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Sunday, 14 June 2009

An Aston Villa Supporting Taliban Found

British troops fighting in Afghanistan have found a dead Taliban insurgent with a tattoo of the Aston Villa FC emblem.

From the Mail:

Army top brass fear the Taliban is recruiting Brummie Muslims to fight in Afghanistan after a dead insurgent was found - with an Aston Villa FC tattoo.

Military spies have also reported hearing Taliban fighters talking with distinctive Birmingham accents over the airwaves.

A senior military source said: 'It's been well-known for some time among soldiers in Afghanistan that at least one Aston Villa fan was fighting for the Taliban.

'A body of one of the men was found to have an AVFC tattoo on it.

'We've known for a long time that foreign fighters, many with thick Birmingham accents, have been recruited to fight against us for the Taliban.

'Some of the linguistics specialists have picked up West Midland and Manchester accents too.'

The Foreign Office yesterday confirmed RAF radio operators had reported hearing Midlands accents while listening in to Taliban fighters talking on the ground.

An insider said: 'There will always be a number of people who are radicalised in this country and want to leave the UK.

'The details of Aston Villa fans in the Taliban does not shock or surprise me.

'We have never had any hard and fast evidence to tie all of these snippets of information together, but we are sure they equate to a wider ongoing radicalism in the UK.'

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: 'Some young Taliban fighters have been heard with strong Black Country accents.

'Wherever there is any firm evidence of Brits going abroad to wage jihad we work with governments to stop them.

'There is a long-term set of work with the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan to look at issues of radicalisation both in the UK and abroad.

'It is important that British Muslim communities make clear that they reject this kind of activity.'

But don't let this distract you - the most important thing in Britain today is preventing any dissenting voices on immigration and multiculturalism being heard - with violence if necessary.

If anything sums up the criminal insanity of our immigration policies, it is surely this - young men given everything by this country going to Afghanistan in the hope of killing and maiming our troops.

It should be beyond belief - but is it?


DP111 said...

Has there ever been a case when poverty stricken immigrants have been allowed into one of the most advanced and liberal countries in the world, given everything that they could desire, but these very immigrants started to wage war on their benevolent host. The answer is of course NO. But like many a rule there is an exception. When it comes to Muslims, it is a dead cert prediction that they’ll attack the country that gave them sustenance.

Allowing Muslims into the West, given the warnings of sage men such Churchill, Martin Luther, John Wesley, Bertrand Russell, and a whole host of others, must be regarded as a criminal idiocy.

And yet I ask, are our political elite such big idiots? There is maybe another explanation, apart from stupidity or ignorance.

What our present society suffers from is an irrational belief in "non-discrimination". This principle is the abiding article of faith in our society, and trumps all other principles. In fact the more reasons there are to discriminate against, such as Islam and Muslims, the more they will be allowed in, just to show our 100% belief in non-discrimination.

Our political elite is putting the existence of Britain at risk, just so that they can feel good about themselves.

DP111 said...

“Discrimination” or to “discriminate”, is a sign of intelligence, and is the hallmark of a sane and sensible society. How has it come about, that the common sense idea of discrimination between good or bad, desirable or otherwise, for insurance, has come to be regarded as evil? This is an absurd idea, and goes against all sense. It can only have been adopted by malevolent design or “do-gooder” utopianism.

Such a perversion of commonsense can only lead to the destruction of our society. We see for instance, the celebration of homosexuality, i.e. buggery and sodomy, and it being made equivalent, if not better then marriage between a man and a woman. We see the extension of this as adoption agencies actually practice discrimination in favour of homosexual couples. This idiotic principle of non-discrimination is discriminating in favour of the abnormal, the violent (Muslims), and against the normal family. Then society in the form of the MSM ands politicians,
are surprised, shocked, and aghast at the resultant disarray, social dysfunction, and criminal violence on the streets. It is time that such nonsense is opposed at every opportunity.

Incidentally, the principle of non-discrimination is the main reason for the continuing drop in educational standards.

Dr.D said...

Well said, DP111, but don't forget that the cure for the problems is more of the same according to the liberal sell outs who would destroy the UK, the USA, and all Western societies. Just as the failure to make discriminating choices and decisions is damaging and destroying the nation, the nation is told that it is forbidden to even discuss the fact that these choices are causing problems.

The utopian always believes that we owe something more to these people, particularly if our common (perceived) debt can be paid out of your pocket. He feels good and righteous because he manages to pick your pocket and steal your land in order to salve his conscience for the great sins he imagines that his forebearers did in times long ago. He will always argue (to you) that he does this for the good of the nation, to bring in needed labor, skills, etc., but that is not true. He brings in foreigners to make himself feel good, righteous, and powerful. It is a cheap thrill!