Can't be all bad, right?