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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Pakistan: U.K. Must Do More to Combat Militant Islam

There is so much wrong with this story that it is hard to know where to begin:
Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari said on Tuesday Britain has to tackle its own issues of deprivation to stop the radicalisation of British Muslims.

In an interview with ITV's "News at Ten", he rejected the suggestion it was Pakistan's role to win the hearts and minds of radicalised British Muslims, although he said his country would arrest any radical Briton visiting Pakistan and send them back to the UK.

"The appeal has to be on the other side," he was due to say in the programme to be aired on Tuesday evening.

"I think Britain has to take the responsibility and make sure that they do not feel the deprivation they have been. Because we all know this is a state of mind that comes up from some kind of this.

"And one has to fight it in Britain and not in Pakistan."

British security services say there have been Pakistani links to almost all of the dozen major terrorism plots foiled since 2001, including the London bombings in 2005.

Sky News, citing unnamed sources, earlier this year said Pakistan's intelligence service had identified more than 20 Britons who had been trained by militants in Pakistan and had returned to Britain, where they posed a security threat.

In the interview, Zardari denied any knowledge of militant training camps in Pakistan and said it was an "old thought" among British intelligence that thousands of radicals were arriving in Britain.

"I don't think there are any known camps that you know of or we know of or British intelligence know of that exist," he said.

"Of course they exist underground -- the mafia exists underground in Britain -- and wherever we find it we crush it ... but I don't think there is a particular place which we know of that still exists."

The president also rejected British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's description of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan as the "crucible for global terrorism".

"I think sometimes people say things they don't understand or mean but I think his concern is genuine and I appreciate the concern," Zardari said.
The question must be asked - if Britain is as bad as Zardari says, then why do so many Pakistanis come and wish to come?

Why would they object if we curtailed their travel to this country?

The idea that we owe even more to what has grown into a large, bellicose group of colonists than we have already given them simply beggars belief.

As an immigrant group, I personally feel that the Pakistani minority in this country hasn't really worked out. There are huge and pressing issues everywhere one finds a large Pakistani community.

Yet, according to Zardari, that is because we don't give them enough, we're not understanding enough - all the usual reasons.

Wll, if that's the case, why have student visa applications from Saudi Arabia jumped by 40%?

Saudi students reportedly prefer studying in the UK because Muslims believe they will be treated without bias.

Seeing as student visas area major loophole in our border controls someone should be looking into these figures, but it does demolish many of Zardari's preconceptions.

I'll leave you with the following story - and you can decide if Britain is a bastian of Victorian intolerance or a nation bent on its own destruction and submission in the name of diversity and social engineering:

A MULTI-MILLION pound Islamic garden for High Wycombe could be a “Europe wide phenomenon” one of its backers has said.

Clare Martens said the planned garden would be a “tourist attraction” and hopefully bring Muslim and non-Muslim communities together.

Addressing community leaders today she said: “It will be an enormous boost to quality of life in the town.”

Yet she said it was unlikely public money would be available to finance the garden, for which no location has been earmarked.

Volunteers want to raise £1m to buy land and employ an architect and designer through donations.

The former Labour councillor said: “It is going to cost a lot of money.”

Adding the “time is right” for the development she said: “The likelehood of it being donated by a public body is unlikely but obviously it is a possibility.”

Fellow backer Mohammed Rafiq, a Labour member of Wycombe District Council, said the garden would be for everyone.

He said: “People think it is really for the Muslim community. I think that is far from it.

“It is something to be enjoyed by everyone.”

The garden would “break down barriers in an enjoyable and soothing way”.

Wycombe MP Paul Goodman, a shadow minister responsible for community cohesion, said the garden could resemble the garden of Andalucia in Spain, where Jews, Muslims and Christians mix.

Any scheme would need planning permission from the district council.

They were speaking at a seminar organised by the Council for Christian and Muslim Relations for High Wycombe at Bucks New University today.


Dr.D said...

I think he is correct, although not in the way he intended. The way to cut down on this problem is to choke off all flow of people and goods between the UK and Pakistan. Any Pakistanis in the UK should be given the option to leave with no return. It should be time to become British or leave. There should be no more feeling left out; they should integrate and get with the program, or they should leave. This could solve a lot of problems. Fat chance the UK would have the backbone to implement such a policy!

WAKE UP said...

Isn't it interesting that everyone wants to migrate WEST. If the West is the Great Satan, there's a lot of people wanting to dance with the Devil - every last one of them a hypocrite, and worse.

MK said...

Every time one of these scumbags steps out of line, harsh punishment, when they start prattling on about jihad and all that, on the first boat out to sea. I agree, Britain and every western nation should do more, but not bend over and kiss ass.